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Update (recent developments) as of April 2021 and January 2022

The following text (actually, it's just an update, reflecting recent developments) is from my latent entry on the Facebook group "Transhumane Partei der Schweiz - Parti Transhumaniste Suisse" (Transhumanist Party of Switzerland, which can be found under the following link: ):

Here is an update with recent global and local developments that are (in my opinion) relevant for the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland: (a multilingual global democracy project originating in Switzerland 👍🏻🍀🌈👀; it was added here on 22nd of January 2022, I discovered this very promising project in July 2021 on the Internet) (absolutely great, a truly amazing initiative, finally a permanent global citizens' parliament is being realized/implemented, I just discovered it today Thursday evening and I am so happy and relieved! :-) ) (promoting sortition) and (the Global Citizens' Assembly on Genome Editing) and and (have also a look at the videos on these two websites) (in French / en français / auf Französisch), (in German / en allemand / auf Deutsch), and (in English) and (in German / en allemand / auf Deutsch) (a UK political party, associated with Extinction Rebellion, that gives hope 🌈) (a very promising project/initiative where everyone can join/participate, let's just hope that enough people are interested in participating; I will happily, thankfully, enthusiastically and full of hope and relief join them in the coming days (still in mid-April 2021). :-) ) (already existing Swiss online platform for facilitating popular initiatives and referenda (direct democracy in Switzerland)) (in German / en allemand / auf Deutsch)

So, we need either citizens assemblies where the participants are chosen/selected by sortition from the general population (, as Extinction Rebellion proposes it, or (which would be even better in my opinion) several competing Internet-based virtual parliaments where everyone who has access to a device with an Internet connection can freely participate (on all levels, from local to global / a United Nations constituted by ordinary people/citizens over the Internet).

Nous avons donc besoin soit d'assemblées de citoyennes et citoyens où les participant·e·s sont choisi·e·s / sélectionné·e·s par tirage au sort parmi la population générale (, comme le propose Extinction Rebellion, soit (ce qui serait encore mieux à mon avis) de plusieurs parlements virtuels concurrents sur Internet auxquels tous celles/ceux qui ont accès à un appareil avec une connexion Internet peuvent participer librement (à tous les niveaux, du local au mondial / une Organisation des Nations Unies constituée par des gens ordinaires / citoyennes et citoyens sur Internet).

Was jetzt notwendig wäre, wäre entweder eine Bürger*innen-Versammlung mit Auswahl per Losverfahren (wie dies Extinction Rebellion vorschlägt) oder aber (und das würde ich noch besser finden) mehrere miteinander konkurrierende Internet-basierte virtuelle Parlamente (eine E-Democracy), wo alle Bürger*innen Zeit- und Orts-unabhängig frei teilnehmen könnten (sofern sie ein Internet-fähiges Zugangsgerät haben), und zwar von lokal bis global.

Also very important is of course that children, toddlers and babies can learn empathy, altruism, cooperation, helping, peacefulness, egalitarianism, compassion and love for all creatures (also with the inclusion of curious animals in the learning environments) and also mathematics, computer science, software development, game development, electrical engineering and robotics (with the robots, the kids can move a lot, also as often as possible outside) and also as many languages as possible (baby sign language, parallel language learning and computational linguistics) and musical instruments playing, music composing and songwriting, everything from the earliest possible age (if possible from birth) and with as advanced as possible technology (learning by using but also by developing/improving that technology), including virtual reality (VR) and even more importantly augmented reality (AR), which will hopefully become available for everyday use soon.

A French and a German translation of these ideas here about learning environments will follow. What I also realized: By now, some of the content on this website here has become increasingly redundant, I am obviously getting old, running out of new ideas after having said everything/most... ;-) (Of course, information and communication technology will still progress which will bring new learning opportunities and innovative and also novel ways of learning for kids.) So, because of me increasingly running out of new ideas, it is probably time for me to connect more with other people over the Internet if/when I have free time. And I need to improve not only my language skills, but also my IT skills in order to get a meaningful job one day...

And an Italian translation of the whole section here will hopefully follow too. Spero che seguirà una traduzione in italiano.

Kind regards

Lukas Girtanner

Last updated on Friday, 16th of April 2021 at 06:21h CEST and on Saturday, 22nd of January 2022 at 14:53h and 15:11h CET and on Tuesday, 25th of January 2022 at 12:29h, 12:31h, 12:33h and 14:48h CET.

My current German-language platform / Deutschsprachige Seite

20th of October 2019: For a relatively brief summary of my ideas in my mother tongue German, see here: Meine Ideensammlung auf Deutsch. For my ideas in English, just continue reading on this page here, you wìll find them further below.

Important update: My new video log / vlog + I discovered the Church of Mathematics

2018-11-22: Please have also a look at my YouTube channel at . Sorry for the cryptic link, but my YouTube vlog/videologging channel/videos can be found really under this link. And there are a lot of current/new videos where I provide updates about my present/current situation, thoughts, ideas and feelings.

2019-01-21: In November 2018, I also discovered the website which I really recommend to visit, it is a truly amazing initiative (a religion of mathematics) and it was high time that someone started it. :-)

My most important policies/ideas / Meine wichtigsten Policies

The text describing all these policies will be used (transferred via copy-paste) for the website of the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland as soon as I have time to create the website there. And I will also have to add internal links for every keyword found/written in this (rather big) section.

Ultra-early learning for children, toddlers and babies


Children should learn from the earliest possible age (directly after birth and partially even before birth) the STEM subjects (mathematics, engineering, technology and the natural sciences) and as many natural languages (and musical instruments) as possible that should be as different/distinct/diverse as possible.

