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Name change has been (almost?) decided

I have just (almost?) definitively decided that the acronym "UTSARA" has to be changed. Either I will continue without an acronym or use such an acronym less and instead the individual "values" or concepts like safety, transparency, responsibility, patience, rigor, moderation, restriction, ... or I will create an acronym that I previously check in several Internet search engines if they already exist. I will only select an acronym for which I get no search results at all or only random search results from database artifacts or wrongly connected adjacent words. It is very important that the new name will not be in use at all already, neither by people, companies or organizations or other named entities. So, I will have to change this name and it is also actually a good chance to include more "value" or concepts besides safety, transparency and responsibility. And I really hope that the new acronym will not be changed again.

Meaning of the acronym (at least for the moment)

UTSARA = Universal Transparency, Safety and Responsibility Awareness

What UTSARA is or might be

UTSARA or the concept behind the acronym "UTSARA" could be described as (by?) an effort to constantly try to maximize one's own sense of responsibility and to think first in a chain of cause and effect before one acts, allows or does something.

The concept of UTSARA generally matters and even more when doing robotics from infancy to adulthood. The concept of UTSARA has to be constantly/always minded. And this page here should actually be the most often and most constantly edited and improved and also the most complex page of the whole wiki.

And as far as mathematics is concerned, how can or could mathematics be included appropriately and meaningfully into UTSARA?

At the moment, the disclaimer of this MediaWiki wiki here also points to to this page here, because generally and especially in robotics and early childhood robotics, transparency, safety and responsibility cannot be delegated to somebody or something else but it is the responsibility of each individual to constantly mind transparency, safety and responsibility. A disclaimer like "I am not or only partially responsible for that and that" is not possible and not feasible. This also and especially pertains/regards to the whole website and the ideology here. Probably the most significant challenge is to constantly mind UTSARA and not lessen UTSARA efforts since UTSARA (without the M) is part of the physical realm where time still matters and therefore, UTSARA has to be and remain valid over all time.

How to include mathematics?

How to include mathematics? Should there be an M too in the acronym, for example UMTSARA (see also the next section "Possible name change in the future?")? If the M is not explicitely written as in UTSARA, would it mean that the other letters are somehow "on the top" of mathematics and imply it? Shouldn't it be the opposite way? Only the letter "M" that implies or stays "above" UTSARA? Wouldn't the acronym UMTSARA (with M) imply that Mathematics and the other UTSARA words are on the same level and what would that mean? Is UTSARA only valid for the not-yet-mathematized stage, some kind of real-world acronym on a lower level than mathematics, helping to reach mathematization and preventing any deviations? And therefore, should the M not be part of the acronym UTSARA because it would be too "low-level" for the M?

Isn't it impossible to answer the questions of this subsection here as long as it has not (yet) been clarified what mathematics and the UTSARA words/expressions really is/are? And aren't words unable or only partially able to describe what UTSARA and/or mathematics exactly is, see also thinking in words about words. Wouldn't a purely mathematical definition of UTSARA be the only clear definition and then, probably only the M would remain, because isn't mathematics self-sufficient?

Other possible meanings for particular letters


  • S = Safety
  • S = Sustainability
  • S = Security (?, see also the separate section "Safety and Security" further below)


  • R = Responsibility
  • R = Reliability

Other possible letters

  • O = Objectivity
  • V = Validity
  • C = Conscientiousness (but isn't that also a problematic word?)

Possible name change in the future?

As for now, see the other parts of the page for more words/expressions that could be included.

Further reflections on UTSARA

The reflection on how to organize and manage UTSARA is important, see List of UTSARA implications (there are also more expressions on that page that might be included here and might even be included in a possible name change of UTSARA in the future).

Limits of UTSARA

Limits of Transparency

Documenting the documentation... an eternal process that leads to a total standstill.

Limits of Safety

Becoming increasingly inactive because of increasing safety concerns and safety measures.

Safety and Security

What is the relationship between safety and security? How much security measures are needed if safety is high? Should the main focus not just be on safety? What does it mean if security measures are necessary? What is more feasible: A lot of safety and little security? Or a lot of security and little safety?

See also

See also List of UTSARA implications and UTSARAHL.


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