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sorry if this page here is nonsense, - hope that the ideas are good/beneficial/useful:

  • price discrimnation (possible if everything or enough is known thanks to total ("radical", see Wikipedia) transparency) when bying goods? what would it mean for the seller? not primiarily for the buyer? and what would it mean for the environment? price discrimination at activitites that damage/harm the environment especaillly would make sense (for example flying by airplanes). but most importantly would be if a flight trip is necessary, what the reasion for it is (regardless of paying issues.)
  • unclear is also how really unsustainable flying is, probably nobody knows it really.

- go now out in the grass again and hope that - can also begin conversations with the people, - need to have conversations, - will ahve to copmletely overhaul my past way of talking to people. - will now need to become honest, very honest.

  • vorsorglich leere leitungsrohre entlang (unter?) strassen anlegen, damit dort später genügend telekommunikationskabel durchgezogen werden können.