Learning the STEM subjects from birth

The most important idea is that children have the opportunity to learn mathematics and the engineering sciences (and especially programming/coding and software development) and the laws of nature (natural sciences) from birth and always in a exploratory, playful, creative and individually-adapted way. Thanks to the pervasive inclusion of robots into these learning environments beginning at birth, the babies, toddlers and kids are able to play and learn outside and always move around which is far better than today's classrooms with its teacher-centered teaching in closed buildings without having the opportunity to move around. Furthermore, thanks to the moving and physical nature of the robots, animals can be included in the play of the children, toddlers and babies which adds a lot of fun and the children have the opportunity to appreciate the amazing qualities of various kind of animals. Various kind/species of animals are curious enough and like to interact with humans/children, other animals and robots (and don't eat too much meat themselves which is also important): In my opinion, especially suitable for this kind of play/interaction would be rats, mice, dogs/puppies, pigs/piglets, bats (that should preferably be / have been brought up tame, but still be able to fly around outside of their home, possibly with specially developed robots), chickens (which should be kept anyway in the homes for egg production) and octopuses (which should be kept in large tanks/pools/basins where the children can swim). (Note that cattle and donkeys/mules would also be around in or near family homes.) Furthermore, the children and specially developed robots could interact with the very curious and gentle wild dolphins and their offspring/babies in the sea too (dolphins shouldn't live captive because they need to swim far distances). In the interaction with these animals, the robots would move in a particular way that is adapted as much as possible to the play of the animal, and the robots would also emit smells, sounds (including ultrasound) and lights, so that the animals could move around on or play with the robots from the earliest possible age. Also very important is the inclusion of advanced learning technologies like computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and now also increasingly smartglasses (especially optical head-mounted displays) and virtual reality headsets (and also mixed reality and augmented reality) from the earliest possible age. The goal must be that the children learn as early as possible as much mathematical knowledge as possible.

Additional note: Unfortunately, the word "S" for "science" (in the acronym "STEM") doesn't distinguish between the natural sciences and the social "sciences" (and possibly not even the humanities) (at least not in the Wikipedia article). In my opinion, social "science" and the humanities should be excluded from any STEM-related/focused learning because they are to conservative at the moment. For more information, see Are the social sciences and humanities too conservative?.

Websites/Initiatives/Documents/Technology/Robots about/for IT education

Last updates of this (sub)section here:

  • On Wednesday, 26th of January 2022 at 20:12h and 22:09h CET
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  • On Friday, 28th of January 2022 at 16:19h and 20:48h CET
  • On Thursday, 17th of February 2022 at 07:53h CET

More on early childhood learning opportunities and educational technologies + Learning as many natural languages as possible from birth (and before birth)

Note of 28th and 29th of January 2022 and 1st of February 2022: This section here about early parallel natural language learning needs to be shortened (especially where I discuss/mention individual languages or language families), and a link should be provided to a separate page where I discuss early parallel natural language learning in more detail and also individual natural languages and language families/groups because the most important area of learning is of course mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, robotics and the other STEM sciences like physics, chemistry, biology and genetics. That doesn't mean early parallel natural language learning is not important, especially since providing the opportunity to learn as much as possible of the STEM sciences to a very young child (maybe even an infant or even a not-yet-born fetus in the future) is very challenging given today's still very limited robotic and augmented reality technology, while learning and teaching natural languages at this age is (still) much easier. (See also my Parallel Language Learning playlist on YouTube with which I am at the moment learning as a now 42 years old: ) But the future will hopefully bring technologies (more suitable robots, augmented reality and neural/brain implants even more in the future) with which it will be possible to learn especially the STEM sciences during all stages of development, including the pre-natal stage. At the moment at least learning technologies like smartphones and tablet computers with touchscreens, laptops (that will hopefully all have touchscreens soon too), smartwatches and virtual reality headsets are available and they are also increasingly used also by very young kids while the most important emerging technologies for the first months and years of learning are augmented reality glasses/headsets and educational robots that are adapted to the way children who are not yet able to walk or crawl are eager to learn. Crucial is also to always let the child (regardless of its age) decide what it wants to do, our role as adults should be only to provide different learning opportunities that should be as diverse as possible. Also moments of idleness, rest or boredom are OK if the child prefers it over a learning activity. And especially at a (very) young age, forming bonds and reliable, nurturing and loving relationships to our fellow living creatures is decisive and no activity with advanced technology should interfere in a detrimental way with bonding and the development of attachment and relationships. Additional note from 29th of January 2022 at 14:22h (14:35h) CET: The first version of the text here that I wrote yesterday was written in a hasty way and not improved immediately afterwards because of a lack of time, I had to improve it one day later, please see also my blog entry of/for the 28th of January 2022: (end of the note of 28th/29th of January 2022 and 1st of February 2022)

"Parallel language learning" / long expression: "Multimodal parallel natural language learning": Before birth, every child should have the opportunity to listen to the language(s)/dialect(s) that the mother of the unborn speaks anyway during her pregnancy and additionally English and Chinese/Mandarin (and music that the mother of the unborn likes to listen to). English and Mandarin would be provided through sound exposure, but such a sound exposure of a still unborn child would have to be accompanied/monitored scientifically in order to make sure the parents are not too ambitious with their sound exposure (in terms of volume / pitch / sound level, duration and frequency of the sound exposure) because the reaction and well-being of an unborn is more difficult to assess than that of an infant. But immediately after birth, a globally partially standardized system of "parallel language learning" could and should give the infant/baby the opportunity to learn as many as approximately 12 natural languages by exposing the infant/baby to these languages being spoken parallelly (in rapid succession after each other, translating the meaning from one language into the other(s)) and a little bit later (approximately from age 2) 12+ additional languages. When there is enough time in the daily life, all 24+ languages should be played/spoken after each other in rapid succession (the same meaning translated to 24+ languages with always the same order). 3 criteria for the inclusion and priority of languages to be learned from the earliest possible age exist:

  • first criterion: number of speakers of a language
  • second criterion: membership of the various languages in as different/diverse as possible language groups/families, covering as many global language groups/families as possible. The idea behind this criterion is that if you already know one language of a particular group/family, you can learn other languages of the same group or subgroup with increased ease.
  • third criterion: cultural/historical/religious significance for one's own heritage

