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Alternative titles: Conversions; Transformation(s) and l...

The topic of transformations is extremely complex. Transformations is actually a whole mindset, virtually every transformation occurring in the universe can be 'jugded'/interpreted in this mindset. Even an animal eating another animal or a plant is doing a transformation (although instinctively, unlike humans), even the formation of a star system and possibly the whole universe is a transformation. On an intermediate level, there is the question if the transformations that (wo)mankind is doing at the moment are beneficial or not for the overall amount of love (a variable amount?), what they mean in terms of l... .

Transformation also matters in terms of mathematics (mathematization?) and attractiveness.

Other topics are transformations and the soul and life (which in practice essentially means protecting life). (including a definition/boundaries of life, bacteriae or proteins, or stones/rocks, and the question of soul precursors)

There is also transformation and frugality/parsimony (Sparsamkeit) or desire, and (on an intermediate level) transformation and technology (robots).

Another topic is if there is some kind of basic unit for l..., one unit of l..., similar to a currency (but much more), this would enable one to judge the 'costs' and 'benefits' of actions.

Transformations, or the change of state (in terms of love), connects everything together.

In short: It is not clear for me where the answers lie exactly. I can remember Sept/Oct 2011, what I got then, but this might not be the last insight. I still remember very clearly how I looked onto a metal pole (Metallpfosten) and thought about how the l... of G-d was integrated into this pole. This was on November 14, two . (actually this does not belong to here, but to a general story of all events.)

The topic of transformations is essentially a result of the thoughts and feelings of early autumn 2011 (and to a limited degree until December 21) (especially the concept of the soul), but it can be extended to the earlier more ideological thinking with mathematization (and attractiveness which was not expressively written about yet). Actually, every action one takes or one refrains/desists should be jugded by transformation considerations.

keywords, because the topic is complex and unclear: eating meat (and possibly plants who are destroyed because of eating them), survival of (wo)mankind (in different time frames with different challenges, the question of importance/desirability), altering the course of action (effects of one's actions), relationship between life and (Sept/Oct thinking) afterlife (life before), preservation (and possibly re-evolving) of old things/activities, overall amount of l..., a constant?, extinction of species, deep sea animals, individual souls (regardless of species), "the bad movies/videos", preservation of lifeforms (generally, the question of conventionality respectively protecting conventionality; long-term effects of handling conventionality), genetic engineering, substance vs. lifeform/soul, attractiveness, mathematics, radiation, particles, advanced physics, "units of l..."; maybe, the whole issue is raising the awareness for these topics respectively how they might interdepend (with no clear answer); visions (shivers/chills) of "long-term" (including afterlife?) "approaching"/conflation/(German: zusammenführung) of l...; approaching of G-d (technologically-mathematically?)/transformation of the whole universe(s); transformation/increase of l... in the real existence; conservation of the status quo (non-increase of l...); preservation of the status quo which is the self-chosen maximum of l... for many individuals; right to self-determination; change of technology/amenities/way of living within society (or environmental changes generally)