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General remark: I am not sure if it would be better to change the title of this page here to "My blog of March 2016" because "Lukas Girtanner's blog of March 2016" doesn't sound normal/natural for a personal blog, it might appear a little bit "stagily"/affected (German: "effekthaschend" oder "affektiert"). Maybe I am going to write "My blog ..." in the future (beginning in next month April). Note of 2016-04-01: I changed the title now also retroactively for my blog of March 2016 (and not just my new blog page for April 2016).

Tuesday, 15th of March 2016

23:40h (approx.) - 23:55h CET (Central European Time): Dear readers (if I still have any ;-) )... I have stayed silent for a long, long time, a little bit more than two and a half years. But I am still living! ;-) And I have been following the news of the world most of the time in the past two and a half years and further developed and solidified my political opinions/stance/attitude, although it didn't change too much in this time. But one reason that I didn't write so long was that I wanted to be sure that my political attitude doesn't change anymore before I write anything again here. The other reason was that unfortunately, I didn't feel well and didn't have enough motivation to continue writing here. :-( And I still don't feel very well... :-( I now hope that I will manage to write again here and never stop anymore. A couple of weeks ago, I also checked the traffic of this website here and traffic has been stagnating for the whole year 2015 (and possibly earlier). I also never received any spontaneous e-mail to my e-mail address lukasgirtanner -at-, which is also not a very good sign, because nobody seems to be motivated to write me an e-mail and give spontaneous feedback. :-( Will this maybe change in the future when I will write more here on this website (and possibly elsewhere) and be more outspoken? I have other political topics, not just mathematics and babies/children, but mathematics and growing up with it from an earliest possible age is the most important topic because it has implications for the (very) long term... I will now probably go to bed, maybe I will add a German translation (because I will write also in German (mainly in Standard German) in the future) tomorrow, I will see...

Wednesday, 16th of March 2016

00:06h - 00:07h CET (Central European Time): And I am also still hearing my voices, unfortunately (they are not nice at all), I hope that I will be able to write/outline a little bit what they are saying... :-(

00:11h - 00:13h CET: Especially important will be to write my whole biography in detail in order to make comprehensible/understandable why I got into the situation I am currently in and why I developed such an ideology with mathematics and children/babies in 2009/2010.

00:18h - 00:20h CET: By the way, I am still receiving my disability benefits by the government. And I know that I will also have to tidy up especially the messy Main Page on this website here...

23:46h - 23:52h CET: At least something has improved in my life: I have a pupil/student who comes to my place one or two times every week for private tutoring. :-) I don't ask for a pay/wage, so I give these lessons as volunteer/voluntary work. I have known this student since the year 2006 (and also know his family well) and he goes now into 6th class of primary school and I help him especially in mathematics, but also in other subjects like German, English, French and Geography/History. :-)

23:53h - 23:57h CET: This private tutoring is convenient and feasible for me because I don't have to leave the house of person_2 which would be very difficult since I very rarely and only when absolutely unavoidable leave person_2's house (except from driving my e-bike in the immediate vicinity which I do relatively often) because of my hyperacusis and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity).

Friday, 18th of March 2016

23:33h - 23:42h and 23:46h - 23:49h and 23:51h and 23:54h - 00:01h and 00:07h - 00:08h and 00:33h - 00:34h (the five latter already on 19th of March 2016) CET: The topics that I will write about on this website here (except maybe for some of the erotic/sexual topics because I am not sure if they belong to here):

  • Politics (I have a few political ideas that seem to be genuine, at least I didn't encounter them elsewhere), including founding a new political party (but not, this is truly a thing of the past ;-) )
  • The importance of mathematics for society (also as a political/societal topic)
  • The didactics of mathematics / Mathematics education for babies/children (unfortunately, I forgot some good new additional ideas in 2013 about this core topic because I didn't write down these ideas in the right place when I had them respectively I was overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas and didn't prioritize them, I have really been regretting this almost every day in the past years)
  • A collection of projects, websites and newspaper articles that I found advocating that children learn with information and communication technology (the number has been growing rapidly in the past years)
  • Trying to be a pickup artist respectively my opinion about approaching women
  • The need for a policy that I call "sexual socialism" in order to avoid frustration and feelings of inferiority in people who are not very attractive
  • My fantasies of having romantic/erotic encounters with women (they are quite harmless, so don't be worried... ;-) ), maybe I will have to write them on an other website or blog. This is actually the new/extended "" (the page is now defunct, see below) topic that I wanted to write too in early summer 2010.
  • The jobs that I would like to do (in addition of being a private tutor)
  • My biography (a very important topic which will mean a lot of work/writing)
  • And also very important, all (or as many as possible) my Facebook, SMS and E-mail messages that I exchanged in the past (or at least the meaningful messages, but actually, everything apart from redundant information is meaningful). This will mean a lot of work, and unfortunately, these messages are almost all either in Standard German or in Swiss German. :-( So, I will have to extract/compile/summarize the politically meaningful content from them.

23:42 - 23:46h and 23:49h - 23:50h and 23:52h - 23:53h CET: What I will also have to tackle is the fact that the content of this website here has apparently never been included on I just discovered this today when checking the entries on And being part of (or is very important since future generations need to know what was written at which particular moment by whom. So, I will have to contact my hosting provider and ask if it is possible to change the configuration of this website here (by providing the error message of that I get) so that the crawler of can crawl through this website's content.

Saturday, 19th of March 2016

00:02h - 00:05h and 00:23h - 00:24h CET: I have to be very grateful for the daily support by person_2 and the financial support from the government :-) (I am still receiving disability benefits because of my diagnosis of schizophrenia.). Only thanks to this support, I am not homeless (or forced to work something really unpleasant and stressful) and able to follow the news of the world and also restart to write here. :-)

00:08h - 00:16h and 00:21h - 00:22h CET: What I also found out is that in my vicinity (in Zurich), on every Sunday afternoon, there is free opportunity for children to learn to code or to learn to program robots, the project's name is "CoderDojo Zürich", see . :-) If my health improves (which I hope), I will try to go there and assist the tutors there in letting the children learn the fundamentals of coding and robotics. I just hope that the people there will accept me. But these are still dreams of the future because at the moment, I am already working to capacity / fully stretched with the one pupil that I have and whom I teach conventional mathematics and other conventional school subjects.

Sunday, 20th of March 2016

22:39h - 23:00h CET: I have just checked if the site is really down (after having discovered this fact a few days ago when looking up the website on It is indeed... :-( So, what does it mean? I am quite sure that this website was created as a reaction to my old website and probably even more as a reaction to this website here because the website's main page displayed a picture with a middle-aged man holding a baby and in its text, a mysterious "father", probably God, appeared at the text's end. So, why was the website taken offline? I don't know why... :-( (Maybe some members of the Girtanner familiy opposed it and gave negative feedback?) I have checked the Whois-entry and seen that now, a person named "Carlofranco Girtanner" owns the domain. I am not sure, but this might be a Facebook friend of mine, named Carlo Girtanner, maybe I contact him and ask him about this (this would probably be wise anyway because just talking/writing here behind his back is probably not really polite). Remarkable is also the e-mail address that is provided there because it its first part is rennatrig which was also the last/final part of the way I wrote my own e-mail address on this website here (I wrote it the opposite way because of fear of spammers). (I don't dare to publish Carlofranco Girtanner's full address of the Whois-entry here because maybe, it is not allowed to publish Whois-entry-based information outside of the Whois information system and I didn't ask for his permission.) (And by the way, as stated already elsewhere on this website, biologically/genetically, I am not a Girtanner, but a Peter because my real father is ... Peter (first name deleted in order to guard my biological father's privacy), he lives in Zurich. I am in correspondence (by physical letter) with him right now and I have also met him in person several times, he is quite an amazing/great man and I have inherited a lot of character and behavior traits from him. :-) )

23:01h - 23:09h CET: What I also have to write is that since summer 2014, I have a girlfriend! :-) Yes, it is true, I have a girlfriend...! :-) :-) Her name is Christine, she is 55 years old and a wonderful person! :-) (I have to state that we live in an open relationship, she knows that, despite our relationship, I am easily attracted to other women when I encounter them in the street and often also even approach and talk to them. ;-( ) Unfortunately, Christine is quite ill. She probably has a rare and an up to now unknown illness, I will write more about it on the page My girlfriend Christine.

