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This is the discussion page of the Main Page.

I thought a long time about opening a new page altogether for the discussion how to change the Main Page.

Probably, the Main Page will (have to) be reorganized like a/the leaflet, just with more topics.

The first four lines (after Allpages) on the Main Page will be moved down (with UTSARA, I am still unsure what to do, where to place it; actually, it is important to mind safety first, but it is too 'technical', maybe I have to extend UTSARA to ensure that longing and l... is minded enough, but then the acronym/abbreviation UTSARA might not fit anymore respectively not comprise the whole concept anymore).

And everything on the Main Page has to be in English, and I will have to make a Swiss German page (and possibly a Standard ("High"/"Hoch") German page).

Folgändä Teggscht han - soebä vo dä Main Page entfärnt (I just removed the following text from the Main Page), äs isch - jetz klaar, - sind .... sowisoo untärworfä, ganz wool ischäs - abär nid (well d'M...t und d'Güäti vo .... so gross ((zimli sichär) gränzäloos) sind, dass än Mönsch sich .... unterwärfä mues) dass -s entfärnt han, - han - au überlait, nur di erschtä drüü Sätz z'entfärnä (und dänn abär au das mit "terrestrian" und "social" influences) (äs isch warschinli bessär, wänn - uf dä Mein Peidsch allgemain vo L.... red anschtatt dävoo, sich .... z'unterwärfä, well das isch sowisoo dä Fall (wämmär väsuecht, dä L.... z'folgä bzw., mä (frä) mues sich bewusst sii, dass .... exischtiärt und was mä (frä) imm z'vedankä hät)):

How can I just apologize for the whole page here? By deleting it? By trying to amend it as much as possible? I have provoked the ultimate being, how was it possible? Struggle for modesty, restrict yourself from any aspiration that challenges the ultimate, do not challenge the ultimate, fear the ultimate and feel its love. Know and respect what made you and the universe. And even in the most difficult times, respect it. It is a voluntary free will to subject oneself and one's own ambitions under an immanent being and while it is not a matter of course, it should become more than a matter of course to obey it. It is a constant struggle to just stand one's own existence in relation to the ultimate, transcendent and immanent being. It is not a safety or mundane question but the feeling of being insufficiently committed towards the ultimate even in the most earnest commitment. (Note: I am astonished how I was able to write this text there before the summer of 2011 (I wrote the text in summer of 2010 under pressure from "terrestrian" or "social" influences.) It is clear that when I wrote this text, I was not aware what it meant, neither emotionally nor rationally. Only after the events of late summer and autumn 2011 did I become aware of what such a text might mean. I will probably remove the text from here in the future and move it to a new page. The text in the next section might also have to be rewritten.)

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