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It might be wrong to make appointments or timely appointments where they could be avoided because coincidences (that happen because of synchronicities) might not be allowed to happen or they might have a "lower quality".

Also a new topic will be correct ways of burial and what to eat (for the time being, the topics are on this page here).

Burning a deceased human or animal might be probably also wrong for several reasons.

Cryonic suspension is a closed system, a nonlinear system and a system that needs a lot of energy. It is almost completely clear that it is wrong. Only from a scientific standpoint, namely knowing which illness were at this particular point of time where prevalent in the population and in what state the body of a particular person was. But the soul itself might be trapped inside its cryonically suspended state, not being able to leave it respectively being "absorbed" by other souls.

- have the intuition that souls somehow are able to "give"/"transmit" their energy to other souls, and exactly this can happen when a person lies in the Earth and decomposition takes place. It is also possible that the soul doesn't leave the body of a deceased lifeform immediately, but that this process takes time. The way how a person is buried might be one of the most important points if not the most important.

Moving the body of a dead person from the place where it died to its burial place: Probably the best way is strictly linear and on a donkey or mule to its final destination. Bury it there. And keeping it there "forever" (as long as possible). This also means that the place of a burial site has to be chosen with care so that the chances that a building project will be at such a place is low enough.

But on the other hand, - somehow understand proponents of cryonic suspension too, their fear that their bodies might disappear, not being preserved. It is an issue of preservation but the question is what kind of preservation. If one believes in that a soul exists, it is likely that it is "preserved" in a much more complex and natrural and love-compliant way when it is buried naturally.

Circumcision: - don't know much about the benefits of circumcision (if there are indeed any) but as fas as - can beurteilen/judge circumcision at the moment, - recommend to not circumcize any child, especially/even more if it is not able to give its consent to such a procedure.

In case of eating, - recommend to eat as little meat and fish as possible and especially eat all meat or fish (if there is still some) that has been put on the table, so not to waste it. In an ideal case, only fruits respectively vegetable products that the vegetable gives anyway should be eaten.

Amendment of Sunday, 25th of November 2018, 13:00h CET

Synchronicity is one of the most mysterious and fundamental principles in God's infinite universe/creation. (Please) believe in it, synchronicity does happen indeed as I realized again increasingly in the past few days.