23:25h - 23:32h CET: What I also have to state is the medication that I am taking: At the moment, I am taking 20 milligrams of "Cipralex" (Escitalopram) and 10 milligrams of "Olanzapin Sandoz" (Olanzapine) every day. I feel especially the newly increased "Cipralex" quite strongly by feeling some kind of increaed "pressure" or feeling of "filled in" in the head, my tinnitus has increased and my thirst too. I increased the "Cipralex" from 15 milligrams (which is also already quite a large dose) one week ago (on Sunday, 13th of March, I increased my daily "Cipralex" dose from 15 to 20 milligrams).

23:35h - 23:38h CET: By the way, I still haven't checked with my hosting provider for changing the configuration of this website (respectively wiki) here in order to enable's crawler to save (hopefully) all pages in this wiki here. I hope that the guys there will manage to change the configuration properly so that crawling through works...

23:38h - 23:41h CET: And by the way, probably more than a year ago, I discovered the theory of Max Tegmark ("Out mathematical universe"), which is very interesting because it says that the whole universe ultimately consists of mathematics which is also quite my own theory/assumption, respectively I would like to promote this idea to motivate people to focus more on mathematics in their lives and in education / learning environments.

23:41h - 23:54h CET: What I also discovered a couple of months ago is that in the new search engine "", after my name, the word "rinse" appeared: "lukas girtanner's rinse" (it has meanwhile disappeared). The reason for this might be that because of my multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), I was hardly able to walk past of streets with a lot of motorized/motor-driven traffic because of the exhaust fumes. After having passed through such an area with a lot of exhaust fumes, I had to go to the toilet and "rinse" (here is the word...) my mouth because the pollutants came up from my lungs into my pharynx/throat. And some people might have observed that (especially the people who were studying computer science with me because I was mainly there that time) and because of that inserted the expression "rinse" into the "AutoFill"-funcionality of (but as already stated, it has disappeared now)... And I have seen that also when you enter "girtanner" in, you get "Girtanner's rinse" as an automatic suggestion. But maybe, at least the reason for this might be different because a patent for a rinsing procedure might have been filed by a person with the surname "Girtanner". I will have to get to the bottom of this as soon as I have more time... But in either case, it is funny (and in the latter case, it would be a coincidence), because indeed, I rinsed my mouth a very lot of time beginning probably in 2009 (or 2008?) and ending in 2010 when I had to take antipsychotic/neuroleptic medication for the first time (but this is a long story that I will have to write in my biography)...

23:57h - 00:04h CET (the latter already on Monday, 21st of March 2016): What I also shouldn't forget to mention is that some days ago, I changed the copyright of this website here again, it is now an "Attribution 4.0 International" license, see also Copyright situation.

Monday, 21st of March 2016

00:13 - 00:19h and 00:32h - 00:34h and 00:36h - 00:37h CET: What I also have to mention is that since summer 2013, in the meanwhile, new technologies have arisen/appeared/emerged, mainly smartwatches and more importantly VR headsets (Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and others) and possibly intelligent glasses (optical head-mounted displays) like Google Glass. I am sure that such new technology will open up new opportunities to learn efficiently the fundamentals of mathematics and ICT from an early age. :-) It is obvious that there will be countless of possible ways/situations to use them also in education... :-))

00:19h - 00:31h and 00:36h CET: What I also shouldn't forget to mention is that around half a year ago, in late summer 2015, it was discovered that I suffer from massively increased eye pressure (especially in the right eye, the pressure was at 35 mmHg! :-( ) and that I have to take eye drops (at the moment Ganfort which contains Bimatoprost and Timolol) that lower the pressure within the eyes.

15:19h - 15:20h and 15:24h - 15:25h and 15:30h - 15:31h and 15:47h - 15:48h CET: What I also shouldn't forget to mention is that I am still hearing the voices, several times a week, always in the evening. They are telling me that I am a very bad person and that I will go to hell namely in the deepest possible hell and for an eternal period of time. :-( :-( :-( They also tell me that "I will see it." (in Swiss German: "Gsehsch äs dänn scho no!") meaning that I will see/realize it how horrible it will be when I will be in hell... :-( They also tell me that I should change (as a person, in/with my character)... I am not sure if I should really believe these voices. Does hell really exist? I am not sure. But if these voices are true, I am truly in trouble (I hear this sentence also very often from the voices themselves.). I will write more about these voices and what they are saying in the future, I will probably open a dedicated page for these voices and also write in my biography when and how they appeared first (because in 2011 and partially still in 2012 I heard other voices which were predominantly friendly, even beautiful)...

15:20h - 15:23h and 15:26h - 15:29h and 15:32h - 15.35h and 15:38 - 15:40h and 15:43h - 15:46h and 15:48h - 15:52h and 16:05h - 16:06h and 16:12h - 16:14h and 16:35h - 16:37h CET: I am also a little bit anxious because the pensions and disability benefit branch office (German: "AHV-/IV-Zweigstelle") of the municipality/township (German: "Gemeinde") of Pfäffikon asked me about cash money that I paid into my bank account in January 2015. I paid this money into my bank account because I had saved/collected it over the years in my room because I wanted to save it for a deposit (German: "Einlage" / "Anteile zum Eigenkapital der Genossenschaft") in a housing cooperative (German: "Wohnbaugenossenschaft") in Zurich for people who suffer from MCS (which costs between 10'000 and 20'000 Swiss francs, see also the project's website at ) and also a possible assisted suicide accompaniment by Exit, Dignitas or possibly Lifecircle/Eternal Spirit, which costs about 10'000 Swiss francs (at least in the case of Dignitas). But at the moment, I am not ready to die, I still have hope and visions and motivation, this is also the reason why I am writing on this page here, I want to make a positive difference in the world. The only problem that I truly have is that I eat (too much) meat, which is really really bad because of the animals that are killed in order to get their flesh/"meat" (meat in ""s because the word/concept is horrible), and I also use too many paper handkerchiefs and plastic gloves because I am afraid of chemicals, so my influence on the world is mixed, there are positive aspects like this website here (at least I hope so), but also negative ones like the aforementioned eating habit and overuse of protective measures against chemicals... :-( But back to the cash money that I paid into my bank account in January 2015: I just hope that the local disability benefit branch office will accept it... It was my Spitex assistant (the man from the psychiatric Spitex / home care for independent living, Mr. G. N.) who urged me in December 2014 (together with person_2) to finally pay this cash money into my bank account, maybe this was a mistake if I get into trouble now. :-( But I will see... At least, my assistance person from the psychiatric Spitex wrote a letter to the branch office where he explained why I had this cash money at my place... Amendment of Tuesday, 2016-03-22, 21:41h - 21:58h: The text of the letter written by the psychiatric Spitex assistance can be found here: Letter of 15th of March 2016, written by my psychiatric Spitex assistance. If I demand total transparency everywhere in society (see below in the section "Tuesday, 22th of March 2016"), me too, I have to be transparent, I can't be an exception and because of that, I am publishing this letter, especially since the issue really bothers me... But I think everything is OK and the local disability benefit's branch office will not take action/measures/steps against me. :-) And if not, it is also OK, I could live with it although it would not be just... I will publish everything important in my life from now on, every important letter, every report from a doctor, every e-mail and every Facebook message (of course only my own part, not the part of my counterpart) and hopefully also every SMS although it is burdensome to re-type it...

15:35h - 15:37h CET: What I also have to mention is that the music that I occasionally hear is truly amazing! :-) It gives me hope and reassurance that true good (and an immensely benevolent God) exists in the universe. :-) And I really admire the geniuses who composed this music / these melodies... :-)

15:40h - 15:41h CET: (This will soon be a "ceterum censeo"): And I am aware that it is very important that I will contact my hosting provider to enable's crawler to include my website's content into its archive.