One example (for a typical newborn person/baby in Switzerland with both parents speaking Swiss German as their mother tongue, as it was the case with me) would be (with decreasing priority): Swiss German, Mandarin/Chinese, English, Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic), Spanish, Hindustani/Hindi-Urdu (Modern Standard Hindi respectively Modern Standard Urdu), Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, Malay/Indonesian, Tamil, Portuguese, Bengali, Italian, Turkish, Persian/Farsi, Vietnamese, Thai, Modern Greek (Dimotiki), Modern Hebrew (Ivrit), Tagalog/Filipino, Swahili and Standard German. There are possibly more languages to be learned, see here). These are only 24 languages (in the preceding list) and these should be possible to be learned from birth if the learning/exposure begins immediately after birth in a sophisticated way. Why these languages? In case of the languages with top priority, it is clear why they should be learned first: Because of their very high number of speakers. Important is that languages from very different languages families are learned with high priority and the list above reflects that (because of that, Chinese and Arabic have a high priority over the other Indo-European languages). In case of the less known languages, these are the reasons for learning them too: Tamil because it is spoken by quite a lot of people, it has religious/cultural significance and most importantly it represents the 4 relatively large Dravidian languages and it has an own alphabet. Bengali is included because of its number of speakers and own alphabet, Turkish because at least one member of the Turkic/Altaic language group/family should be included, Persian because it is spoken by quite a lot of people and the only member of the Iranian languages, Vietnamese because it also spoken by quite a lot of people and the only representative of the Austroasiatic languages, Thai because it is also spoken by quite a lot of people and the only representative of the Tai-Kadai languages and Tagalog/Filipino because it is the second Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) language after Indonesian that is spoken by quite a lot of people. And finally, Swahili because at least one African language should also be learned by everyone since Sub-Saharan Africa needs to be represented too and Swahili can serve as a representative of the Niger-Congo (respectively in more narrow terms Bantu) languages. Italian (the main successor of Latin), Greek and Hebrew are included in the list because of their cultural/historical/religious significance for a person with (Christian) Swiss heritage. Another issue are the Dutch language and the Slavic languages besides Russian (like Polish for example), but I think that if you are able to speak English and German respectively Russian (and many other languages) well enough, the other Germanic respectively Slavic languages are relatively easy to learn. Also clear is that the first languages/dialects to be learned are those of one's own family in order to preserve linguistic diversity for the future.

It is clear that not all these languages can be learned perfectly in the course of one life by most people (except if you are really talented, because of that, eugenics, augmented learning/reality and later brain-machine-implants/-interfaces will be very important in the future in order to bring everyone to the same level and speed up language learning massively). What is important is that people have at least some basic understanding and that they know the languages first in the list very well (the first 3 ones with near-perfection). The idea is that the parents (and all other people and also robots) talk continuously with the baby/child while the baby/child is awake (by talking as many languages as possible after each other, beginning with the languages with the highest priority), so that all the time when the brain still has its maximum flexibility/plasticity/neoteny (and this is when the child is youngest) is used for learning as many and as diverse languages as possible and of course also mathematics/robotics/computing (the latter is even more important than learning as many diverse natural languages as possible).

Especially (but not only!) the languages that are learned as part of parallel language learning should be processed and analyzed with the methods of computational linguistics and especially machine translation and the children would participate in it as part of language and computational linguistics software development learning. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) should be learned in connection to all languages from a very early age so that it can increasingly serve as a universal writing system and for programming the robots / software systems. Important is to be aware that every family would have a different selection/order of languages and the globally developed software/robot systems would have to be flexible enough to adjust to the language needs of every family, so a lot more than just 20 languages would have to be available preferably. It is also clear that when a child is learning 12+ languages from birth (all languages in the aforementioned list until (and including) Tamil) and 12+ additional languages a little bit later (still from an early age), the child will probably mix the languages to a certain degree when talking during childhood, but one can expect that at the age of 20 or 30, the languages could be kept/told apart / distinguished sufficiently.

On 2022-02-09, I wrote the following new text about Parallel Language Learning.

Very important is also that babies and toddlers have the opportunity to learn the baby sign language in order to communicate not just by spoken language, but also by manual signs, even before they are able to speak. And of course, every baby, toddler and child should have the opportunity to breastfeed from her/his mother as long as possible because this makes a baby, toddler and child healthy and happy.

One should also not forget that the most important languages to be learned are the languages of the various animals (singing birds, dolphins and whales, rats and mice, bats, dogs, etc.), and not only in terms of audible/discernible sounds, but all thoughts and feelings (in all animals), and humans should invest every effort in learning to understand and speak these languages, and more generally to communicate with as many animals as possible on an equal level, preferably by telepathy/thought in the more far future.

Learning musical instruments, composing, dancing and singing as early as possible

Also important is that the children learn as many different musical instruments as possible (I recommend piano, guitar, violin, trumpet and possibly drums) as a good mix between modern and traditional instruments), accompanied by software that slows down the (background) music which is important when one is practicing playing the instrument. A special emphasis should be placed also on learning how to compose respectively how to write songs. And the kids should also have the opportunity to dance often enough (various dancing styles; dancing is very suitable for the inclusion of robots too) and sing (especially when they are talented and/or like it). Other performing arts like theater can also be done (of course also with the inclusion of robots), but I don't recommend activities like (improvisational) theater for too often (this is just my own opinion/preference), although it might be an interesting activity in the more distant future when robots are/behave increasingly intelligent spontaneously / on their own.

Stop learning in an outdated way!

All other subjects should be abolished, especially horribly outdated things like rote learning or learning "factual" knowledge from the humanities or social "sciences" by heart. And languages that are no longer spoken but were important in the past (for example Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Pali, Latin, Quranic/Classical Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, Avestan, Classical Chinese, Classical Tibetan, Akkadian, etc., see also here) should also no longer be learned (at least not at a (too) young age when the learning resources need to be invested in modern languages and most importantly the STEM subjects). At the same time, old/ancient languages can still be analyzed as part of computational linguistics and machine translation (see the section above) at a relatively early age. In the more distant future, such old languages will be spoken again anyway because of ultra-advanced cognitive abilities of people.

My educational values / basic beliefs

Alternative (much/significantly longer) title: "My educational values / basic/core/fundamental beliefs/assumptions about learning environments"

For me, it is very important to be as socially and technologically progressive as possible. Because of that, I really advocate to give kids maximal liberty and opportunities to learn from birth (and partially even before birth). When it comes to a child's right to not be limited when learning mathematics, software development, natural languages, musical instruments, moving around outside and interacting with animals from birth, one shouldn't make any compromise: Only an education that limits the child as little as possible is good enough. Also very important is to implement the values of progressive education, which means that children can decide together with the adults/parents/teachers what and how they learn, that they can learn intrinsically-motivated, in an as diverse way as possible (use a wide variety of activities to learn) and in groups of various sizes with students with different backgrounds and ages. For other older approaches with still valid values, see also here and here. And see also here, here, here, here and here).

As with all of my proposals, the population should decide how our education system and learning environments should be reformed, see E-democracy.

