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I am still not sure about the copyright situation/issue. Because of that, I am "resetting" the copyright to a conventional copyright until the situation has been clarified more. See this page's history for how the copyright has been before (first a conventional copyright, then no copyright at all, and now a conventional copyright again). I am also aware of the fact that a copyright cannot retroactively be changed, because of that, I hesitate to license it in one of the ways creative commons provides licenses .

The problem is mainly my living situation: I am relatively dependent on my (aging) mother (and I am insecure whether I could live alone without her or if I would find a community that would accommodate me and where I would still be allowed to write) and I (still) don't earn anything from my work, but/and at the same time, I receive a governmental disability pension (in the amount of about 3500 Swiss francs every month). So, thanks to a copyright, I might one day earn my own money and being able to live with a lower governmental allowance that I am now living on. On the other hand, a copyright might also be detrimental to the spreading of the ideas described in my text (and this is, if I am not mistaken, also the main reason why creative common licenses exist), so maybe I should actually hurry to license the content that I write freely, but still, I am insecure and hesitating. (A conventional copyright might even lead to a situation where I would earn less than with a very free creative commons license because the ideas are not spread quickly enough or not in optimal way, so I should really think about this issue and be open for suggestions and requests, see also the second to last section below.)

What I certainly don't want is that other people are not even allowed to quote from the texts here and make their own comments to my texts. But unless I am very mistaken, it is possible to quote and comment short passages also with a conventional copyright, otherwise no (relatively short) quotations could be found in Wikipedia.

However, search engines and (hopefully) also website archiving crawlers are certainly allowed already now, since I have no specific excluding entries in the robots.txt file in place, I hope that this measure is enough in order to allow especially the website archiving crawlers like the Wayback Machine too.

Amendment of 17th of March 2016, 00:31h - 00:44h CET: All text on this website is licensed under a so called "Attribution 4.0 International License", see , for more information, see also . I had to change the copyright to the license called "Attribution 4.0 International" because otherwise, I would have restricted the free spread of (my) ideas which would be not good at all... Therefore, if you quote my text(s), I require an attribution about the origin of the text/content (namely this website here). Copy, remix, and inspire, it is OK as long as you credit the source here! :-)

Amendment of 11th of June 2017: I change the license from 17th of March 2016 to a new license: All text on this website is from now on licensed under a so called "Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International" ("CC BY-SA 4.0") license (see also here) which is a Free Culture License. So you are free to share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format), adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material) for any purpose, even commercially) under the following terms: "Attribution" (You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.) and "ShareAlike" (If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.). Furthermore, you must not impose any additional restrictions: You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. The newly chosen license is a little bit more restrictive than the previous one from 17th of March 2016, but it is still a Free Culture License. And because of the new legal requirement that the copied content can only be redistributed under the same terms, it ensures that ideas remain free for every subsequent text adoption/borrowing/copying which is also in line with my ideas/demands/ideals how society should function/work/be/become (see on the Main Page).

You can contact me if you still have questions. My e-mail address is lukasgirtanner -at- (replace "-at-" with "@"). Or you can contact me via my Facebook account or by calling or writing a text message to +41 76 345 69 69.

I am aware that I might have to delete (and not only write smaller) the previous sections on this page here in order to avoid the impression that the old licenses are still valid.