15:53h - 15:57h and 15:59h - 16:04h CET: By the way, what I also shouldn't forget to mention is that I have a legal costs/expense(s)/protection insurance (Rechtsschutzversicherung) for a couple of weeks (since the end of February 2016)... Also important will be to describe what kind of jobs I would like to do in the future, this will probably quite a surprise (but not if you know me well... ;-) ). And also important is that since Christmas 2015, I have an e-bike (electric bicycle; Pedelec) and if the weather is not too bad, I am riding it in the vicinity of our house. The pedal assist/boost is quite good, but it could be stronger because if the street/road is too steep, it's not possible to drive uphill... :-( The e-bike became necessary because I gained so much weight. At the moment, I weigh 94 kilograms and I am only 1.75 tall which means that I am massively overweight... :-(

16:06h - 16:08h CET: By the way, my girlfriend Christine called me on 15:57h and we talked for 2 minutes. She told me what she just ate and it is a lot and unfortunately also a lot of sweet things (and certainly not enough vegetables and fruits).

16:37h - 16:45h and 16:47h - 16:48h and 16:59h - 16:56h and (approximately) 17:43h - 17:46h CET: And by the way, I discovered one and a half years ago that a transhumanist party has been founded in the U.S. and now, when I googled for this transhumanist party, I discovered that there is also a transhumanist party now in Germany. I just ask myself if these parties are radical enough. They should demand not just the digitalization of school tuition, but an entirely new and technologically ultra-progressive system of learning environments oriented towards mathematics, beginning preferably at birth (or even before, at least in case of the optimization of learning of languages). I will have to read the websites of all transhumanist parties that have emerged. Maybe I will join there or (if my suggestions are not included into the party's program) found my own party (with my own program that is oriented more towards mathematics and ultra-early learning aided by the latest technology and "pig picture" political visions). One question is certainly also if the (German) transhumanist party will merge one day with the (German) pirate party ("Piratenpartei") because the two parties certainly share a similar thrust (Stossrichtung), they are similar (and both are unfortunately not extreme/progressive enough as far as education or learning environments of children and babies are concerned, but maybe, this is going to change in the future...).

16:45h - 16:48h CET: At about 16:38h, Christine called me again and we talked for 3 minutes. She often calls me and tells me what she has eaten or what the nurses/doctors have told her...

16:48h and 16:54h CET: At 16:48h, Christine called again and we talked for 6 minutes... I could only listen partially to what she was saying, because I was occupied writing/reading here...

17:46h - 17:48h CET: I will go to a bike ride with my e-bike now because the weather is sunny and it is relatively warm for the season... However, my stamina is very weak and I think this will never improve anymore. :-(

Tuesday, 22th of March 2016

20:01h - 20:34h and 20:35h - 21:01h and 21:06h - 21:07h and 21:21h - 21:22h and 21:28h - 21:32h and (approximately) 00:00h - 00:09h (the latter two already on 23th of March 2016) CET: Actually, I wanted to write other things here (and especially correct/amend what I have already written) today, but because something really unfortunate happened today in Europe again, I will have to write my political ideas... :-( And it was not the first time that these horrible events happened, already in November 2015 and in the beginning of 2015 a similar catastrophe happened... :-( :-( My feelings are with the victims of all kinds of violence... :-( Actually, I wanted to wait longer with writing down my new policies here, but I have to anticipate it now because I think these ideas would be an important contribution to a more happy, just and less violent world (and ultimately the survival of humanity/(wo)mankind also in the long term):

  • one single superstate where all countries with a Christian tradition are part, with the hope/option that at a later moment/stage, a global superstate is created with the world's whole population (especially when the other religions have reached the same maturity like Christianity). Friendly and peaceful relations of the Christian superstate to the rest of the world and especially the Muslim world that might also form a superstate of all Muslim nations. The Muslim superstate might possibly be further divided across the various Muslim denominations because they don't get along well at the moment with each other. :-( The Christian superstate would encompass (at least) North America, South America and Europe (possibly including Russia). Possibly the existing democracies in South Asia and East Asia could join too, although these countries would not be predominantly Christian... In the long term, a global superstate where the population decides everything for itself without any elected representatives/government should arise that would no longer be prone of corruption, intransparency and abuse of power as it is the case today (see also the next point).
  • Radical democracy (radical liquid democracy / radical e-democracy) where the population (of a particular country and hopefully the Christian superstate (or even global superstate) in a not too distant future) decides everything directly with the help of an online deliberation/decision-making tool/system and politicians/representatives are no longer necessary (see also the point just above).
  • The whole society should become absolutely transparent, all privacy and data protection should be abolished (and therefore intelligence agencies too, the people should become empowered to know everything instead of intelligence agencies and the people should enforce transparency and information release everywhere). Everything that is connected with the Internet should have its data/information on the Internet, automatically publicly visible to everyone (every piece of software should be configured like that). Such a system makes only sense when radical e-democracy has been introduced and there is no government anymore who could use the complete information of a radically transparent society for its own benefit/increase of power (see also the point just above). This precondition of a perfect/radical e-democracy without any government anymore is important because the fear of governmental power abuse is also the reason why so many people still advocate privacy and data "protection"/"security".
  • Climate change: Create long-distance train and ship traveling possibilities in order to replace airplane travel. Completely stop of using fossil fuels wherever it is not absolutely necessary or advantageous.
  • Infrastructure policies: Always lay empty broadband conduit lines/tubes/pipes/ducts as a reserve (German: "auf Vorrat") when doing regular (repair/maintenance/extension) work on roads and railway lines in order to enable inexpensive laying of broadband cable everywhere in the future, see also .
  • Military policy 1: People should continue to defend their territory at its border/edge against attackers who want to expand their neighboring territory, bot nobody should attack anybody within her/his own territory (this also means that there must not be any bombardments or targeted killings within the territory of somebody).
  • Military policy 2: UAVs and robots should be increasingly used, but only for intelligence gathering and possibly fending off imminent or ongoing attacks (if possible in a non-lethal way).
  • Liberalization of physician-assisted suicide for everyone who really wants to die, including people who are labelled as "mentally ill" by the medical establishment. But at the same time also offer possibilities of decent and independent living to everyone so that nobody dies because she/he didn't receive enough help/assistance.
  • Sexual socialism (more about this topic later).
  • Last but not least: Mathematics: The whole society should focus on an eternal struggle for an infinite knowledge of mathematics and possibly even "becoming" (being taken up in) mathematics one day. Traditional religious values (in case of the Christian superstate Christian values) should, as far as they are still valid, together with modern ethics, still be taken into consideration also in the future.
  • This point might be controversial/contested/disputed/contentious but I think it is necessary to protect any politically progressive society from unwanted conservative influences (especially those from outside) that collide with the core values of such a politically progressive society: Only people who are politically progressive should have the right to immigrate and stay (this should apply to all countries with a predominantly Christian tradition respectively the Christian superstate in the future). This rule might apply to all immigrants or only to Muslim immigrants which would mean that progressive Muslims would be welcome (and their children, grandchildren and further descendants would be allowed to stay as long as they remain politically progressive too) while conservative Muslims would not be welcome because they would negatively affect the progress of society in the countries with a predominantly Christian tradition (respectively the Christian superstate in the future).
  • The use of motor-powered vehicles (especially those powered by fossil fuels) and the construction of new buildings and roads should be limited as much as possible.
  • The latest IT technology should be used in education respectively learning environments from an as early as possible age (beginning not long after birth or possibly even before) and global, didactically sophisticated digital teaching aids should be developed that can also be adjusted to every language (and also support parallel language learning from birth; beginning at birth, ending at university degree level; adaptable to every stage of knowledge; it should also be possible to integrate the content into virtual reality headsets and head-mounted displays and the use of robots whenever possible should motivate toddlers, children and adolescents to move around, also outdoors as often as possible).

20:34h CET: By the way, I phoned with Christine several times today, she feels very bad, she complained about feeling hot and not having any clothes anymore because she gained weight. :-(

21:04h - 21:05h CET: Person_2 is angry at me and says now that she will spend/expend a lot of money in order to renew the garden and the house (which is absolutely not necessary in my opinion).