Mathematics as one state religion

The belief in mathematics and the abilities of the humans (united with all animals and possibly extraterrestrials in the future) for an infinite and finally omniscient pursuit of mathematics should become one of the state religions, possibly with other religions that complement the belief in mathematics.

The belief in mathematics, also known as "mathematicism" or "mathematism" (together / in conjunction with agnostic theism or agnostic atheism), should be regarded as the successor of all traditional monotheistic religions (particularly Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahá'í and Druze), but not necessarily other religions (like for example the religions of South, Southeast and East Asia like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Daoism) that offer an explanation of the world that is (at least partially) different from mathematicism which is important/crucial/vital in order to preserve the ideological and religious diversity within humanity.

As with all of my (other) proposals, the population should decide what kind of role mathematics should play in our society/civilization, see E-democracy.

Believe in God

Even much more fundamental, crucial, necessary and vital than the believe in mathematics is the believe in God (respectively in the female energy/representation of God), the one and only eternal and infinitely loving and probably (and hopefully ultimately) forgiving and merciful principle and the creator of everything including the universe. It's not possible to reach a purely mathematized existence (and possibly not even an existence as (distributed) elementary particles) without the believe and help of God. (Amendment of Saturday, 2nd of September 2023, approx. 11:15h and 11:30h in the psychiatric clinic Schlössli in Oetwil am See)

What is wrong with this section? It is still indicated as "Deprecated" twice? Is it that God only forgives after an adequate punishment and never earlier? (11:37h CEST / Schlössli time)?

Further amendment at 13:55h-13:58h Schlössli time.

13:58h: A miracle has happened: The Deprecated message disappeared!


The long overdue introduction of e-democracy is the most important idea in terms of a traditional policy dedicated to the political system as we know it: The introduction of a true democracy. Because of that, I try to give my ideas and vision in the consultancy process of the local population for the new Municipal Code (municipal constitution) of Pfäffikon ZH, see here.

Dies ist die wichtigste Idee überhaupt im Sinne einer klassischen Politik-Theorie. Genau darum engagiere ich mich nun auch in meiner Wohngemeinde Pfäffikon ZH für E-Democracy, siehe Totalrevision der Gemeindeordnung von Pfäffikon ZH.

The population should decide everything directly online thanks to Internet-based technology/software, there should be no elected representatives anymore at all. All parliaments, governments and courts should be transitioned into a decision-mechanism that is Internet-based and used by the population itself. Like that, all decisions would have the highest possible legitimacy. Such a software platform would be employed/used on all levels of political constituencies: locally, regionally, nationally, continentally and globally, possibly first being tested at the local level and if successful migrated/adopted on the next higher level, until the a global e-democracy would be reached. In the context of a global e-democracy, see also this interesting Wikipedia article about a proposed global, but unfortunately still conventional parliament. For more about a global democracy and in addition to the link before, see also here, here, here, here and here, but be aware that (probably) none of these external links mentions/includes/discusses the idea of a (global) e-democracy, the idea is obviously still too new.

It is also no problem that in a totally transparent e-democracy, the principle of secret ballot will be abolished because like that, radical and automatic transparency can be insured. And it is this same radical and automatic transparency in overall society that ensures that any attempt by any political group to influence or even intimidate the population in order to influence the outcome of votes would be detected and stopped immediately by the population from the outset.

Links to other websites promoting e-democracy

Ultrasound and brain implants

Ultrasound communication should be introduced between humans in order to speed up the communication process. And as soon as possible also direct telepathy with the help of brain implants for communication.

Animals living as members with equal rights in every household

Humans should no longer kill and eat animals, only naturally deceased animals should be eaten.

Animals (including/especially rats and mice) should be allowed to roam freely in every building (like the robots). The animals should be allowed to live together with the humans in the same place as equal companions and partners, animals should no longer be confined to cages and terrariums/terraria. Out of thoughtfulness and as a precautionary measure, the humans should walk barefoot inside the buildings. All buildings should have a floor that can be cleaned easily (because of the poop of the animals). As soon as humans and animals can communicate via technical aids (ultrasonic translators) and at a later stage even directly with brain implants, the animals (especially rats and mice) should be allowed to roam also outside of buildings because they will find their way back.

For a beautiful YouTube channel about animals and the love they give to us humans, see for example 💝 My vision is also that the animals are free to roam wherever they want and that they choose their friendships with whoever they want (friendships with other animals, humans and plants (and robots?)). 🌈

