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April 2024

Tuesday, 2nd of April 2024

The most important topic now is to write about the potential animals (in addition to robots and mathematics learning software for individualized, self-paced mathematics learning) have in learning environments with an onset at the earliest possible age. Tame animals are absolutely amazing for any tuition especially in the case of young children because they treat us humans in a kind and loving way and they are curious and playful towards/with humans, including young children, other animals (of the same but also different species) and robots. When talking about animals and their potential for early childhood play and learning, we should always keep in mind that those animals that differ most of us but who are at the same time curious are most important and should be considered first when designing and implementing early childhood learning environments. I am particularly thinking about octopuses. I was able to find videos about octopus behaviour that should show the potential of this animals, although there are unfortunately not yet videos of young children (or robots) playing and interacting with octopuses. 18:33h When talking aobut octopuses, one should also never forget that they have to be kept in sufficiently large tanks (possibly also together with other individuals of the same octopus species or other water animals of other species as long as they live together peacefully and don't eat each other) and should have the opportunity to play with the robots all the time, not just when kids are present. Furthermore, every neighborhood should have its own octopus tank so that the parents of every neighborhood can visit the tank with their children and allowing them to interact and play with the octopuses. 18:36h In case of very young children (toddlers and babies), the parents should hold the children while they are playing with the octopus(es) in order to give/provide them safety, physically and emotionally. 18:39h 18:44h In case of octopusses, it is crucial that the tanks are large enough so that humans (who should not have creams of other chemicals on their skin) can swim and dive in these tanks too. Because of that, it would also be unpractical that every family keeps their own octopus(es). 18:45h 18:45h I will add links to the YouTube videos that I was able to find about octopus behaviour here on this page. 18:46h

What I also want to emphasize is that it is important in any case of keeping tame animals for play and interaction with children that they are allowed to roam in the whole building where they are kept (in case of animals living on land) and also allowed to climb/get to every table, chair or bed in a building, because otherwise the animals may suffer by the restrictions of their cage and they may not even become tame towards humans. (In a similar way, all animals living in water need sufficiently large tanks in which humans can also swim and dive.) 18:40h I unfortunately experienced that with my mice: They are kept in a large cage but they don't become tame because my mother doesn't allow them to leave the cage. And they constantly try to reach for the ceiling of the cage. I hope I will be able to buy a long ladder, so that they can at least reach the ceiling of the cage and maybe climb there (but the cage would still be closed), in case my mother agrees with that. 18:42h

Uploaded at 18:48h CEST.

You can do a search for videos (for example YouTube videos) of amazing and interesting octopus behaviour with the following keywords yourself (for example on Google.con or (written at around 19:08h and uploaded at 19:19h CEST):

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  • my octopus teacher (see for example )

3 particularly interesting YouTube videos about a marine biologist who keeps an octopus in his living room, are the following:

And here are 3 videos more:

Wednesday, 3rd of April 2024

Of course, it is only necessary to keep one or several octopusses and other marine animals in a tank when the sea is too far away. If a neighborhood is located close to the sea, it is probably better to keep the octopus(es) in a (closed or maybe even open) area the sea or maybe even interact with wild octopuses (the movie "My Octopus Teacher" shows that this may be possible). (16:24h (ca.) CEST)

Another issue is the food of the octopuses. If I am correct (I have to read it in Wikipedia), octopuses eat other animals alive. This should of course be avoided at all cost, especially if you keep an octopus in a tank or in a closed area. So, the solution is to give the octopuses only naturally and peacefully deceased animals (maybe you or a robot may have to move them so that the octopuses accept them as food). 16:31h CEST And in the long term, as far as octopuses and their food (and actually all tame carnivorous animals (and later possibly even all wild animals) should not get into a situation in which they have to kill and eat animal that has been added to their tank/aquarium/terrarium/living place or more generally eat food that comes from animals who have been killed in order to be eaten. In order to solve this problem in the more distant future, genetic engineering of tame formerly carnivorous animals, including octopuses may solve the problem: If all animals that live together with humans, including formerly carnivorous animals, don't eat any meat, one does not have to get dead animals for them. 16:35h

Another issue is also the longetivity of octopuses because, as far as I know (again, I will have to read Wikipedia), octopuses don't live long which is really a pity and the short lifespan is also not good for establishing relationships between a human child and an octopus, especially since stable relationships are key for the healthy growth of any child and if the octopuses die (too) early, no lasting relationships can be formed. 16:37h So, it may absolutely make sense to genetically engineer octopuses in a way that they live significantly longer or even forever (especially in case of eternal life, one needs to absolutely ensure that nothing bad happens to them, which is also valid for humans should they no longer grow old, but remain young forever). 16:39h CEST

21:21h CEST: Another question is whether an octopus should move together with a family (including their kids) with whom it has formed a close relationship. Because families may slowly move/travel on the planet (I call it slow, gradual travel so that no airplane has to be used ever). So, should an octopus always remain in the same place (in the same neighborhood) or should it move with the people with whom it has formed its closest relationship? 21:24h CEST

21:27h CEST: To me, octopuses are the closest creatures to what an extraterrestrial would be, so we really have to socialize, form relationships and become friends with them. Because hopefully one day, we will encounter real extraterrestrials. And since I believe in universal love (German" All-Liebe") for all creatures of the universe, octopuses, who are so different from us but still curious to interact with us, are crucial to already now experience this love. 21:30h

21:27h CEST: Octopuses, mice, rats and bats should live much longer than the do right now. 21:46h CEST: I just found out that bats have a relatively long lifespan. 21:47h

Friday, 5th of April 2024

By the way, I am trying to do a proofreading course ("Korrektorenfernkurs" in German) at the moment. 18:11h CEST

Thursday, 11th of April 2024

15:05 CEST: What I also have to mention is that I have been sleeping badly in the recent months, beginning in Januar 2024.