21:07h - 21:10h and 21:17h - 21:19h CET: But I am relieved that most of my new political ideas are now out. I am so much overweight and am forced to live in such an unhealthy way and I probably have so much arteriosclerosis that I never know when might be my last day because of a cardiac infarction or a stroke. :-( The only problem that remains now (after having published most of my political ideas in a very short/condensed form) is that long-term archiving is secured which means that I have to ensure that or an other long-term archiving project is actually able to crawl through my website here...

21:10h - 21:16h and 21:19h - 21:20h and 21:22h - 21:25h CET: What I forgot to write before: Radical transparency in whole society is also necessary because intransparency, privacy and data "protection"/"security" is also speciesist which means that people guard their personal secrets at the expense of all the (domesticated and wild) animals and plants that are helpless and whose right to live without domination/oppression by humans is infringed. Only when humans give up all secrecy in their lives will animals (and plants) be free! And also important is to stop eating meat because eating meat means that animals have to be killed. :-( The most just eating habit is veganism or even fruitarianism, but vegetarianism is a good beginning and if milk and egg production can become animal-friendly enough (I am not sure if this will ever be possible), even (the comparatively less strict) vegetarianism might be just enough...

21:26h - 21:27h CET: I might have to move the points above into an own dedicated page where I describe all policies that should be adopted.

23:08h - 23:09h CET: In order to increase transparency, I will also have to add the details (account number) of my bank account, but I will probably do this tomorrow...

23:17h CET: Here is my bank account number (IBAN): CH54 0840 1016 7239 2250 8. At the moment, I have around 31'100 Swiss francs on my account.

23:33h - 23:39h CET: I now finally added the details for my bank account to the Main Page and this page here (on the bottom)... :-) I just hope that I will never run into troubles because of it because people might misuse this information. But I have seen that on other websites, there is also the information about such banking details. The only thing that I now really have to do is to try to ensure that at least one of the web archives gets into my website here (and not just the Main Page) and saves it for future generations... I will do this tomorrow, at least I hope so.

23:53h - 23:57h: By the way, I did a blood test in December 2015 and it turned out that my LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol is too high. :-( I am not sure what this means, but what is clear is that I am massively overweight, probably because I have been taking Olanzapine for several years now. :-(

Wednesday, 23th of March 2016

18:55h - 19:03h CET

18:55h - 19:03h CET: Teresa, my household Spitex assistance person, came today and we tidied up my room. I am very lucky that I have her, because she is very friendly and sympathetic/understanding and she helps me a lot. :-) I have also to be very grateful that the government reimburses me as part of my disability benefits most expenses that the the household Spitex assistance person costs in order to enable me to live independently (instead of having to live in a residential home). And on 19:15, A., my pupil (who is in the 6th class of primary school), will come and I will help him to learn (conventional) school subjects for about one hour and maybe a quarter-hour. I will also have to amend the sections above on this page here in order to slightly improve and complete them...

22:30h (approx.) - 23:59h CET

Approximately 22:30h (unclear when I began to write these long/extensive sections here, probably at around 23:30h +- 20 minutes) - (uploaded on) 23:59h CET (and further on 2016-03-24 between approximately 00:18h and 00:25h CET): Again, the news is full of yesterday’s horrible and deeply deplorable events. But the people really need to think how our societies here in the West should finally change... We need a new ideology that is similarly strong like the totally outdated and unscientific ideology of Islamism. And this new, modern ideology is the belief in and struggle for mathematics and the belief that humanity and its successors will one day achieve infinite mathematical knowledge and possibly merge into a perfect, mathematical state and become (and replace) God themselves (the latter might be too arrogant and not humble enough and go too far, who knows...). Only such a truly modern and all-encompassing ideology will resist all attempts to weaken political progressivism by proponents of extremist conservative/traditional religious ideologies... I think that it is crucial to stress the importance of mathematics for the future of (wo)mankind because conventional ‚transhumanism’ is too fuzzy/unclear and just advocates technological progress without specifying how this can still be achieved also in the more far future. So, only mathematics-oriented transhumanism is strong enough to lead humanity into a bright and sustainable future, provided that more and more parts of society adopt and believe in it (as strongly and consequentially as possible).

And by the way (this is another topic), only politically progressive people are the true conservatives of our time because only progressives care about the environment which means that the nature/biosphere on Earth will only be preserved/conserved (here is the word ‚conservative’) by politically progressive ideologies. Conservatives in the conventional sense of the word could be rightfully considered conservative only if they abdicated/renounced all modern technology, which means they would not even be allowed to use computers or smartphones nor electricity/cars/roads nor any other type of modern technology... In such a theoretical case, they would be truly conservative because they would no longer damage the environment by their lifestyle and consumption habits. So, there are two types of conservative people nowadays: Politically ultra-progressive people who are deeply concerned about the environment and social justice (who also use the latest technology, but only in a sustainable and considerate way) and on the other hand indigenous tribes in the rainforests or some (really only a few) people in the West living an ancient and non-technological lifestyle.

As far as IT devices and especially robots are concerned: I am aware of the fact that IT devices (and especially robots) are not perfectly environmentally friendly because they need raw materials and energy to be produced and the production (and possibly recycling) generates waste (as for example also my household Spitex assistance Teresa told me today when I talked with her about the content of my website here).

By the way, person_2 and me received a phone call this evening at about 23:00h on our landline phone (+41 44 950 09 20) from a Swiss mobile phone number we both don’t know, I hope this was not done on purpose and will not repeat again. :-( We only very rarely have such occurrences.

But back to the events of yesterday: I feel really sorry for the victims and their relatives because the politicians/representatives will once more not act consequentially and not change their policies enough. What is needed is a new generation of politicians who is not power-hungry, thinks truly global, and knows of the importance of mathematics, the power of automatic, ubiquitous and unconditional transparency and the potential of IT and how it could transform democracy into a truly democratic society where only the people and no longer politicians decide about the fate of the population (radical e-democracy / liquid democracy) and who would therefore abolish (or make obsolete) themselves. Or (at least in Switzerland this might be possible because of the strong prevalence of direct democracy), the population itself would vote for the introduction of such a software system for radical e-democracy. And in such a truly democratic socio-political environment, there would be no more attacks like the one that happened yesterday because all people would feel that their concerns are taken into account and that they have a (first and final) say in what kind of policies the majority of people decides upon.

By the way, as far as total transparency is concerned: It is unfortunately not yet possible to publish my complete bank account activity because this information could nowadays still be used by people who would/might call my bank and impersonate me by using the knowledge of my bank account activity (with consequences that are difficult to anticipate/foresee). Because of that, I will unfortunately have to keep the details of my bank account activity private. :-( :-( What is needed is that banks in the future will only provide information or interact with customers when the identity of a customer is authenticated sufficiently strongly/reliably (by electronic means). Unfortunately, this is not yet the case because you can still obtain information (or induce an action by the bank) by phone. :-(

By the way, I am using the online translation website of when I am translating words from my mother tongue German to English, so if you don’t understand something you can look up the English word and get the German meaning and then translate it back from there to the correct expression(s) in English.

This evening, I have also heard „my“ voices, but more about that later...

Thursday, 24th of March 2016

00:03h - 00:06h CET: By the way, I am speaking English with Theresa, my household Spitex assistance (she is from Portugal and speaks Portuguese, English and already a little bit of German). It is a very lucky coincidence that I have the opportunity to speak English with her, because like that, I practice my English every day and unlearn it less quickly. :-)

01:13h - 01:26h CET: I have to help somebody with writing a job application (and I also read online news), because of that, I haven't written here about the voices. But what I can tell, also in the context of this website here, is that the voices tell me that I am absolutely the wrong person to demand that the world/humanity focus(es) more on mathematics, because I am a chaot (I am not sure about the translation, maybe it is slub?) and an illogical, unmathematical, stupid and chaotic person who would create the biggest chaos in the entire super-universe (universe of all universes) if given the chance. :-( I always ask them why it was a person like me who wrote/published such a mathematical/mathematics-oriented ideology for the first time, but I receive no satisfying answer. Maybe it just had to be that one of the worst (if not single the worst) entities in the whole super-universe wrote the (possibly) best, purest possible and most logical ideology? Maybe because the people/entities who are really good and who realize how huge/gigantic mathematics is would not dare to write it? I am not sure... But what I am sure is that I often (always in the evenings) hear these voices and they always tell me that I am the wort of the worst, that I only consist of hate and that all my other horrible character traits derive from this and that especially the fact that I still eat meat (and use so many paper handkerchiefs and plastic gloves) shows this. And when I tell them that it is really difficult for me to no longer eat meat because I would miss nutrients (because person_2 couldn't provide a balanced diet without meat) and that I am using the paper handkerchiefs and plastic gloves because I am afraid of chemicals, they ignore it.

