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Thursday, 31st of March 2016

For Thursday, 31st of March 2016 and the whole March 2016, see My blog of March 2016.

Friday, 1st of April 2016

01:53h - 02:00h (and amended on 2nd (23:31h - 23:43h; 23:58h - 00:02h, the last time designation already on 3rd of April 2016) and 3rd of April (22:23h - 22:46h and 22:46h - 22:48h and 22:49h - 22:52h and 22:52h - 22:56h)) CEST: By the way, at the moment, I am reading the following newspapers / online news sources: (frequently/daily), (frequently/daily), (frequently / several times a week), , , , and rarely also and (at the latter only the entrance page because its content is non-free after a certain number of articles). I am aware that there are also countless other online news sources like Huff(ington)post (German- and English-language),, the Washington Post,,, Politico,, Junge Welt, Neues Deutschland (the latter would be two far leftist ones) and so on, but unfortunately I don't have enough time at the moment to read them too... :-( :-( I think it is quite important to know what somebody reads because the person's worldview is formed by the news she/he frequently reads. :-) It is very important for me to read (centre-)leftist and also occasionally far-left news sources in order to be aware of the countless injustices in the world. Right-wing or classically liberal media don't have much appeal for me because I am either against it respectively I don't understand why some people think like that (right-wing ones) or bored by too much news that focus on the economy, finance topics or corporate news (as it is mainly the case in classically liberal media). And I hope, that also in a few decades, I will still read only leftist news and truly never become a right-winger... :-( With age, one should become wiser and this means, in my opinion, to be even more aware how unjust life is and therefore remain (far-)leftist. Unfortunately, a lot of former leftist shift to the right when becoming older, probably because their brain loses plasticity/flexibility and therefore they are not open anymore to the new demands of the younger/succeeding generation. Or in case they have become wealthy, the are just too established and want to guard the status quo including their wealth. So, the second will never be the case of me because I don't do paid work, at least not at the moment, and the first will hopefully also not be the case because I hope I am cognitively flexible enough to see that the demands of a succeeding generation are always necessary and justified and should be supported by all generations.

22:13h – 22:25h and 23:08h – 23:11h and 23:14h - 23:16h CEST: I am aware that by publishing all messages that I write (while of course always removing any mention of an information that might reveal the identity of my correspondent if this is indeed requested), I run/take the risk that nobody will write messages to me anymore, but I have to incur this risk because private messaging is so wrong in a world that craves for (more respectively ultimate) transparency, a world that has become sick and destructive becaue of all these secrets guarded by everybody. It is clear that if the people don’t even agree with my publishing of my own (and edited, see above) messages to them, I will not cease contact completely, but I will have to reduce the contact / frequency with which I am writing back because it is too inefficient to write (often even) similar messages to everybody and then not even to publish them! :-( So, my contacts might "thin out" because of my ((formerly) private) message transparency.

I don't remember the time exactly, probably sometime between 22:13h and 22:25h (and 23:17h when I wrote the remark in the beginning of this subsection) CEST: By the way, I am aware that today is the first of April, but I don’t do any April Fool’s jokes, believe me! ;-)

(approximately, +- 2 minutes) 23:25h - 23:30h CEST: I am relieved that "X." (person_1) (his real first name initial is missing because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial) answered my e-mail message tonight / this evening. :-) :-) So, my most important contact will probably continue to write messages to me and I will not lose him (respectively only rarely write messages to him). :-) I just hope that we will be able to continue to talk about any issue (as we have done in the past) and not just less contested/controversial/contentious issues.

