Thinking in "entities" instead of physics and mathematics

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When I wrote the title for this new article in 2010, I actually deeply regretted my inability to think purely mathematically (also in the context of physics). It was meant as self-criticism of low mathematical abilities and also as some kind of criticism of the whole ideology because I was not able to bridge the difference between an entity doing/learning mathematics and mathematics itself. Physics was some kind of intermediate science or phenomenon that I was not able to explain or assign to the mathematical or the "entities" side. The entities live in the physical world, are bound by the laws of physics (although much might not be known yet) and do mathematics while physics itself is not an entity nor is it mathematics.

Thinking in "entities" it is probably also the way a baby or small child (even when it is exceptionally talented in mathematics) perceives its environment. Most adults are also still in this mode of perceiving their environment exclusively. Only a few mathematically very talented/educated people are able to generalize their physical environment mathematically. However, even a mathematician, when cognitively interacting with real-world-entities, will think and perceive the person (or animal, plant; possibly even a non-living object) as an entity and not be able to "fit" the person "into" a mathematical (physics, described with mathematics) concept.

But now, I see it as an advantage that people (humans, animals) think (and perceive their environment) in the category of entities because it is the brain (and actually the soul, as I have increasingly realized in late summer and autumn 2011) of the person itself, because it is the person and its ability to feel love (and longing as some kind of precursor or related feeling) who will remain decisive also in the future and achieving an existence as mathematical as possible will probably (or shouldn't I write the 'probably' altogether?, originally, I didn't write it at all) not become the prime goal.

Actually, this is another topic. This new topic actually is the fact that 'mathematization' must not be the prime goal, but "people remaining people" (entities remaining entities), an increase (maximization) of love, the ability of a person to feel love (and possibly longing).