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Introduction of myself

My name is Lukas Girtanner and my user name here is "Lukas Girtanner" too, what a coincidence ;-) Videos of me can be found under the YouTube account As far as my knowledge in mathematics is concerned, it minuscule compared to the knowledge of real mathematicians. I have some (but fairly limited) knowledge in computer science and very limited (almost no) knowledge in electrical engineering. At the moment, I consider myself to be one of the I-would-like-to-be-mathematicians, but the question remains in which of the subgroups of the I-would-like-to-be-mathematicians I belong (see the page there). My IQ might lie somewhere between 125 and 138 in the area of 130 or 135, see also Lukas Girtanner's IQ.

  • First name: Lukas
  • Middle name: I have a middle name but to which degree does it matter at this moment now? If you want to know it already now, write me an e-mail but I am not sure if I publish my middle name now.
  • Last name / Surname: Girtanner (see also Lukas Girtanner's surname)
  • Year of birth: 1979 (I know my exact birthday and birth time and birth location, it is also on other websites, inquiries by trusted entities are answered and in the future, I will release it generally.)
  • What is written in my passport in terms of whether the passport holder is female or male: "Male"
  • Occupation: Student (but very slow because of health problems)
  • Nationality: Does that matter?
  • Location: I really prefer not to tell that, at least not for the location where I am now. My mobile phone (...11) is switched on.
  • Languages: mainly ISO 639-3 eng and deu, some fra and a little bit of spa, ita and rus

See also

The two most important pages that give most insight are Lukas Girtanner's blog and Lukas Girtanner's biography. (The beginning always with "Lukas Girtanner's ..." looks a little bit strange, I would probably better have chosen the simpler "My ...", since I am writing about myself and not about a third person, but I am keeping as it is (or "leaving/letting it well enough alone" as I have looked up in the "" online dictionary) for the moment.)

Since 14th of May 2010, I am regularly checking my "old new" e-mail address moc.laim -ta- rennatrigsakul on a daily base. See also E-mails and How to protect the displaying of my e-mail address from spam bots? for more information about e-mailing and the issues surrounding e-mailing.

How I can be contacted regularly now

  • by e-mail: moc.liamg -ta- rennatrigsakul: All e-mails with meaningful content will be published on this website here or on (probably on in the future). If you do not agree that your e-mails are published, do not write unsolicited e-mails to my e-mail address.
  • If you are not able to write an e-mail because you are not able to read and/or write, I kindly ask you to attend an alphabetization course.
  • At the moment, I prefer that all e-mails are written in the natural language ISO 639-3 eng (English). I kindly ask you to write only e-mails in this ISO 639-3 eng natural language. This is also the natural language that I am using here at the moment when I write these words and sentences here and actually all content on this website here. E-mails in other languages will be stored, but not answered, either because I do not understand the language or because of the fact that I do not answer e-mails written in another language than the ISO 639-3 eng language at the moment, even if I understand (and partially or fully speak) that language. If you are not able to write in the natural language ISO 639-3 eng, consult a translation services provider in order to translate the content of your natural language into the ISO 639-3 eng natural language. A list of translation service providers can be found in all major search engines on the Internet by entering keywords like "translation" or "translation services".

How I might be contacted too in the future

  • I might also be contacted with new communication means, for example (instant) messaging services. At the moment, several (instant) message services are installed on my local Ubuntu 9.10 computer (installed via Synaptic). I will create user profiles in these services and publish them here.

See also other ways of contacting me

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