02:17h - 02:25h CET: By the way, what I forgot to mention is that the pupil A. came this evening (respectively yesterday evening now) for one and a half hours (from 19:15h until 20:40h, it was his wish to stay so long) and everything went well: Instead of doing homework or learn for an exam (which we usually do), we practiced typewriting with a game (the software's name is Goldfinger junior). And in the end, we tried to figure out what would be a good product/item to buy for him because he has saved some money and is interested to find a good idea for a purchase.

Friday, 25th of March 2016

01:00h (approximately; +- 5 minutes) - 01:29h and 19:22h - 19:24h CET: Today (respectively now already yesterday), I did 9 things: 1. Working together with G. N., the assistance person from the psychiatric Spitex (a little bit more than 1 hour). 2. Working together with the household Spitex assistant (1 hour). 3. Going on a ride with my e-bike (today, for the first time since long ago, I was able to drive uphill through the forest until I reached the campground "Waldhof" in Hittnau, and from there back to my place, I hope I will be able to do that again in the future). 4. In the evening, I browsed the web and read the online news. 5. I talked and unfortunately also argued with person_2. ;-( 6./7.: I wrote 2 e-mails (one e-mail was to a friend, I will publish my communication with him (or possibly even our joint communication if he agrees)). 8. I wrote this section here. 9. And of course, like every day, I talked to my girlfriend Christine on the phone.

19:25h - 19:35h and 19:39h (approximately, +- 2 minutes) - 19:45h and 19:49h - 19:50h CET: I will have to publish all my e-mails and Facebook messages and possibly also my SMS. Furthermore, I will have to record and publish all my phone conversations in the future, but only if the interlocutor agrees (by informed choice). Everything that can be gathered digitally should be gathered and published. The problem is just that some technologies like SMS require more effort to put on the Internet... Also a problem is that I cannot begin with the latest e-mails because they contain also romantic/erotic/sexual topis and I don't want to begin publishing just such content. It is better to begin with the earliest messages... What I will also have to do is to found the Swiss Transhumanist Party (and also a "Mathematics Party" (I have already registered the domain because the term transhumanism might be too arbitrary) if nobody else does it... But I am aware that a Transhumanist Party or a "Mathematics Party" will have to merge with the Pirate Party and possibly the Green Party and/or a far left party (like the "Alternative List" in Switzerland or the Linkspartei in Germany) eventually in the future.

19:36h - 19:38h (approximately, +- 2 minutes) and 19:46h - 19:49h and 19:51 - 20:15h and (approximately) 20:34h - 21:15h and (approximately) 22:45h - 23:19h and 23:32h - 23:39h and 00:24h - 00:31h (the latter two already on 2016-03-26) CET: I will add more policies here that I forgot to mention in the previous days (some of these policies have been well-known for years, so they are not really new and actually it's clear anyway that I support them because it is a classic leftist/green cause):

  • Compulsory free and open source software and hardware, outlawing any non-free and non-open source technology worldwide (or at least in the Christian superstate or the superstate of all democracies)
    • Additional note: Maybe a global superstate of all true (direct / radically liquid / radical e-) democracies would be a better idea than the Christian superstate which I advocated further above, because what is most important for a global superstate is that truly democratic voting takes place in the individual member-countries and this is only partially congruent with whether a country has a Christian tradition or not (I might have to move this point into a new, separate section of its own).
  • Effective birth control for everybody worldwide (and first in the Christian superstate, as soon as it exists) because of human overpopulation and the toll/strain it takes of nature.
  • Car-to-car-communication (and train-to-train communication) as soon as possible in order to reduce accidents, increase environmentally friendly driving and utilize/use existing roads (and railway lines) more efficiently.
  • An unconditional basic income for everyone (and at the same time also replacing all manual, repetitive work by robots, this will be only achieved if education/learning environments change in the way I advocate/demand it).
  • Not only no fossil fuel-using power plants anymore, but also no nuclear power plants anymore (because too unsafe and unsafe and too costly to dispose of the nuclear waste).
  • Full LGBTIQ* rights/equality/inclusion everywhere (and especially in educational materials for children and adolescents)
  • Outlawing/Prohibiting/Banning all encryption (encrypted information and communication) in all pieces of software (except for authentication) in the Western world / developed/democratic countries (with the exception of encryption used in undemocratic countries because there, progressive political activists still absolutely need privacy and data protection as long as there are not full civil rights there). And again, even our own society in the Western (relatively) democratic world is probably not yet fully ready for a ban of all encrypted information and communication: In order to outlaw encrypted information and communication, we first need more democracy, in an ideal case not just direct democracy (like for example here in Switzerland), but radical liquid e-democracy, see also (quite a lot) further above... And at the same time increase (general) research in encryption technologies in order to strengthen authentication technologies which also rely on encryption and are very important for trust and data security in the sense of not losing/deleting data (which I call true data security, in contrast to data "security" in the sense of withholding / not revealing information). I hope that I am not wrong / not mistaken, but nature will be grateful if humans gave up their secrets among/between each others (because it was not necessary to have secrets anymore because true democracy was introduced). And by the way, I am not a "surveillance hawk": I would (like every privacy activist) vote no if there would be a referendum on governmental data retention of private communication and location data because I believe in information that is accessed and collected by everybody and not information collected/accessed just by governmental intelligence and law enforcement agencies/employees, even more because also here in the West, there is still the potential of power abuse by the government or large companies: Radical transparency goes hand in hand only with radical democracy...
  • Outlaw/prohibit/ban fireworks (especially those that are loud) and other unnecessary emitters of loud noise (like for example loud motorcycles and cars; churchbells; bells of animals like cow bells; unnecessary helicopter and airplane flights, especially when the (usually manned) flying objects / aircraft are loud). Furthermore, these unnecessary things are often not only loud, but also emit a lot of harmful exhaust gases/fumes (motorcycles, cars, aircraft) or chemical particles (fireworks). (If I believed in chemtrails, I would open an own section for the category "both", but I don't believe in chemtrails although (manned) aircrafts are already harmful enough without any additional conspiracy theory belief... :-( )
  • A globally unique identifier (GUID) for everybody and everything that has to be specified always and everywhere (in every pieces of data/information where it applies)...
  • See also the various places where you can find the demands of the Pirate Parties or Transhumanist Parties, for example (the only policy where I really differ from the Pirate Party when it comes to "privacy" and data "protection"/"security" because is deeply speciesist and hurts the environments, social justice and the interests of animals and plants...)
  • more to follow

20:15h - 20:18h CET: I just wonder why the German "Spackeria" ( ) which is (has been) critical of "privacy" and data "protection"/"security" like me hasn't updated its website for almost 2 years... :-(

20:18h - 20:21h CET: Today, I couldn't drive my e-bike because it was raining slightly. :-( I hope the weather will be better tomorrow and I will be able to make up/good for it (German: "nachholen") tomorrow.

21:17h - 21:23h CET: By the way, I have to cover my eyes when reading what I wrote because the computer (the iMac of person_2) monitor is too bright and reflects/mirrors. :-( I will have to continue writing on another computer as soon as possible...

23:20h - 23:32h and 23:40h CET: About 40-50 minutes ago, I twice heard the noise of fireworks near my place, this is always horrible! :-( Luckily, I was indoors and all windows were closed in the vicinity of where I was standing. But still, it was loud. :-( By the way, it is illegal to launch fireworks at my place, except for national holiday and New Year's Eve / New Year's Day, but it is unfortunately very difficult to tell who launched the fireworks, so the people just do this occasionally (usually on a Saturday evening) because they know very well that they will not be caught and get away with it. :-( :-( Because of this unpleasant incident, I remembered yet another of my policies: the ban of fireworks. And I wrote it above as a new list item...