Saturday, 2nd of April 2016

(approximately, +- 2 minutes) 00:01h - 00:17h CEST: By the way, not only person_2, but also me received this blue (slip of) paper with a drawing on it in our/my letterbox. I just discovered it today (respectively now already yesterday) Friday in my letterbox (which I empty relatively rarely). On my paper, a drawing (of probably myself as I have realized, it is drawn relatively well :-) ) was visible together with the sentence: "Halo wie getz dir" which means "Hallo, wie geht's dir?" in Standard German or in English "Hello, how are you?". I don't know if this drawing is in connection with my website here, but it is anyway very nice because it was a child (maybe 6 or 7 years old because of the spelling mistakes) who wrote it: So, my answer here on this website is (should the person who initiated it read this website here): I am fine, but not too fine/well... But I am trying to live a healthily and long as possible and to drive every day with my e-bike as long as the weather permits it and I am also taking my medication (at the moment 15 milligrams of Cipralex after lunch and 10 milligrams of Olanzapin Sandoz in the late evening). And I also try to write as quickly as possible about all my issues and thoughts on this website here. My ultimate goal is to improve my fate and not to be thrown into or perish in hell, so I try to lead a life that is as just and righteous as possible. Is that a good/sufficient/satisfying answer (for now)?

00:29h - 00:44h and 00:45h and 00:47h CEST: By the way, today (respectively now strictly speaking already yesterday) Friday, I had to go to the bike mechanic in order to get/fetch/pick up my e-bike which he had repaired (it had had a flat tire on Thursday as I previously told/reported in my blog here). Person_2 drove me down to the bike mechanic and then, when I had gotten off the car, she urgently wanted to drive home and became very impatient and suddenly began to drive away while I was still taking a paper bag out of her car: And by beginning to drive away, she drove over my right foot, unbelievable, but it is true. :-( And I was very lucky because only the tip of my shoe was driven over by the car's wheels/tires, one centimeter more and my foot would have been really under the wheel! :-( I hope that this never happens again, I know now that I have to be careful and be prepared next time I am going to drive with her, because person_2 has become so impatient (it has come with her age, she will be 71 years old next week). (And I hope that the tip of my right shoe has not become leaky because of the heavy weight of the car's wheel that was on it, I have only one pair of these shoes and they are really practical.)

22:51h - 22:53h CEST: I just checked/discovered two comparison pages on Wikipedia for website builders respectively free web hosting services which I will need to use to create the website of the transhumanist party of Switzerland (if nobody else gets there first (German: "kommt mir zuvor")).

22:54h - 23:05h and 23:07h and 00:24h - 00:26h (the latter 2 already on 3rd of April 2016) CEST: About an hour ago (at 22:03h), "X." (person_1) (his real first name initial is missing because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial) wrote me an SMS that he wishes confidentiality and I will of course respect his wish. I wrote him back that I will guard his confidentiality/privacy and even offered to change the initial of his first name to another letter (and I also told him again that I will delete all text passages that might give hints to his identity). I just hope that my total transparency as far as I am concerned myself is a good idea: Because if I can prove that even a person who hears voices and suffers from depression (official diagnosis: "paranoid schizophrenia"), works only a couple of hours at home in voluntary work (German: "Freiwilligenarbeit") every week and who is therefore probably not particularly popular in parts of the population can document all his digital life (at least as far as the data is available to me) online without any too negative consequences, it should be possible to everybody too. But I am aware that here in Switzerland, people are particularly tolerant, so I am not sure in which societies total/radical transparency can/could be achieved/implemented/realized, but I hope that at least in the countries with a Christian tradition and/or (at least to a certain degree, because radical democracy doesn't exist yet anywhere in the world) democratic countries, radical and unconditional transparency would/could be possible already nowadays.

23:11h - 23:25h CEST: By the way, I am not sure if the letter "h" (for "hora"/"hour") at the end of each time designation is intelligible because maybe, it is used only in Switzerland or the German-speaking areas... :-( I was trying to find a replacement for the letter "h" after the time designations and looked for an abbreviation for English-language time designations, but I didn't find anything (see also ). So, I will keep using the "h" just to indicate that the two numbers separated by a colon in the middle indicate a time designation. Sorry for this rather bureaucratic passage, it is admittedly not really a crucial/decisive issue. ;-(

23:26h - 23:30h CEST: "X." (his real first name initial is missing / was replaced because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial) (or soon "X." everywhere, I am still waiting for his answer) wrote me an SMS where he made it clear that I should conceal his identity completely because what matters is what I am saying, not his identity or what he said...

