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The name of my girlfriend is Christine. She is 55 years old now, she was born in 1960 and is therefore 19 years older than me... She is really an amazing human being, we exchange telephone calls every day and unfortunately, she is quite ill. :-( She probably suffers from a yet unknown disease: Her disease is that she is only very very rarely able to go to the toilet to poop and if she poops, it is only very little. :-( :-( And as a consequence of this problem, this is at least what she assumes, she gains more and more weight, her belly grows larger and larger, she is increasingly not able to walk or sit upright for a longer time anymore, she feels very hot very often and she also complains of a decreased production of saliva respectively a very dry mouth. Does anybody know this symptoms from herself/himself or a friend or relative? Maybe, Christine could connect to somebody with similar symptoms and exchange ideas and possible remedies... The doctors say that Christine is physically healthy and that she only imagines these physical problems and that she is therefore just "mentally ill" (some kind of "hypochondriac"). I am not completely sure what to believe, but I think that the symptoms that she describes might indeed be true, why should she invent physical problems/symptoms?

Christine weights now 74 kg (as of 20th of March 2016; at a height of approximately 1.74 meters / 5' 9") and two and a half days ago, she still weighted 69 kg, so she gained 5 kg in just two and half days which seems a little bit much, but she is often eating large amounts of sweet food (and sometimes, to the contrary, she doesn't eat at all for one or even two days)... :-(

At the moment (as of 20th of March 2016), Christine is in the psychiatric clinic/hospital of Rheinau, Switzerland, and actually, she lives in the residential home named "Haus Wäckerling" in Uetikon am See, Switzerland, but it is unclear if she can return to this place if her (imagined?) physical problems don't improve in the psychiatric clinic/hospital. She is afraid that she might become homeless because no new/subsequent residential home might accept/admit her.

The terms of endearment that I give to her are "Schnuseli" (which is difficult to translate), "Müüsli" (Little mouse; Mäuschen) and "Chröttli" (Little toad; Kleine Kröte; Krötlein). :-)

See also the following section/page (where I write that Christine might have a new boyfriend besides (or instead of?) me): My blog of March 2016#Wednesday, 30th of March 2016.

wahrscheinlichc werde nie wieder so eine gütige Fr.. mit so einem grossen Herzen finden, die - so viel mit anderen Fr..en durchgehen lässt, ich vermisse Dich unendlich, allerliebste, überirdisch gütige Quelle der Hoffnung und Vergebung, ich l..b. Dich und - vermisse Dich bis in alle Ewigkeit! 15. Juni 2024