Further topics/issues/ideas

  • The principle/philosophy of deep ecology should be the guiding principles of all human action. Deep ecology and the pursuit of mathematics.
  • Development of one (or preferably several competing) UMISes (Universal Mathematical Information System(s))
  • Massive/Significant increase of societal esteem/prestige (and possibly pay) for cutting-edge mathematicians. Mathematicians discovering new mathematical truths/knowledge are vital for the future of humanity and a role model for everybody. People who have studied mathematics and are no longer in mathematical research should not be teachers, but do other work and/or participate in the development of mathematical tuition software (so that the students can learn according to their individual level/state of knowledge) and/or the UMISes.
  • Radical/Automatic transparency for everybody (because the all humans are/form/constitute the government of the planet and governments should be transparent), so privacy is no longer needed, everything should be known automatically (be visible/accessible via the Internet) so that a radically, automatically and unconditionally open and honest society can flourish. Encryption should only be used for authentication purposes. But there is one exceptions: Political activists in totalitarian and authoritarian societies (that unfortunately still exist nowadays) should still have the chance to use encryption, especially for their communication. What we need now is trust between people (interpersonal trust), that people are tolerant enough to bear (German: "aushalten") the situation that everything is known for/from everybody and to respect and tolerate each other in all their differences and uniqueness. (This issue will probably be moved to a separate section above because it is one of the main issues.)
  • All software, software platforms, operating systems and algorithms must become free and open source. Patents and intellectual "property" should expire much more quickly or be abolished altogether because people who discover or develop technology would have developed/discovered it anyway (out of idealism or intrinsic motivation) and still can make a living by offering services and/or by collecting voluntary donations/allowances and/or by receiving an unconditional basic income (for the latter see also further below), therefore not being dependent on income from proprietary software (platforms) or patents.
  • Struggle against climate change / global warming
  • Animal rights for all animals and not just a few! Possibly also equal rights for plants and other organisms (like bacteria)
  • All refugees welcome everywhere, full freedom of movement, traveling, living and working for everybody! And even if that means that in the highly developed countries there will be millions of newcomers, it still must be possible.
  • LGBTIQ*A+ rights everywhere in all realms/aspects of society and law (finally!)
  • Struggle against and outlawing any kind/form/type of discrimination, especially discrimination based on species (by far the worst kind of discrimination!), race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, ethnicity, nationality, place of origin, religion, age, mental disability, physical disability, mental illness, physical illness, intelligence, social skills, language abilities, and external appearance (especially height, weight, facial properties, muscularity, etc.).
  • No nuclear power plants anymore, they are far too risky. :-( And even if they were not risky, the disposal of the waste they produce is still too complicated and costly.
  • No (harmful) agricultural chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides anymore! Only organic farming, small-scale agriculture and permaculture should still be allowed.
  • Say no, no, and again no to any kind of so called "geoengineering" / "climate engineering"! This is simply mad and only massively worsens the situation. Only reducing fossil fuel consumption as much and as quickly as possible helps to limit the damage already done to the planet. And then, maybe trying to reverse climate change by natural means (plants for example, if necessary and safe also genetically engineered plants), not "geoengineering", might lead to a partial reversal of the damage.
  • Use new clean technology, don't use old, environmentally harmful technology, especially if it is not absolutely necessary!
  • Technological solutions/innovations to environmental problems might be beneficial in some cases and might help to save the planet, but people also need to renounce any consumption or activity that harms the environment and that is not absolutely necessary. Not everything that could be done/consumed should be done/consumed!
  • Free education vouchers for everybody, the parents should be free to select the education that they want for their children and the government should provide them vouchers so that they can choose. Learning environment providers (now still in the form of educational institutions like day care centers, preschools, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities) should compete with each other, there should be a free market of learning environment providers.
  • Participation of parents in education / learning environments, especially in the kid's first years
  • Promoting and preserving babyishness (German: "Babyhaftigkeit") of toddlers, children, adolescents and adults and animals is also very important / crucial.
  • Sufficiently long (at least one and a half years fully and 3-4 years partially) maternity leave and equally long paternity leave
  • Voting rights for adolescents and maybe also (older) children and possibly life-expectancy-adjusted voting power (less voting power for old people; the more old you are, the less voting power you have, but I am aware that this is a really controversial/contentious issue (do a search for "life-expectancy-adjusted voting (power)" or "(less) voting (power) for older/elderly/old (people)")
  • Broadband conduit deployment act (have/install empty pipes/tubes in reserve) for all road and railroad projects worldwide. And preferably, empty pipes in reserve should not be located beneath roads and railroads (especially when they are newly constructed), but next/adjacent to them (which requires a little bit of extra space).
  • As part of general radical transparency, also/especially the information about public and private infrastructure (for example (but not only) telecommunications infrastructure/networks/cables/transmitters and empty pipes under (rail)roads) should be public in every detail, so that it can be improved/optimized continuously with the participation of everybody.
  • Creation of ISPs controlled/managed by the population itself / e-democracy.
  • Public infrastructure and standards for car-to-network and car-to-car communication (see here, here, here and here). It is urgent that all (motorized) traffic is guided/controlled automatically by a public infrastructure and no longer by the people in/on the vehicles themselves! And for that, politics has to introduce one (or several competing) global standard(s)!
  • Favor/Promote environmentally friendly transport like walking on food, by (e-)bike or with a donkey/mule. Require/Force motorized vehicles to drive slowly enough whenever it is appropriate (for example in traffic-calmed areas with precedence for pedestrians). Support/Encourage (the development of) self-driving cars/vehicles by co-developing a global standard with industry. Outlaw rapid acceleration and deceleration (the latter unless when necessary). Make it possible to remotely drive or stop a vehicle.
  • Stop toxic exhaust fumes and noise everywhere!
  • International and intercontinental network of railroads and ship travel and at the same time prohibition of unnecessary (which means most!) flights
  • Stop animal testing where animals are hurt/injured (only ultra-thin brain implants should be tested in a way that the animals don't suffer or lose any abilities)
  • No food waste anymore! Flexible, intelligent and fully transparent handling of expiration dates (German: "Ablaufdatum") on food and making it clear to people that they can eat also old/expired food as long as it is still tasty.
  • Sharing is caring! (food, cars/vehicles, accommodation, electronic devices, etc.)
  • Recycle and reuse everything in an intelligent way. Develop sophisticated recycling technologies (including robots who sort out all rubbish). Stop planned obsolescence! Develop standards for devices (for example chargers).
  • Establish a network of electric recharging points / charging stations for electric cars, electric motorcycles and electric bicycles everywhere!
  • Genetic improvement (intelligence, health, social skills, sensitivity, kindness, altruism / ability and willingness to cooperate and help, empathy, compassion, sense of/for reality, honesty, openness, appearance), especially for humans (genetic engineering / eugenics / gene editing).
  • Unconditional basic income for everybody; or at least unconditional vouchers for everybody for all basic needs/necessities like food, shelter, heating, medical treatment and Internet/telephony access