3rd of April 2016

New Facebook group for the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland

01:34h - 01:40h and 01:50h CEST: I just created the following Facebook community/group: "Transhumane Partei der Schweiz - Parti Transhumaniste Suisse" (see ). And I wrote the following text as the first entry within this Facebook group:

01:32h CEST (on 3rd of April 2016; time of the post in the Facebook group): "Ich habe hier mal eine Seite/Gemeinschaft für die Transhumane Partei der Schweiz gegründet, nachdem schon in Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien und Österreich entsprechende Gruppen/Parteien existieren. =D Bitte tretet dieser Gruppe hier bei, falls ihr mitmachen möchtet. :-) Ich habe auch bereits die Domain reserviert, vielleicht können wir dort eine Webseite starten (z.B. mit Wix oder Jimdo).

Oder vielleicht ist die Domain längerfristig besser, sie würde sowohl für den deutschsprachigen als auch den französischsprachigen Parteinamen stehen, also Transhumane Partei der Schweiz - Parti Transhumaniste Suisse, wobei diese Domain noch nicht registriert wurde.

Welchen deutschsprachigen Namen findet ihr besser? Transhumane Partei der Schweiz oder Transhumanistische Partei der Schweiz?

Es ist auch klar, dass es in der Schweiz ja noch andere ebenfalls ziemlich progressive Parteien gibt (insbesondere die Piratenpartei, eventuell auch die Grünen oder die Alternative Liste), vielleicht haben wir dort auch noch Potenzial für Mitglieder oder es gibt irgendwann eine Fusion, wer weiss... ;-)

Französisch- oder Italienisch-Sprechende aus der Westschweiz beziehungsweise dem Italienisch-sprachigen Teil der Schweiz sind ebenfalls herzlich willkommen und können gerne Text in ihrer Muttersprache beisteuern! =D

Liebe Grüsse / Cordialement :-)

Lukas Girtanner

Lukas Girtanner Bergstrasse 17 CH-8330 Pfäffikon ZH Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland Handy: +41 76 345 69 69 E-Mail: lukasgirtanner -at- Webseite: "

03:02h (on 3rd of April 2016; time of the post in the Facebook group) CEST: "The same in English: I have founded the page/community for the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland, after having realized that in Germany, France, Italy and Austria, transhumanist parties already exist. =D Please join this group here if you want to participate. :-) I have also already registered the domain, maybe we can start a website there (possibly with Wix or Jimdo).

Or maybe, the domain is better in the long term, because it would represent (in an abbreviated form) both the German-language and the French-language name of the party, this domain has not yet been registered.

It is also clear that in Switzerland, there are other politically progressive parties like the Swiss Pirate Party (or the Greens or the Alternative List), maybe we could try to find/get members from there or in the longer term, even a merger might make sense, who knows... ;-)

French or Italian speakers from the Suisse Romande respectively the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland are warmly welcome, please feel free to join (and write the necessary French/Italian parts of the text)! =D

Kind regards :-)

Lukas Girtanner

Lukas Girtanner Bergstrasse 17 CH-8330 Pfäffikon ZH Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland Mobile phone: +41 76 345 69 69 E-mail: lukasgirtanner -at- Website: "

03:31h - 03:33h CEST: I split/divided the entry/posting on the new Facebook page into two parts, a German-language part and an English-language part.

23:48h - 23:55h CEST: The next thing that I will need to do on my new Facebook group/community/page for the Swiss transhumanist party is to add a photo from one of the stock photography providers (like or, I have already spotted several suitable images.

01:52h - 01:55h (already on 4th of April 2016) CEST: I have just written two more section in my Facebook group "Transhumane Partei der Schweiz - Parti transhumaniste Suisse":

01:51h CEST (on 4th of April 2016; time of the post in the Facebook group): "The same in English: As the next step, we/I need to find a photo for the profile picture of this group here, I will probably download one from a stock photography provider (like or But maybe, somebody else has already a suitable picture... By the way, feel free to leave a comment here and/or join this group! :-) Unfortunately, there are not yet many members because I hardly know any transhumanists here in Switzerland, so I hope that we Swiss transhumanists can connect with each other via this website here... =D And we will also have to collect (and vote on) the policies that our party advocates."