Saturday, 26th of March 2016

00:19h - 00:23h CET: I just wrote a relatively long e-mail message to "X." (person_1) (his real first name initial is missing because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial), my long-time penpal. I will publish the e-mail message, but probably not begin with the latest messages, but with the oldest/earliest ones...

01:21h - 01:35h CET: It's unbelievable but the voices came indeed again, maybe at 00:30h or 00:40h. Actually, I am not allowed to write "the" or "they", because I am so arrogant according to the voices... On 00:51h (I checked the time because they wanted it like that, they tell me I have to write down the time whenever I hear something new from them), they have told me that (in Swiss German) "Wirsch äs dänn scho no (ii) gseh..." (Standard German: "Du wirst es dann schon noch (ein)sehen..." / English: "You will see it, you will acknowledge it"). That I am fundamentally too slow... And all the other usual things: That I consist only of hate..., that I (actually, I should write a dash (-) instead of I/me) am the single worst entity in the whole universe of all universes and so on... That I am a gigantic slob (Swiss or Standard German: "Chaot") and that I will perish in the chaos that I would have created if given the power... It is boring to hear them because "they" always say the same, just with little variations... But still, I suffer when they (or "they" as I should write in order to give an indication of my arrogance and lack of humbleness when thinking/talking/writing about them) are here... :-( But I am really not sure if - should believe them... Does hell or some kind of (serious) punishment in a possible afterlife really exist? I might be a wrong and horrible person (power hungry, not grateful enough, eating meat, having a controlling compulsion/obsession, wasteful with paper handkerchiefs and plastic gloves), yes, but how likely is the chance that I/- am the single most worst entity in the whole super-universe (universe of all universes, which is probably infinite)?

01:36h - 01:39h CET: The voices have fortunately/mercifully/luckily subsided now. :-) :-) Obviously, writing about them helped a lot. :-) This is usually the case when I have some distraction, they go away when I am distracted, at least partially. And when I fall asleep, they are gone and won't come again until the next or next but one evening (or an evening even more in the future).

23:30h - 23:40h CET: Today, I rode my e-bike to the campground "Waldhof" in Hittnau and even beyond/past that uphill within the wood until the road upwards finished. And then back all the way downhill/downwards with my hands operating/holding stiffly the e-bike's breaks. This cycling is very important, because like that, I train myself a little bit and my arteriosclerosis will hopefully stop getting worse and worse and maybe even improve... And just now, I am writing a new e-mail answer to "X." (person_1) (his real first name initial is missing because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial) because he has written me a new e-mail message... I will not be able to publish his e-mail messages, he is against it... :-( So, I will only publish my own messages, what I wrote to him, and at the same time remove all information that might reveal his identity...

Sunday, 27th of March 2016

From (approximately, +- 5 minutes) 22:50h until 23:43h CEST (as it is newly in effect now; other abbreviations for it: CEDT, CET-DST or MEST): The main goal of compulsory automatic/unconditional transparency is not just to prevent crime or people hurting people (as it probably happens on a daily base in the world deplorably and unfortunately also in Western, developed countries)... The goal of compulsory total transparency is to transform society into a true knowledge society where the people know everything about each other with all its advantages and benefits (and in my opinion no disadvantages except maybe that there would be a transition period where people would have to get accustomed/used to it). And in such a society, it would be possible to know about and try to solve all problems and areas of injustice that society suffers from and the likelihood that crime or an act of people hurting people happens would be reduced because the people would feel and realize that everything that is possible is being done to see/discover, analyze and tackle injustice, disadvantage, discrimination, oppression, exploitation and last but not least environmental destruction. So, it is primarily the transformation of society that becomes possible thanks to radical and total transparency that reduces the likelihood of people hurting people or animals (or plants and nature generally) and not primarily the fact that some plans of wrongdoers might be discovered before any wrong act happens because of "surveillance" of the people by the people (in a society with universal/ubiquitous automatic information transparency/release). It is much more likely and society has to rely on it that the population itself can stop people from doing wrong things because they deeply care for each other, are honest with each other and also hopefully know each other personally (and releasing all information about oneself is part of that) and not just because of simply technical "surveillance" respectively technically-monitoring-each-other mechanisms that might become possible thanks to automatic transparency in every aspect of life that can be expressed electronically respectively find entrance into the Internet. This is also important because if someone really wants to do something wrong, the person will try to prepare it completely in secrecy and not tell anyone and also not communicate by electronic means (or alternatively try to do it very quickly and unexpectedly) and this can only be prevented by communities in which people care for each other and are willing to look beyond what is automatically published/released. Sorry for this section, I know it is a little bit awkwardly written, but I just thought about it today when I was on my ride with my e-bike. But it is clear that electronic "surveillance" (even if it is done by the population itself instead of just intelligence agency and law-enforcement people) has clear limits and what is more important is the social relations between people and a generally open and as-much-as-possible-knowing society which creates a climate of openness, honesty, knowledge/knowledgeability, mutual attention/considerateness (German: "Rücksichtnahme"), mutual significance/importance, sustainability, equality and justice.

23:43h - 23:59h (and 00:00h - 00:04h and 00:05h - 00:19h, the latter 4 time designations already on 28th of March 2016) (and 22:00h - 22:02h, the latter 2 time designations on 29th of March 2016) CEST: Today was a special day because I rode my e-bike again and I didn't have my own (main) phone with me as I do usually, but person_2's phone because I was afraid that the concussions of the bike from the bumpy road would damage my main phone (I have written down a lot of ideas on my main phone, so it should stay intact. The number of my main phone is +41 76 345 69 69 as it is also stated at the bottom of this page here in the "Contact information" area.). I just yesterday realized during my yesterday's e-bike ride how many concussions my e-bike and me have to endure, so I decided that I cannot have my main mobile phone with me anymore. Luckily, person_2 allowed me today to take her phone (Initially, I wrote her number here, but I deleted it again because it is her number and not mine...) with me within a padded/cushioned envelope and plastic bags in order to protect it also against the slight rain that came down. I also have an old secondary phone (number: +41 76 280 10 69) which I will use from tomorrow or the day after tomorrow on because I first have to refill its credit again, it is almost empty now (its credit is at less than 1 Swiss franc now), so I couldn't take it with me but I at least switched it on today after a very long break. After having crossed the road between Pfäffikon and Unterhittnau (the "Hittnauerstrasse"), when I was heading towards the "beer cave" (German: "Bierhöhle") (and later the campground "Waldhof" as always now), I saw two cars that were somehow conspicuous (one was parked and lit its lights when I approached and drove off when I was driving past and the other one seemed to be waiting on the end of the forest road that I was going to take and drove off when I reached it), maybe they were there because of me, I am not sure... But I have decided to not become paranoid again and not change my daily routine because of them: I am taking my medication as always and I will not begin to experience voices from seemingly real people and believe that my thoughts are read by real people as I did in 2011 and 2012 (the anonymous voices that I have now are already enough ;-) )... So, should indeed people follow me again, I will just live with it and even be grateful and happy about it. :-) (But even better would be if people wrote me e-mail, Facebook or SMS messages and told me what is right and wrong on my website here.) Now another topic: I also saw a dead frog on the forest road and was very sad about it because somebody must have run over it... :-( :-( In such situations, the only thing that I can do is pray that the frog rests in peace and possibly in paradise now and that the person who ran over it (possibly without even realizing it) will not be punished (too severely).