  • Vegetarianism or even veganism (in case chickens and cows still cannot be kept in an animal-friendly and decentralized way at the home of the people) or fruitarianism
  • Encourage travel and transport by slow means like (electric) bicycles or donkeys/mules instead of cars. Or trains and ships instead of planes.
  • Give animals and especially slow land-based animals the opportunity to cross roads and railway lines safely.
  • Riverbanks (German: "Flussufer") should be renaturated/rewilded in as many places as possible and marshes/swamps deserve special protection, like rainforests and coral reefs too!
  • Introduction of the trigesimal (base 30) numeral system instead of the so far globally dominant/prevalent decimal numeral system because the number 30 contains the first 3 prime numbers (2, 3 and 5, see also here) and not just the first (2) and the third (5) prime number as it is unfortunately the case with the (because of that very limited) decimal numeral system. Furthermore, 30 different digits can still be written with the already existing alphanumeric characters and it is not too large to still being suitable enough to memorize the 30 different digits. At the same time, also other numeral systems should be used in learning environments and daily life in order to acquire/train cognitive/numeral/mathematical flexibility. Especially the dozenal numeral system seems/appears interesting too with longstanding/longtime advocacy for it. In the more distant future, the numeral system can change from base 30 to base 210 in order to include the prime number 7 (210 = 2 * 3 * 5 * 7). And even more in the future, the numeral systems can/could/might incorporate more and more prime numbers (11, 13, and so on). (This demand/issue might have to be moved to a separate page (Numeral systems diversity) because it has become too long for this list here. The topic will not be moved as a separate section to the top of this page here because it is not fundamental enough.)
  • Economic policies: Public goods and services should not be privatized, it makes no sense economically. Introduction of congestion pricing for vehicles and higher ticket prices during peak/rush hours in public transport (unless you are poor and have a needs-proof / means test (German: "Bedürfnisnachweis")). And very important: Price discrimination (charge rich/wealthy people more when they are buying goods and services) should be allowed and encouraged and become ubiquitous.
  • Economic democracy (democracy within private companies) might have to be introduced too with software that is similar to the e-democracy software.
  • Support for global currencies, as long as all transactions are fully transparent in real-time.
  • Abolition/Abolishment of cash money and introduction of a cashless society with fully transparent digital money / electronic money.
  • Continuous travel/work/leisure: Weekends, holidays and vacations should be abolished (except of Labor Day / May Day / 1st of May (the latter in Europe and other places) which could be kept at least for the near future). People should work and travel and relax at the same time, not on separate occasions and outdated/artificial/traditional boundaries between work and leisure time should be abolished. Businesses should run and stores should be open 7 days a week. Anyway / In any case, I advocate slow and environmentally friendly continuous travel through the whole world (in an ideal case on foot, by bike or with a donkey/mule), so that after several decades, the whole world (rainforests, coral reefs, beaches, lakes, mountains, cities) can be visited, but in a slow and an environmentally friendly way.
  • Full rights and appreciation for/of the Romani (Sinti and Roma) people: Instead of still being marginalized or even discriminated by society/politics (at least in Europe), they should/must be role models for everybody because of their nomadic / non-sedentary lifestyle: Everybody should begin to live a nomadic lifestyle because this is the original way of living of humanity which enhances cognitive flexibility.
  • Free global trade, no country-based/national barriers anymore for trade, no customs duties anymore. Instead laws that ensure that trade is (like everything else) fully transparent and environmentally and socially sustainable (for example no transport by airplane unless it is absolutely necessary). Free access to the (like everything else fully transparent) stock market for everybody, no fees imposed by banking institutions anymore. (But I have to say that maybe sometime in the future, stock markets and capitalism as we know them now might also have to be changed/transformed fundamentally with the help of deliberation and decision-making software (probably as part of the decision making in the e-democracy) because capitalism and stock markets cause too much environmental destruction and social inequality in their present form.)
  • Outlawing/Banning/Abolishing printing on paper and sending physical letters unless it is absolutely necessary (for example when writing a hand-written letter or for art purposes)
  • Introduction of a digital identity and a unique global identifier (a number containing the exact birth moment and exact birth place of a person and possibly biometric and/or DNA-based information since names are not reliable enough) for every citizen that is automatically used/tied in/to every electronic event/transaction/artifact
  • Creating biometric and DNA-based profiles for everyone in order to maximize transparency and accountability in society
  • Replacing traditional police, law enforcement and intelligence collecting forces by transparency monitoring/enforcing rights and duties conducted by all members of the population: Right to inquire everywhere and everybody and checking if somebody fully complies with transparency rules (only if e-democracy is in place and the government is formed by the population in order to avoid abuse of power by the government)
  • Genetic engineering of plants, but only in the context of organic farming and if adverse effects on wild nature can be ruled out in advance with sufficient certainty
  • Partial liberalization (medicalization) of drug use (especially nootropic drugs). Everybody should be able to get a prescription for any drug/substance if it makes sense medically or if it is for a recreational purpose with no significant damage to expect. Trying out drugs/substances should be legalized if the initial dose is low and dose is increased only slowly. All users of problematic substances should write or record a personal diary and be regularly tested/assessed neuropsychologically in order to make transparent the effects of use of problematic substances so that everybody can inquire about the effects before trying out substances. If drug use in society gets out of hand/control and has negative effects on society because of these partial liberalization measures (which is unlikely since people don't want to negatively affect their health), drug use should become more restricted again.
  • Social "sciences", humanities, law and business administration (with the exception of economics) should no longer be part of publicly funded universities, these fields should be privatized because they are not objective enough and attract only conservatively-thinking people especially when being part of publicly funded universities. Only the mathematical, engineering and natural sciences (and medicine, economics and quantitative fields of psychology) should be part of publicly funded universities.
  • Phasing out subsidies for art institutions and artists. Everybody should get an unconditional basic income, so it is no longer necessary to fund artists additionally in order to prevent precarious living conditions.
  • People (especially students/children) should no longer be required to learn facts by heart. This makes no sense at all in an age of ubiquitous opportunities to obtain information with (also highly portable) devices. Instead, the people should learn how to develop and improve expert system software. This must be the case especially in the fields of medicine and law where students unfortunately still have to learn a lot by heart in a completely useless and outdated way. The only area of medicine where some forms of traditional tuition (in order to acquire a sufficient amount of readily available internal knowledge) is still necessary is medical surgery because it is time-critical. Because of the potential of expert systems, the profession of medical doctor (with the exception of medical surgeons) or lawyer / attorney / legal expert should be liberalized so that everybody can work in this field.
  • Abolish summer time / daylight saving time
  • Create one single global standard for electric plugs, voltages and frequencies (in common/ordinary households / domestic environments) and rules of the road
  • Much more support for citizen science and data (big data) analysis by the population, and this doesn’t necessarily mean funding, but appreciation (German: "Wertschätzung")