01:56h CEST (on 4th of April 2016; time of the post in the Facebook group): "Als nächsten Schritt müssen wir ein Foto für das Profilbild dieser Gruppe hier finden. Ich werde vermutlich eines von einer Bildagentur downloaden (beispielsweise von oder Aber vielleicht hat ja bereits jemand anderer ein geeignetes Foto... Bitte hinterlasse einen Kommentar hier oder trete dieser Gruppe bei! :-) Leider sind noch nicht viele Mitglieder in dieser Gruppe hier, weil ich kaum Transhumanisten hier in der Schweiz kenne. Ich hoffe, deshalb, dass wir Schweizer Transhumanist*innen via diese Webseite hier miteinander in Verbindung treten können... =D Und wir müssen dann auch unsere Policies (politische Forderungen) zusammentragen beziehungsweise darüber abstimmen."

Other news from later in the day / from the evening of the same day

22:57h - 23:13h and 23:17h - 23:22h CEST: I have lost a little bit too much time when editing the first subsection of April 1st. I will have to focus on more important issues rather than documenting the exact time when I edited something. :-( By the way, I am a little bit anxious because the local branch office of the disability benefit insurance hasn't written me yet (see Letter of 15th of March 2016, written by my psychiatric Spitex assistance, the page counter of this page is now at 70 which very high, people are obviously interested in it...), I checked the letterbox today again. I just wonder when they will finally answer because it is now already the 3rd of April, but they sent their letters with B-Post (slow speed mail), so I might just have to wait a little bit more... And I today received an e-mail where somebody asked me about measuring body temperature, but I didn't open it (out of the fear of getting (a) computer virus/malware), I only read the e-mail's beginning. I will have to change to my own computer with Ubuntu Linux (or Mint Linux) as soon as possible, because then, I don't have to worry about computer malware anymore... By the way, today, I drove again with my e-bike and for the first time with white tricot gloves (that person_2 brought home for me from the local pharmacy) in addition to my conventional black bike gloves (I first wear the white tricot gloves and then the conventional black bike gloves) instead of my horrible plastic gloves that I (at least in the past days because I got my e-bike back from the bike mechanic and the handlebars (German: "Fahrradlenker") were partially black) used for riding my e-bike because I am afraid of motor/chain oil residuals. With the plastic gloves, my hands and especially the fingertips began to very strongly sweat and the sweat accumulated more and more and because I usually ride for an hour and maybe a quarter, there was a lot of sweat in the inside/interior of the plastic gloves and my hands/fingers even got wizened (German: "schrumplig"). So, in the future, I will never have to use these plastic gloves for riding my e-bike (or the conventional bike of person_2) anymore... :-) Phew! :-) :-)

23:14h - 23:16h CEST: "X." (person_1) (his real first name initial is missing / was replaced because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." instead of the real initial) hasn't written me an e-mail yet today, I hope that he doesn't cease contact with me because I am publishing my (and only my own!) messages on this website here... :-( I am also still waiting for his confirmation that I have to replace the "X." (person_1) (for an explanation about "X.", see the immediately preceding sentence) with "X." everywhere on this website here (should he wish/demand it indeed...).

Monday, 4th of April 2016

02:16h - 02:27h CEST: I am aware that I have to write/focus again more on early and novel/innovative learning environments for kids and the role mathematics and the engineering (and natural) sciences should play in it. This is the most important issue on this page here and I shouldn't lose sight of it... The problem is just that I have said almost all that can be said about this topic (but I could still extend the texts a little bit and also finally tidy up the Main Page), so I have been focusing on other topics in the past two and a half weeks (since the restart/relaunch of my blog). As far as the learning environments that I advocate are concerned, the people should just imagine the potential of my ideas for completely new learning environments, replacing traditional/conventional school, and making children happy and at the same time also learning a lot like never before in the history of humanity.