Monday, 28th of March 2016

(approximately, +- 2 minutes) 00:22h - 00:46h and 01:51h - 01:54h and 01:56 - 01:58h and 02:02h - 02:07h CEST: What I will need to do next is trying to write my biography (because this is the most urgent/pressing transparency need/issue). I am burdened (German: "belastet") with my past and I don't know where and how I should begin writing my biography (respectively amending/extending/complementing/continuing my biography because I have already begun earlier with it, see Lukas Girtanner's biography). I am burdened because I have done really really wrong things in the past, luckily with not much negative effect, but it still encumbers me. :-( I just hope that God forgives me and that I will not be judged, condemned or even ostracized/proscribed (too much) (by God respectively my fellow human beings) because of it. A lot of people make mistakes but mine were particularly grave... :-( OK, I was young, totally inexperienced and stupid, nobody told me how the world (and possibly God's justice) works, not person_2 or person_4 nor anybody else... :-( It is now more than 10 years ago that I did these serious mistakes (I did them between approximately late 2002 and summer of 2005), but I am aware that I still have to be careful and aware about not doing any (smaller) mistakes anymore... The voices that I am hearing keep telling me that I am still the same person that I were in my worst time, but I am not sure, I believe in God now (I am not completely sure that God exists, because science hasn't proven it, but if I had to decide if I believe in God or not, I would believe, this position/belief is called agnostic theism) and I am also afraid of God and I also have an ethic conscience (at least I hope so, despite still being not disciplined enough to abstain completely from eating meat), so I hope to never do any serious mistake anymore... The voices that I am hearing every second or third evening are also in line with good behavior, righteousness and listening to one's conscience, they are fortunately always telling me to do the right things (but they say that I still don't meet their very strict requirements and that I should struggle even more to be a good person (see further above on this page here where I described the voices a little bit)).

00:50h - 01:03h CEST: My fear of God is maybe at least a little bit at odds with my transhumanist belief that maybe, one day, humanity and its successors will possibly even "replace" God (and not only reach it / merge with it). Maybe, who knows, although it is probably not all too likely... But this is anyway a very theoretical thought with little relevance now because such an event/occurrence would lie extremely or even infinitely in the future (and the past, provided that time would be overcome which would be likely because being God would probably mean omnipotence). But the discrepancy between the two differing ideas (fear of God on the one hand, replacing God on the other hand) might make sense when one assumes that humanity and its successors will have not only unlimited/total mathematical knowledge and possibly even an existence as purely "mathematical entities", but also unlimited wisdom, benevolence and sense of justice. (Difficult to expect when seeing today's totally unnecessary conflicts and human stupidity and confinedness/boundedness/narrow-mindedness, I am not sure which is the right word for it. :-( )

01:04h - 01:09h CEST: And one really has to hope for wisdom, benevolence and sense of justice (should God be reached or even be replaced), because who wants to live as an immortal, incorporeal/bodiless "purely mathematical entity" and at the same time live in a world with less-than-perfect justice? Compared to this, even today's world and existence is much better because one has the possibility to die and rest in peace (provided there is no punishment in a possibly afterlife).

01:09h - 01:16h CEST: And by the way, the fact that we live in a less-than-perfect world might be a crucial indicator/sign that humanity will never reach a perfect state/society/God because otherwise, this "perfect" civilization might have long overdue changed this world here and "liberated" us (although, on the other hand, this world here could still be much worse, so, maybe, somebody (our successors?) did positively interfere with it). And what if we are just living in a gigantic simulation? What about parallel universes, with events/decisions constantly branching out? Maybe it is best to believe in not too complicated or speculative concepts/ideas and assume only what can be scientifically proven.

01:54h - 01:56h and 01:58h - 02:02h CEST: I just googled myself, as I have to confess (probably some kind of vanity or at least desire to be relevant, but I don't take it too seriously because what counts ultimately is not necessarily being well-known), in order to see where I am standing in terms of search engine visibility. I am not sure, but I seem to have lost relevance but this is also understandable given the fact that in the past years, a lot of other projects and initiatives for robotics with children have sprung up and created an online presence or reports about them were written and I at the same time didn't even write on this website here anymore for about two and a half years...

Tuesday, 29th of March 2016

00:35h - 01:09h and 01:35h - 01:41h and 21:56h - 21:58h CEST: Today (respectively already yesterday now), I was on my e-bike again and the weather was really sunny and warm. :-) (But the slight rain of yesterday (respectively the day before yesterday now) was also a very nice experience, especially when driving through the forest with slight rain.) Unfortunately, I have some knee pain now because I had to start driving on a steeply uphill road and the first two cycles/turns uphill were very strenuous for my knee because the pedal assist/boost started only slowly. And by the way, this time, I didn't see any conspicuous cars or anybody else who might have been there because of me... ;-) ;-) This time, I was able to take my old secondary mobile phone (number: +41 76 280 10 69, I will always take this phone from now on on my e-bike rides) with me on my e-bike ride and therefore didn't need person_2's mobile phone anymore. Other topic: My penfriend (respectively e-mail/Facebook penfriend) "X." (person_1) (his real first name initial is missing because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial) hasn't written an answer to my e-mail yet, so I have more time to do other things... I could write more here, but I will wait. I have been collecting and writing down a lot of ideas in the past days (and also earlier, for several years actually), but I think most or all of the most important ones are out now respectively they have been briefly covered/described/mentioned by now. But I have at least one other topic about which it is really time to write because it is an important part of my past: One of the reasons why I stopped writing in August 2013 was that in early 2013, I had made the acquaintance of (respectively started what could be called a "friendship" with) a very problematic guy (the first letter of his first name is R.) and realized it too late how difficult he is and struggled to slowly but steadily retreat from him and end the relationship with him without making him too angry. And I was lucky enough to succeed and completely retreat and disconnect from him! Whew/Phew!! :-) :-) I would have to check my SMS for when I had my last contact with him (I think it was sometime in late 2013), but I had already stopped writing here by then and was very stressed and also a little bit paralyzed and afraid because of him, so I needed some additional time before beginning to write here again (and then, there were other reasons like feeling very depressed and unmotivated/lethargic for why I didn't begin writing again). But back to this guy: I dreamed of him to today (now already yesterday) in my sleep in a mixture of fear and pity/affection, I remember that I even gave him a hug in the dream, so this was a good reason to finally mention him in this blog here... I also hope that he won't discover my new blog here, but he might accept that our relationship is finished even if he sees my new writing here. (I am also not sure if he understands English good enough to realize what I have been writing here, but I will publish my e-mails on this website here that have been written in (Standard) German and at least them, he would understand.) It is person_2 who is strictly against contacting this guy again, but even if person_2 would allow me to contact him again, I would have to make clear to him that if we have again contact, it would not the same as it once was, because I would have to set bounds/limits to him and to distance myself from him from the beginning when he tries to coerce me (which he latently did when we were still in contact). And it is also important for me in the future that I will not become too much friends with problematic people again and that I always set my limits early/immediately when somebody tries to coerce me. The contact that I had with this guy (and that is now ended) also shows that I still have to learn more about life and that even in 2013, as an already 33 year old person, I was astonishingly inexperienced and naive. :-( I hope I will be more wise in the future and not do such mistakes again... The reason why I got involved with this guy was that I was afraid of becoming homeless myself and I wanted to see how life is when you are at the brink of homelessness. Now, I am no longer too much afraid of my future (at least as far as my this-worldly existence is concerned, the afterlife is an entirely different case unfortunately...), so I can concentrate on what I can do here and now to try to improve the world and this is mainly writing on this page here and in the future also possibly more general Internet and political activism (writing e-mails, setting up other websites and domains, and so on).

01:32h - 01:35h and 01:42h - 02:04h CEST: By the way, I should not forget the importance of animals in the conditions of growing up for children: If children can be together and play with animals (together with robots too and possibly assisted by wearable technology like optical head-mounted displays), as often as possible also outdoors, they can learn a lot about life and respect, appreciation and love for/of other creatures and also be more fulfilled and happy (and learn more because robotics is more fun with curious animals). I am thinking of animals like mice, rats, bats, dogs/puppies, pigs/piglets and possibly also birds like tame ducks or geese or cave-dwelling birds and aquatic animals like dolphins or octopuses (I have probably forgotten some suitable animals, sorry for that). Maybe ferrets are interesting too (but then cats, which I don't like too much because they hunt rare amphibians and birds, might be considered suitable too, as long as they remain indoors and don't hunt outside). Important is that the animals all have enough space, in an ideal case, they would roam around freely in the entire buildings and it would also be possible to keep several different animal species in the same place (for example dogs, pigs, mice and bats (or rats instead of mice)). Also very important is that the people would have to watch their feet (and have to be barefoot because of this) in order to not to tread/trample on an animal accidentally (which probably happened in my case once, with my amazing mouse Salomé who didn't survive :-( :-( ). To put it in a nutshell: Get the animals, children need them! :-) And in an ideal case, children (and toddlers and babies) would continuously learn in learning environments that wouldn't distinguish anymore between a school setting and a family, the boundaries between school and family would no longer exist (the parents would be at least occasionally in the learning environments and the teachers (learning assistants) would be also at the places where the child's family is located, so, children could learn and play everywhere and constantly and begin with it already in their first weeks and months of life.

