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Privacy? Isn't everything public or shouldn't it be?

The counter has risen to 10 which is really unusual. Obviously, there are (or have been) questions.

I might have to distinguish between a general privacy or transparency discussion (where I am really not the most ardent proponent of privacy) that does not belong here on this Privacy policy page of the website and a specific privacy policy for this website here that obviously has to follow applicable law of the location of the server(s) and/or headquarters of the hosting company Therefore, the privacy policy of this website here will at least have to follow the minimal legal standard that is compulsory in the jurisdiction of the server's location (check where the hosting company has its server(s) and/or headquarters) and the Privacy laws of that jurisdiction will apply.

This means (and I wouldn't do that anyway because it makes little sense and accidental visitors would not agree with it and therefore, I would not publish it anyway even if it were allowed) for example and especially that I will most certainly not publish IP addresses of visitors.

In terms of cookies or cookie analysis or other data analysis for merchandising purposes: I am not interested at all at the moment for that topic because I have hardly any visitors at the moment and in case I should become interested, I would also inform myself/follow the applicable law(s) of the corresponding jurisdiction(s).

Privacy and equally transparency should not be enforced upon people or entities. Privacy or transparency (respectively the degree between these two) is a free and private decision of every individual entity.

For me, transparency (except for my personal passwords, IP address and at the moment also my exact living location and phone number that I would only reveal to trusted governmental entities) is the choice, others choose or prefer privacy. In terms of the Privacy policy of this website here, I follow at least the applicable law.

And in case of doubt: If a person does not want something, don't do it. If a person wants privacy, respect that and don't disseminate her/his data or information.

I just don't want privacy for myself except for the above exceptions (living location (at least and hopefully only at the moment), phone number, personal passwords and my IP addresses) which are quite understandable and specific, see also Lukas Girtanner's personal transparency exceptions.

A big issue for me is also still my own financial transparency because I have not written yet where my money comes from and how much money is on my bank account. This is the fifth (and a really important and only partially understandable) point where I am (still) intransparent. I would be glad to be advised if and how I should reveal details about my financial situation in order to become more transparent. Shall I just tell/write somewhere on this website here how much money is on my bank account and how much money I receive every month from which source?

In a similar way like freedom of speech is a fundamental (human) right because inner opinions are allowed to be published, the freedom to live transparently based on one's own individual choice is also a fundamental (human) right (but that has nothing to do with the website's Privacy policy, I will have to move it to another page).