20:44h - 20:49h and 20:49h - 20:52h and 20:52h - 20:58h CEST: Today, at around 19:50h (+- 10 minutes), I encountered 3 motorcycles when I was riding my e-bike, it was horrible, both of my ears are still in pain and ringing loud (tinnitus)... :-( :-( More about this incident soon, I hope that I will write about it still this evening... :-( Why are such extremely loud and exhaust gases-emitting motorcycles still allowed? :-( :-( :-( Why is politics idle/inactive respectively why is there not a political majority everywhere that bans/outlaws extreme loud man-made noise, especially when it would be avoidable respectively not necessary? :-( Luckily, I wore yellow earplugs (as I do all the time) and thanks to this, my hearing has probably not been damaged. Whew! :-) I even partially preponed (German: "vorziehen") the intake of my antipsychotic/neuroleptic medication (I took 5 milligrams of Olanzapin Sandoz prematurely) in order to not be/become too nervous about this incident (and there were also exhaust fumes that I inhaled, but I was again lucky that I could get away from the road very quickly after the 3 motorcycles had passed)...

22:35h (approximately, +- 5 minutes) - 23:00h and 23:07h - 23:12h CEST: I just read the following rather interesting article, , it is one of the very few instances that I read a New York Times article (because if I read too many of them, I would have to pay for them and also a lot of articles are not particularly interesting, too much for well-established people). As the article describes it, it is really a pity that Sanders didn't begin earlier to aggressively campaign for his nomination... :-( Because now, he won't be able to make up leeway to his intransparent and at least to a certain degree corrupt female competitor and a unique chance for real change in the U.S. is missed. :-( But maybe, his position isn't as far left as he pretends and as a result, he was not determined enough to radically criticize and beat his female competitor in the primaries from as early as possible (as the NYT article also suggests/implies between the lines; but maybe, he underestimated the difficulty of standing up to somebody who is really well-known, established and supported not primarily by the people, but by corporations?). :-( And this reminds me also to/in a certain degree/way of my own fate because I have probably been silent/inactive here on this website for too long and it is now difficult to be seen/heard on the Internet again because a lot of people probably thought that I disappeared from the scene / dropped of the radar screen (German: "von der Bildfläche verschwinden") because of my two and a half year break... But now, I am back again and I still hope to make a difference, especially in the longer term! :-) If people acknowledge the potential of mathematics and the engineering (and natural) sciences and implement radically new and playful ways of letting children learn these fields from an as early as possible age, humanity will be safe and survive also in the coming centuries and possibly into infinite future (although the chances for the latter are probably infinitely small because infinity is truly unimaginably large/gigantic).

23:01h - 23:02h and 23:12h CEST: Actually, I should write about any online news source article that I am reading (for example the "Tages Anzeiger" or the "Taz"), but most of them are in German, so it would not be intelligible for any English-speaking reader.

23:02h - 23:07h CEST: By the way, I also read about this "Panama papers" scandal in several news sources, but the problem there is that everything should be automatically transparent everywhere to everybody on the Internet (including all financial information), like that, it would not be necessary to expose particular data sets that only shed light to a very limited section (German: (Teil-)Bereich") of global financial information. Even more importantly, it would be necessary to directly make accessible all data to the global public (via the Internet) and not just to an organization like the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) that still acts as gatekeepers and prevents everybody of seeing everything. :-(

23:25h - 23:28h and 23:41h - 23:44h CEST: OK, maybe, it was a mistake of writing about U.S. politics... I should focus on my issues and make progress with getting/downloading/buying an image/picture for my new Facebook group and also creating the website for the Swiss transhumanist party (and of course tidy up the Main Page here and writing all policies in one place in a concise way, the big policies, but also the smaller ones; and I should also finally try to ensure that the Internet Archive's crawler gets/saves/stores the content of my website here.)

23:28h - 23:34h CEST: But there is one question whose answer I really don't know: Why is Clinton supported much more by blacks / African Americans than Sanders? Because shouldn't Sanders with his more left-leaning demands also be the right candidate for African Americans (who are more underprivileged than other ethnicities)? Maybe, I should do an Internet search in order to find it out, for example with the keywords "sanders clinton more popular black" (I did the search on Google but didn't read the result pages yet).