  • All suburban and rural areas that surround a city should be politically/administratively integrated into the city itself. Cities should comprise their whole metropolitan area and beyond, which means their whole hinterland. Rural communities should lose their political autonomy because only a very large city is able to conduct (an) efficient (by economies of scale) and at the same time politically progressive administration/politics. States/Provinces/Cantons should be merged with these mega-cities (city plus its influence sphere) so that states/provinces/cantons are merged in(to) these mega-cities.
  • Houses and buildings generally should be covered by plants (grass and preferably bushes and trees too). The rooftops and walls should be designed in a way that plants can grow on them, especially (but not only) when new buildings are designed/built. If buildings are renovated, plants should be able to grow on them afterwards.
  • Planned obsolescence should be outlawed globally. Devices like smartphones should be entirely modular with as many parts being exchangeable/replaceable as possible and no glue should be used at all, a good example of a modular smartphone is the Fairphone 2. Charging cables, connectors and AC/power adapters should be standardized globally so that they can be used everywhere (for as many devices as possible). And in an ideal case, all new portable devices like smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses and virtual reality headsets (and also as many robots as possible) would be rugged and dust-proof and waterproof.
  • Not only software, but also hardware (like BIOSes and firmware, microprocessors and chipsets) should be open source. As part of radical/total transparency, the exact construction plan respectively blueprint (and documentation) of every device or device part, machine and appliance should be published / publicly available.
  • Possibly introduce human population planning/control globally (and regionally): Struggle against an unsustainable increase of the number of humans worldwide/globally. Essentially one child per person, not more. Keep the (regional and global) human reproduction rate at a level that is environmentally sustainable. The world population should remain constant at the present level which means about 1.2-1.5 newborns per person/capita globally (more than one newborns because not all newborns will reach adulthood, especially in less developed countries). Favor contraceptives (or even (if possible always reversible) sterilization) and at the same time strictly avoid abortions because abortions. I heard this directly from God on Wednesday, 9th of August, at 23:25h Zurich summer time, it is a crucial and fundamental issue, like voluntary physicia assisted auicide. All three (abortion, physician-assisted suicide and the killing of embryos, even if they still consist of only one cell) are utterly wrong, a crime against life and must absolutely be prevented. (And as soon as humans are able to live/survive autarkically in space, the number of humans can increase again to a certain degree/extent.)
  • Taxes are also an important, but complicated issue. I will write more about that later (and I will also have to read more about the topic). At the moment, it seems good to me when taxes are not too high because governments should not be too large since they are not controlled well enough by the population yet. But in the future, when e-democracy is in place locally and especially globally and the people make up / constitute the government in as many places as possible, it might be justifiable when taxes go up. In any case, my opinion is that it is very important to avoid tax competition (see also here) by smaller countries and islands because these entities profit indirectly from the infrastructure respectively are active in the area of larger entities/constituencies/countries that have higher taxes and this is unfair to the population of the larger entities.
  • And last but not least: Global (mutual) disarmament, see for example here and here. There is the hope that especially a global virtual parliament (a global e-democracy consisting of the global population) can finally enact laws that abolish all arms/weapons worldwide. The still widespread (and possibly even increasing) existence of arms is the most senseless phenomenon on the planet and threatens the survival of the human species in the future. If everybody (for example countries and also all individuals) credibly committed themselves to nonviolence and disarmament, the abolishment of all weapons could be achieved.
  • Defense/Military policy: Defend your territory but leave people outside your territory alone. Don't interfere with people in remote areas. Use UAVs for surveillance, but not for hurting people in remote areas.
  • Commitment to strict nonviolence for everybody in all situations (except for unavoidable / inevitable / urgently necessary self-defense). Political activism should stick to communication, peaceful protest and if possible civil disobedience, at least in the developed countries of the West.
  • Abolish the mandatory use of a cemetery for burial of people. Enable/Allow burials without the need to disinter/exhume anybody at a later stage (inside and outside of cemeteries). Make cryonic suspension possible/available for everybody (possibly by issuing vouchers) at least as long as the energy consumption for the cooling can be justified (which is not clear for me at the present moment).
  • Research longevity, abolish the genetic causes of aging by genetic engineering.
  • Outlaw all sources of unnecessary noise, for example loud fireworks, church bells and cow/livestock bells.
  • Allow free speech without any restriction (as long as it is peaceful). Very important is to allow/require a dialogue/"counterspeech" (German: "Gegenrede") in all online speech so that every statement can be countered by an opposing or criticizing statement. Such as system would be far better than simply outlaw various kinds of speech (libel laws, anti-discrimination laws concerning speech, etc.). It is important to know how people feel and think even if one doesn't agree with it.
  • Create citizen police forces (that are not equipped with weapons) where every law-abiding citizen can take part. Furthermore, everybody should be allowed to enforce transparency ad-hoc everywhere and every time by checking if everyone in the vicinity complies with automatic/radical transparency rules. Crime will almost disappear if we live in an open, radically democratic and transparent and socially/economically just/equal society because people will be intrinsically motivated to abide by the law. (This issue is already represented by another point further above, I will have to merge the two points/issues.)
  • Introduce body worn video especially for all police (and in the future mainly citizen police) forces and in the future also all citizens.
  • Allow public nudity (naturism/nudism) everywhere (or allow/promote at least toplessness/topfreedom), especially (but not only) when the weather is sufficiently warm. Public breastfeeding should also be allowed and encouraged everywhere!
  • The alienation from (wild) nature should finally stop / be overcome! People should have as much contact and spend as much time with/in (wild) nature as possible, in work, leisure time and most importantly in education / learning environments (beginning at birth).
  • Miscellaneous: Abolish marriage (and promote polyamory instead), the so called "church taxes" (which are unfortunately still prevalent in Europe), circumcision (for minors / persons under age because they are not able to consent to this problematic/questionable/harmful procedure) and the so-called "corporate personhood" (an absurd concept).
  • Best possible working and living conditions for top mathematicians, especially by giving/providing the opportunity to work and do sports in the countryside (if desired), accompanied by healthy nutrition and complete protection against exhaust fumes and heat, always and everywhere!
  • The following technologies / scientific research projects should be scrutinized/investigated in a transparent process in terms of environmental sustainability and their (potential) benefit respectively drawback and be promoted or reduced/halted accordingly:
    • Zeppelin airplanes instead of jet aircraft
    • ITER (an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject)
    • particle accelerators
    • ISS (International Space Station)
    • manned space travel/research generally (instead of "only" unmanned space research which is probably more sustainable for the time being)
    • cryptocurrencies und their energy consumption
    • quantum computing
    • DNA-based computing
    • brain-machine-interfaces
  • Special topic: What I call "sexual socialism".
  • For more topics, see this Facebook picture here (I will add more topics/issues/ideas from this Facebook picture here as soon as I have/find time.).
  • Update/Amendment of 2022-01-31: Support and funding for the development of an "Internet via/over walkie-talkies" that can be used by dissidents and all people in areas where there is an authoritarian or oppressive "government" that limits the freedom of its citizens to communicate freely over/via the conventional Internet; for more information about the idea, see here:

