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21st of September 2016

23:35h - 23:39h: Today, I added my two new websites Private tutoring for primary and secondary school students and Computer and smartphone consultancy by phone with which I hope to be able to work a little bit from home (the place where I am living).

23:50h - 23:54h: I also still hear the voices several days a week in the evenings, so I have to cope with this phenomenon. The voices are not always equally strong, but there are times when they are really annoying. :-( But since I know that they go away as soon as I fall asleep (and I have a safe place to sleep since I can still live at my mother's place), I am relatively relaxed. I will write in the future what I am hearing currently, it is still very much the same when I mentioned them on this page here for the last time.

26th of September 2016

22:50h - 22:54h and 23:58h - 00:12h: Today, a new pupil (together with her mother) came for a trial lesson of one hour to our place and my mother and me tutored the new pupil, we practiced calculating with brackets and prime factorization. I hope that the new pupil liked your lesson and will become our/my newest student. :-) The more students I can teach, the more experienced and the better teacher I become. If I were able to work part-time, I would also have less of a feeling of guilt (because I would finally do some (conventional/acknowledged/recognized) work), I would gain a brighter outlook of my future and more (self-)confidence, especially for other projects like a book (that I want to write together with a friend) and more text on this website here and on other, new websites (including founding a new political party, not just as a Facebook page, but also as a stand-alone website).

27th of September 2016

03:30h - 03:44h: The next thing that I have to do is to open/create a dedicated website for the Swiss transhumanist party and also write my whole biography, especially the biography of the last 20 years because these years are particularly interesting (I began suffering from depression about 20 years ago and especially the years between 2002 and 2012 deserve particular attention). It makes no sense if intelligence or related agencies or people with ties to them know parts of my biography but the general public not. I think that people who stumble over my website would like to know why and how I developed these ideas and why I am (still) sick at the moment. Everybody who is interested should know everything about my biography (while I have to and will protect the privacy of all individuals involved except myself, of course). By the way, for the past several months, I have all the time been taking 10 milligrams of Cipralex in the afternoon and 10 milligrams of Olanzapin Sandoz in the late evening. But a couple of days ago, partially because of the initiative of my mother, I slightly reduced my daily amount of Olanzapin Sandoz to 7.5 milligrams (instead of 10 milligrams like before). If my problems increase because of the dose reduction, I will increase the medication again to 10 milligrams of Olanzapin Sandoz.

10th of October 2016

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