23:36h - 23:41 CEST: Luckily, I have already slight recovered from the incident with the 3 motorbikes, the hearing is almost back to normal and also the effect of inhaling the exhaust fumes has partially subsided (probably because I anticipated / moved ahead (German: "vorverschieben", the corresponding English word doesn't seem to exist) the intake of half of my daily dose of Olanzapine). :-)

Tuesday, 5th of April 2016

01:27h - 01:30h and 01:31h - 01:34h CEST: I just had to do some very boring and repetitive maintenance work at the page My Facebook, e-mail and SMS messages for about ten minutes. But this is at least still much better than having to work repetitive manual work in a sheltered workshop (German: "geschützte Werkstatt"). ;-(

23:57h - 23:59h and 23:59h - 00:12h (the latter already on Wednesday, 6th of April 2016) CEST: Today, I went again on a ride with my e-bike and this time, nothing special happened. The mobile phone that I took with me has the number +41 76 280 10 69. And the itinerary that I took was less long (like already yesterday too) because I didn't cross the Hittnauerstrasse anymore and just stayed in the first forest and drove forth and back within this forest several times with a shut/switched off e-bike motor/engine. I also saw a guy that I knew (he lives in immediate vicinity of our home and we once met each other) and he said hello ("Hoi") and I said hello back... :-) Nothing else happened. And before I went on my e-bike ride, Teresa was here for one and a half hours and I was forced to take a shower before she came and I hadn't finished when she arrived, so she was quite upset because of my delay at taking the shower, but ultimately, the delay was only a quarter of an hour. I also talked with Christine on the phone several times today. And person_2 and me placed an order at Coop@home in order to get food and other household necessities (this time, just paper handkerchiefs and plastic gloves for me, besides several food items) delivered to our home. The next thing that I have to do is to replace the first name initial "X." (his real first name initial is missing / was replaced because of the decision of 5th of April 2016 to write "X." everywhere instead of the real initial) with ""X." (person_1)" on the blog pages (on the new with the messages, is has already been replaced. I have promised "X." (person_1) that I will do it today (respectively strictly speaking now already yesterday). And by the way, I also heard voices this evening again :-(, but luckily, they have gone away now after I have sat long enough in front of the computer. :-)

Wednesday, 6th of April 2016

00:49h - 00:53h CEST: I realized now that it might have been a better idea to create a small page where I explain the issue of having had to replace the real first name initial of person_1 everywhere. And in every instance where the issue arose on the blogs of March and April 2016, I would then give a sufficiently short internal link to that page. Maybe, I will do this, but not today. I am aware that it is important that my blog remains legible and brackets (and especially long brackets) don't serve that purpose. :-(

23:50h - 23:51h CEST: I am writing an e-mail message to "X." (person_1), it takes very long because I am writing a lot... I will publish/upload it as soon as I have finished. Be aware that it is in Standard German, like all e-mail that I am writing to "X." (person_1).

Thursday, 7th of April 2016

00:56h - 00:59h CEST: I will have to remove all mentions/references to "X." (person_2) because she ordered me to do that immediately. I will call her person_2 from now on (because person_1 is already occupied/used)...

19:36h - 20:06h CEST (with several pauses in between): Person_2 is very irritated / on edge and complaining at the moment because she is old and with every month, she is getting older and older and she says that she "can't anymore" (German: "sie kann nicht mehr") and she is out of patience with life generally and finished / at an end / running on empty. :-( :-( And this evening, before going to sleep, person_2 also used a horrible body lotion that smelled very strongly after having been applied (I had to go away / leave the room), but fortunately/luckily, the smell quickly went away and has now completely subsided.

20:07h - 20:10h CEST: Today, I will have to do some small changes in the e-mails (move a section in each of the two e-mails to the end of the e-mail) that I have published on My Facebook, e-mail and SMS messages in order to improve child and youth protection.