As with all other policies (see the antecedent sections): This is just my own opinion, it is the (global/regional) population that should (be able/allowed / given the chance / have the opportunity to) decide all these issues/questions itself in an e-democracy, without having to rely on what the usually corrupt and unimaginative politicians (would) decide.

Eugenics, but with protecting all life that has already been created

Eugenics to enhance human abilities (and especially mathematical abilities) is OK and (may be) even necessary, but no life of any embryo should be terminated during the Eugenics research. The preservation and life of any living entity is fundamentally more important than any eugenics or eugenics research.

My attempts to work

My current situation, as of Wednesday, 26th of January 2022: At the moment, I am teaching mathematics to one pupil, I have been doing that since autumn 2021. My math knowledge is not on a (very) high level, and it is only basic maths that I am teaching at the moment (fractions and equations at the secondary school level). I don't have any Scratch (see or robotics students at the moment, but I hope I will in the future again. The website is not active at the moment, but it will hopefully become active again in the future. What I will also try to do in the coming months is becoming a 3D animation designer/creator, my mother is encouraging me to do that (she has been doing visual arts for years) and I even have a private 3D tutor from India now to learn 3D (in addition to video tutorials). The software that I am learning now is Blender (see and ) and the Unreal Engine. And of course, I am also reading online news (in several languages) and I am constantly learning and using as many languages as possible, I am also trying out / practicing Parallel Language Learning with my YouTube playlist for Parallel Language Learning almost every day. Please see also .

Old entry (of 21st/26th of September 2016): I am now trying to work as a private tutor for primary and secondary school students at and as an editor/reader/proofreader and a translator, see Private tutoring for primary and secondary school students. Furthermore, I also hope that I will be able to work as a computer and smartphone consultant, see Computer and smartphone consultancy by phone, and maybe even as an astrologer, see Astrology consultancy. The same in German: Ich versuche im Moment als Nachhilfe- und Förderlehrer für Primar-, Sekundar- und Mittelschülerinnen und -Schüler zu arbeiten und auch als Lektor und Übersetzer und als Computer- und Smartphone-Berater, siehe die beiden vorhergehenden Links.

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3rd of April 2016: I (User:Lukas Girtanner) will need to improve this Main Page here because at the moment, there is considerable chaos on it. :-( The problem is that between 2010 and now, there are/were different stages of reasoning/thinking and experiencing and I will have to decide what belongs to the Main Page and what not (and where to place the links to the different internal pages). 27th of January 2022: I will hopefully be able to tidy up the Main Page in the coming months, beginning probably in March 2022 (because in February 2022, I still have other things to do).

Note: I would describe the topic of mathematization or the role of mathematics differently now. More important than "mathematics" is love or at least what we as humans perceive as it. Therefore, 'becoming mathematics' must not be a goal, but becoming or approaching love or internalising love. And that increased love is passed to the children and babies. I will have to rewrite the whole page. Love is a gift of G-d to all living creatures, the living creatures having been created by G-d itself. The goal must be to preserve the status quo of love that means all living creatures (and only afterwards to increase it, should that be possible, which I am not sure, at least not in fundamental way). And it is a concept or feeling I have difficulties to feel inside my heart, but there were times when I strongly felt love, I will write about that in some kind of biography D'Äraignis vo 2010 bis 2011 (vo doz_11b6 bis doz_11b7). I will also have to rewrite or comment the English-language pages from the perspective that I (actually, only/mainly a dash) have now.

My name is Lukas Girtanner, you can find my user profile on the page User:Lukas Girtanner and a picture of me at my Facebook account on At the moment, only my blog since November 2011 is accessible, see at the top of this page here. The original blog of May to August 2010 is not accessible, because I/- have to review it first and possibly make some comments about it first before restoring it after having deleted in early 2011 (if I remember it correctly). My personal diary/journal/log can be found on the page Lukas Girtanner's blog respectively Lukas Girtanner's blog of August 2010 / doz_11b6 for the actual/current/present month and Lukas Girtanner's blog of July 2010 / base36_1ju and Lukas Girtanner's blog of June 2010 / base13_bb8 for the previous months.

The numbers for the year above are written in the numeral systems with the base ten and additionally the bases twelve, thirty-six (the highest base whose numbers can still be written with English/Latin numbers and characters; however, 30 might make more sense as a base because 2*3*5), and thirteen (a prime number lower than 36).

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2013-08-01, 02:20h - 02:42h (and from approx. 02:50 - 03:01h and 03:04h - 03:16h (and 1st of August, 2013, approx. 18:20h - 18:33h)): At the moment, there is a considerable chaos on many pages (especially but not only on my blogspot pages, and also on this Main Page here), either because the texts are only partially written or because there is redundancy in texts, and most importantly, because there were different phases in my life that lead to emotions, (experiences, thoughts) and world views that are in some ways contradictory and I have to a certain degree still these contradictions inside me (this is also the reason why this Main Page has become so chaotic or at least inconsistent and in some sections possibly also lacking clarity for the uninformed reader, so I might have to streamline this Main Page here and delete several sentences or even sections altogether). I also realized that my experiences were not even that special because every person who is dreaming at night might experience goings-on that might be inexplicable, physically not possible or simply mysterious or supernatural, my situation was only unique/special because I experienced these (seemingly?) supernatural states while being fully awake. I will have to write an extensive biography that is as concise as possible so that all these pieces finally make some sense / stand for reason. Furthermore, as soon as the new Mindstorms EV3 series become available, I will try to find out how to use them and possibly also try to find out more in practice (compared to the theoretical/speculative ideas here) how children can use robots for learning (besides my university studies that are still ongoing but somehow plodding along). Very important (crucial, actually) would also be to find out how new mathematical insights are generated, what is the underlying creative process behind it and how to further this way of thinking in children. A couple of days ago, I read that one mathematician had his insights in the early morning when still being half asleep (the article can be found here, it is written in German, but a search for keywords like "mathematics imagination" or "mathematical discovery dreams" might also give more clues), but every person might have her/his unique mechanisms and moments of mathematical discovery and these might ultimately remain a mystery, probably forever because the brain (human mind) is always at least one step ahead of technological understanding/apprehension. (Maybe I will move this section here to my blog at Lukas Girtanner's blog).

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