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Which one is more difficult: Is the personal challenge for a person to always stay transparent higher than the challenge to always protect one's own privacy? Does it depend on the (societal) circumstances which one is more difficult?

I do not know how to (mathematically) define the words "power", "might" (in the sense of power, not as a modal verb) or "influence" and these three words do not often appear in my vocabulary. But they seem fascinating for me and they will probably also play a more important role on my other website that I will have to reopen. Maybe a mathematically defined theory (like the graph theory (, network theory, game theory, "information theory" or another theory from economics) could define what the three words "power", "might" and influence might mean.

I simply ask the question what the biggest challenge for being or remaining transparent is: Is it more difficult to be, become or remain transparent when you are or become "powerless" or "powerful"? (In this sentence, there seem to be 3 * 2 * 2 = 12 combinations if I have calculated it correctly but not all make equally sense.) Probably the biggest challenge is to remain transparent when you are becoming increasingly "powerful".

The incentive (a term from economics) to not be transparent is probably higher the more "powerful" an entity is/becomes and the challenge for the "powerful" entity would be to remain transparent for the benefit of the whole system despite being impeded by a personal disadvantage.

But that again reduces competition because competition for/against transparency or privacy might also be a very complex and probably partially even beneficial process for the whole (all-encompassing) system, probably depending on the mathematical assumptions.

On the highest level or the top, all-encompassing system, ultimate transparency has probably the best overall benefit, this is my intuitive and mathematically unproven opinion since mathematics might show that complex competition with intransparent entities might increase the overall benefit even more in a way that I am not able to feel intuitively at the moment.

And again, one must be a (very) good mathematician to answer all these questions and maybe even calculate an "optimum of transparency" for a (sub)system... Another good reason and incentive to take mathematics seriously.