Likelihood of a transhumanist evolution

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1st of August 2013, approx. 18:45h - 18:53h and approx. 17:05 - 19:21h: The believe that humans will evolve in terms of increased (ever-increasing) intelligence and abilities lies probably at the core of the believe system of transhumanism. So, to question this core believe would be rather strange for a transhumanist website. I think the main obstacle is not the impossibility of technical or natural evolution or a combination of it (since natural evolution also managed to bring about humans), the main obstacle is the threat of self-extinction of this species (maybe, but I am not sure at all, also because the upbringing is "wrong" (a huge topic, maybe the last new topic to discuss on this website (because the status quo in education might also have its advantages respectively consequences that seem to be advantageous at first glance), but I can only discuss with simple examples, I have no definite/systematic overview over the world), but I am not sure at all as I have to admit, I might not see through at all). (Given also the fact that such an evolution in the future would be rather slow, allowing a lot to go wrong in the meantime. But I am not sure if anybody has a general/synoptic view over the state of the ecosystem on Earth, so there is probably no certainty in this regards and there is probably also not one opinion/statement/analysis that can be clearly defined as the most applicable/appropriate/accurate opinion/statement, the people are influencing each other with their opinions and this is a complicated societal and political process.)

I will also have to move this page here to a more meaningful title.

(There was a slowdown of the connection before, because of that, I was hurriedly trying to expand this text in a meaningful and sensitive way. I am aware that my knowledge (and life experience) is very limited, so I what I write might not withstand scrutiny.)

(I will have to hurry to write my biography too because this explains also somehow my stupidity and how my possibly absolutely (or partially) wrong worldview developed. Maybe I should also no longer write expressions like "self-extinction" (and instead have a more positive outlook) like I did on this page here, who knows...)