02:09h - 02:13h CEST: Continuation of the previous subsection: I just realized how important animals are generally and also for children when I returned home from my e-bike ride and encountered a duck that was very close to my bike and didn't go away, it was a little bit as if he was tame... (And yesterday (respectively the day before yesterday now), I encountered a Beagle (dog breed) who looked for a long time to me. (And the dead frog also reminded me of our human carelessness with animals. Not to speak about me still eating meat from amazing animals like pigs... :-( :-( :-( ) So, I realized again how important animals are.

21:48h - 21:55h CEST: Today, Mr. N., the assistance person from the psychiatric Spitex, came at 13:00h for one hour and Teresa, my household Spitex, came at 16:30 for one and a half hour. At the moment, I go to bed again very late, so the time when the psychiatric Spitex came was very early for me, I had to get up early (at 13:00h) which meant that I was tired the rest of the afternoon (when Teresa came) until I could rest in bed (but I probably couldn't fall fully asleep) a little bit between around 18:15h and maybe 19:30h. I am always taking my notes and hope that I will be able to publish everything as soon as possible (respectively not too late), even if it takes years.

22:02h - 22:18h and 23:44h - 23:47h and 23:56h CEST: By the way, today, person_2 found a small drawing on a blue slip of paper with two drawings (one is probably an animal, possibly a rabbit/hare), one on the front side, and one the back side, in her letterbox. Maybe it was a child from our neighborhood who put it into the letterbox. Or was it somebody else, possibly in connection with my writing here? Should the latter case be true, I just want to say that I (we) received the message and want to say thank you! :-) But I have one suggestion/proposal for improvement: Next time please draw a mouse, rat, bat, dog, pig, dolphin or octopus, because these animals are probably even more curious than rabbits/hares and fit even better in an learning environment with children/toddlers/babies and robots. ;-) I looked again at the blue slip of paper with the two drawings and one drawing is an unidentifiable object while the other is a creatures with legs and arms like a human but the head of a fantasy animal, maybe a rabbit/hare or an owl. Maybe it depicts an "Easter bunny" because in the past days, the people here celebrated the traditional Christian holiday of Easter.

23:47h - 23:55h and approximately 00:10h - 00:15h (the latter 2 time designations already on 30th of March 2016) CEST: And by the way, when checking the letterbox, I discovered a black newt in front of our main front/entry door. The newt didn't move at all although I approached it. Then, I went to get my mobile phone in order to take a picture and when I returned, the newt had unfortunately completely disappeared, so I couldn't take a picture of it... :-( I really love amphibians, they are my favorite animals (despite not being particularly curious, at least it is not visible/obvious to us humans) because they are so rare and endangered and still struggle to not to disappear from our planet... :-( It is horrible how roads with all their danger (danger of vehicles and human feet and the blocking/barrier effect of roads) intersect their habitat and how cats probably additionally hunt them and also that more and more ponds disappear because wild areas are in retreat... :-( When I saw the newt, I thought that maybe even God has sent it to this place (or the newt itself knew in advance that I was going to be there and it wanted to remind me of the amphibian's plight (By the way, we once had a frog within our house and I had to escort it out of the house; we have a pond in our garden.), no, I don't think that, it was just a coincidence but the idea is impressive/striking.). I again became aware that I am writing this page here and that I am actually living to give these endangered (I looked for the German word of "bedrängt", but couldn't find it) animals a voice and hope (although I am at the same time still eating meat which is horrible and a grave mistake, I am aware of that and feel always guilty).

Wednesday, 30th of March 2016

23:57h - 23:59h and 00:00h - 00:23h (the 2 latter time designations already on Thursday, 31th of March 2016) CEST: Today (Wednesday), I tidied my room with Teresa, went on an e-bike ride (that I had to conclude prematurely because the tire in the back had no air anymore; the tire had suddenly become completely flat after having driven on my usual forest road and I had to go directly to the bike mechanic) and talked several times with Christine on the phone. Christine by the way has found somebody in the psychiatric hospital/clinic where she is, it is a man that has almost the same age like her and whose origin is in Bosnia. She told me that she already went to walks with him, held hands with him and even kissed him (and that he is quite attractive). I just hope now that I won't lose her because we actually fit together very well and I can't imagine that she finds somebody who fits even better to her. And the bike mechanic to whom I went directly after discovering the flat tire, was astonished or didn't seem to like that I am almost everyday going on a bike ride now because he knows that I am not working (which is not entirely correct, because I am doing some work, especially my frequent help/tuition for my pupil) and maybe he thought that I am too lazy or don't deserve the leisure time within which I go on my bike rides. But the fact is that I am massively overweight (approximately 93 or 94 kilograms at a height of 174 or 175 meters) because of the very problematic medication that I have to take and that it is high time that I do at least some exercise. By the way, I am often forgetting what I actually wanted to do: I have a thought that I want to write down or do some other action and one second later, I have completely forgotten what I wanted to do/write :-(, which is very annoying because years ago (until horrible incident in September 2012 with exhaust fumes), my memory was still very good. :-( Today in the late evening, I have also seen that M. has written me a Facebook message after a break of about half a year, so I am really happy that she was finally able to answer me and that we could restart our contact! :-) :-) I will have to answer her message as soon as possible, that is to say in Swiss German. I will publish my answer message here (but of course not her message, unless she agrees which I don't think). I also have another Facebook message that was written more than a week ago that I finally have to answer, the name of this conversation partner is A.. Actually, such private messages are relatively inefficient because why not just write everything directly on this website here and just give the link to the correspondence partners? Maybe, I will handle it like that sometime in the future...

Thursday, 31st of March 2016

01:44h - 01:45h and (approximately +- 2 minutes) 01:54h - 02:10h and 00:23h - 00:24h CEST: I just created the page My Facebook, e-mail and SMS messages and added an internal link to it on the page User:Lukas Girtanner. I think it is very important to publish all messages because I want to as fully as possible comply with the ideal of total/radical, unconditional and automatic transparency (or "post-privacy") respectively advocate for it. But I also have to edit the messages before I publish them in order to guard the privacy of the person with whom I correspond and in order to prevent that their identity can be inferred from the message's content. I have also realized that it is advantageous to publish the messages promptly / in a timely manner because like that, I still know what I have written and I therefore know which passages to delete out of a particular message for privacy reasons. In an ideal case, I already focus on or keep in mind what to delete before publishing when I am in the train of writing the message.

21:06h - 21:17h CEST: Today, Teresa came for an hour (from 16:30h to 17:30h) and she and person_2 said to me that there are too many cardboard boxes in my room and that I have to remove them (possibly move them into my storage room in Wetzikon). Then, at approximately 18:10h or 18:15h, I went on a relatively short bike ride (this time with the old conventional bike of person_2, not an e-bike) and on 19:00h, my pupil A. already came and stayed until around 20:45h. And now, I found time to extend my wiki here a little bit... I also again realized the disadvantages of tests/exams in school and how important it would be for children to just play and move around (and also do pranks as part of that) instead of having to sit still on their chairs in front of their tables almost all the time. :-( A. also showed me a funny toy, it is called Rubik's cube and he was able to solve it quickly, while I had not idea how to solve it. And by the way, yesterday (or actually today, because it was past midnight), the voices came again and badgered/nagged me. :-(

Friday, 1st of April 2016

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