21:01h - 21:05h CEST: Today, the assistance person of the psychiatric Spitex came and also Teresa from the household Spitex. And because I had to get up early for the assistance person of the psychiatric Spitex, I was sleep-deprived and not able to go on my e-bike ride (yesterday, it was the same situation). Another reason why I could not go on my e-bike ride today (but not yesterday when the weather was good) was that the weather was not good today. Today, I will probably open the following new page: Log of notable websites that I browsed and what intellectual input I got from them.

21:58h - 22:02h CEST: Before I forget it, I will one day also have to upload all my Internet browsing history (the file where the Internet browser stores all pages that one has accessed).

Friday, 8th of April 2016

Saturday, 9th of April 2016, 00:07h CEST: For a description of what I did on Friday, 8th of April 2016, see the first entry of the next day/section because I didn't write on this blog page here on the 8th of April.

Saturday, 9th of April 2016

00:08h - 00:11h CEST: Today (respectively now strictly speaking already yesterday) Friday, 8th of April 2016, I worked with Teresa, my household Spitex, in my room and I couldn't go outside with her or drive with my e-bike because it was cold and raining... And I am aware that I have to answer the e-mail by "X." (person_1) because yesterday, I only wrote a relatively short answer and couldn't respond to what he wrote.

Wednesday, 13th of April 2016

22:59h - 23:13h CEST: Sorry that I didn't write here for several days. :-( I was mentally not feeling well... :-( But now, I hope that I get well again... But unfortunately, I have stopped driving my e-bike and I have doubts whether/when I will drive my e-bike again in the future because I am so lethargic at the moment. But maybe, writing here again will also help me at being motivated enough to drive my e-bike. As far as my Internet browsing activity is concerned, I will have to find a way how to publish my Internet browsing history (with short comments). The only way I see it now is to publish it unredacted/unedited, because I move on so fast that I can't think twice and three times about every URL to a news outlet and/or my comments to it. It is clear that if the day would have 240 hours instead of just 24 hours, I would have much more time to carefully and in great detail write to every URL what I am thinking about it, but unfortunately, time is short. :-( I will also have to delete some thoughts in my personal browsing log because not every thought in it is good (I spontaneously write down just everything that comes to my mind), some thoughts might not be correct (I really have to stop thinking like that, luckily it is very rare that I think in a wrong way). Or some thoughts (for example when I write down the name of an attractive woman that I just discovered) might be impossible to publish too because a lot of people don't want to be objectified. So, I will edit out some of the things that I write down in my personal Internet browsing log. Ah yes, this might be a good title for the page: My personal Internet browsing log. I will probably choose that one instead of the older one that I wrote down last week in an earlier blog post (see above).

Thursday, 14th of April 2016

23:45h - 23:56h CEST: I have strong pain in my left eye because the computer monitor (the iMac of my mother) with which I am writing is mirroring/reflecting. :-( I know I should for a long time (German: "schon lange") change the computer with which I am writing. Actually, I have an own computer, but at the moment, I can't use it unfortunately. :-( Today, the assistance person from the psychiatric Spitex came (quite early, at 13:00 o'clock, so I had to get up unusually early because normally, I get up at 15:00h or 16:00h in the afternoon these days). And on 16:30h, Teresa, my household Spitex came for an hour. I will have to upload my browsing log, but not today because my eyes are hurting too much and I will have to leave the computer as soon as possible. But there is at least one advantage of the assistance person of the psychiatric Spitex coming so early today: I will go to bed earlier and hopefully find back into a (more) normal daily routine/rhythm.

Friday, 15th of April 2016

00:27h (+- 2 minutes) - 00:38h and 00:40h CEST: And today (respectively strictly speaking already yesterday now), I also didn't make my e-bike ride although the weather would have been good. :-( And I saw an anguis fragilis / "slow worm" (German: "Blindschleiche") together with Teresa next to the main stairs of our house. :-) It was sunbathing / enjoying the sun there and disappeared after the shadow had come. Luckily, no cat was around... I don't like cats a lot because they probably hunt exactly these kind of animals... :-(

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