Unsuitable efforts

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alternative titles

  • cosmetics
  • superficial remedies (the old/previous title)
  • inefficient attempts
  • unsuccessful attempts
  • ineffective attempts
  • wrong attempts
  • unsuccessful or wrong attempts
  • attempts with limited success
  • attempts being wrong or having limited success
  • attemts being wrong or having limited effect
  • attempts being wrong or having limited success or effect
  • unsuitable attempts (the current title)
  • replace "unsuitable" with "improper", "ineffectual", "unapt", "unfit", or "unsuited"
  • replace "attempts" with "efforts"
  • without the s: "effort" instead of "efforts" or "attempt" instead of "attempts"
  • searching the wrong
  • doing the wrong struggle (or striving) (and not realizing it)
  • struggling (or striving) in a wrong way (without realizing it)
  • title at the moment: unsuitable efforts

the previous title

The previous title of this page here, "superficial remedies", was an astonishingly dislikeable title that lacked the ("neutrality", "calmness") objectivity of the titles of the other pages. Therefore, on 2010-07-11, I changed the title of this page here to "unsuitable efforts".


  • real cosmetics
  • make-up instead of physical exercise
  • (mainly) skin engineering instead of biological integration
  • robotics instead of maths
  • activist environmentalism instead of trying to become the environment (some kind of really/truly mathematical and therefore really or truly deep environmentalism?)
  • actually everything that is not maths
  • within maths learning, actually everything that is increasingly the likelihood of just adding another stone to "conventional maths"? but does "conventional maths" exist?
  • or a little bit more humble just every mathematics learning that is not axiomatic-based?
  • ultimately, believing in mathematics as a science that can be achieved by humans in a selfish way instead of believing, fearing and loving the ultimate principle