Wednesday, 17th of April 2024

Today, I cleaned the cage of my mice, with the help of T. (we exchanged/renewed the straw bedding of the cage), and it became again clear for me that mice have to be allowed to roam free in the environment/premises where we humans live because only then, there is almost a guarantee that they will become tame. Otherwise, if they are caged all the time, they may not become tame although they absolutely/actually would have had the potential for it. 22:02h CEST

2 YouTube channels (about animals and their love they are offering to us humans) that I highly recommend are GeoBeats and The Dodo. 22:03h CEST

Thursday, 18th of April 2024

Actually, every animal (tame pet, including (larger) farm animals), not just mice, should have the right to roam freely in all rooms where the humans live, there should be no cage or any other physical separations between humans and tame pets anymore. The animals should be able/allowed to live together with the humans on an equal footing / at eye level (German: "auf Augenhöhe"). 15:05h CEST (ca.)

Furthermore, no animal should receive any brain implant as long as implanting and running the brain implant is not completely safe, since animals are not able to give consent and may be harmed in a horrible way by the implant, escpecially when they don't communicate in words with the humans yet (which may only be possible with a brain implant), so that one can be sure of their consent. The best approach with brain implants is that freely consenting humans test it first and only then animals are implanted it too. The problem is that humans are very quick at testing their new technology with animals (also in a potentially reckless way that may/will harm an animal individual), ignoring the fact that the animals haven't given respectively are not able to give consent to that. 15:10h CEST When assessing the safety of a brain implant, the same scrutiny should be given to implantation into a human brain and the brain of an animal. 15:12h 15:15h CEST

Monday, 22nd of April 2024 / Montag, den 22. April 2024

Wer fortschrittliche Ideen für die Förderung von Kleinkindern hat, sollte nicht so vorgehen wie ich es leider getan habe. Ich habe den Fehler gemacht, dass ich nicht frühzeitig praktisch bzw. konkret mit kleinen Kindern gearbeitet habe, sondern andere Dinge an der Universität «studiert» habe (darunter zwar auch Pädagogik, aber für ältere Kinder, zudem nur total praxisfern an der Uni). Es ist nämlich sehr wichtig, immer das konkrete Kind und seine Bedürfnisse und sein Potential vor Augen zu haben. Wer konkrete/reale/praktische Erfahrung mit kleinen Kindern hat, vom Baby bis zu älteren Vorschulkindern und auch vernetzt ist mit anderen Kleinkinderbetreuenden, vielleicht sogar Freundschaften mit ihnen geschlossen hat (mit den Kindern, aber eben auch mit den anderen Betreuenden) und in der täglichen Arbeit und auch durch Diskussion der eigenen Webseite und Videos Feedback von den Kollegen/Mit-Betreuenden erhält, kann eine Webseite eröffnen und daran schreiben, eben erst dann. Der Gang in die Praxis der Kleinkinderbetreuung ist unabdingbar, sogar wenn gleichzeitig an einer Universität, Fachhochschule oder höheren Fachschule das Fach Kleinkindererziehung oder -betreuung studiert wird, denn die praktische Erfahrung ist durch nichts zu ersetzen, insbesondere da die etablierte Theorie zur (insbesondere auch frühkindlichen) Kinderbetreuung total veraltet sein dürfte und einem beim theoretischen Studium vor allem frustrieren wird. Ganz besonders wichtig ist die praktische Erfahrung auch für die Entwicklung und vor allem auch Kommunikation der eigenen Ideen und ihrer Umsetzung: Denn im Idealfall gelingt es einem, die eigenen Ideen (wie die Interaktion von Kleinkindern mit frei herumlaufenden Mäusen und Ratten oder mit neugierigen Oktopusse in den möglichst grossen Tanks, unterstützt/angereichert durch Lernroboter und Spiel-Roboter für die Tiere und Kinder) bereits frühzeitig umzusetzen und dann auch Videos davon zu machen und auf Social Media zu veröffentlichen, um den Mitmenschen zu zeigen, wie viel Liebe, Freundschaft und Beziehungen auch zwischen sehr verschiedenartigen Individuen und Geschöpfen möglich ist und dass es Sinn macht, wenn/dass ein Kind dies möglichst früh erleben kann. So können die eigenen Ideen schrittweise umgesetzt werden und es kommt zu keiner übertriebenen, «abgehobenen» und extremen (und teilweise auch praxisfernen) Ideenbildung inklusive, was besonders bedauerlich ist, Vorwürfen, dass Kinder durch die (auch im technischen Sinn) fortschrittlichen Ideen Schaden nehmen könnten. Zudem kann so auch der eigene Lebensunterhalt bestritten werden und mensch* wird nicht gezwungen, anderweitig Geld verdienen zu müssen, was wiederum zu Frustration führen würde und verlorene Zeit und Energie bedeuten würde. Natürlich kann es teilweise auch frustrierend sein, mit anderen Kinderbetreuenden, welche gegen die Anreicherung von frühkindlichen Lernumgebungen mit verschiedenartigen Tieren und Robotern sind, zusammenarbeiten zu müssen, aber es ist immer noch besser, Kompromisse in der täglichen Arbeit mit Kleinkindern machen zu müssen, als gar nicht real mit Kleinkindern arbeiten zu können oder die Förderung von Kleinkindern nur in der (wie gesagt stark veralteten) Theorie zu studieren.

Am allerungünstigsten ist es zudem, wenn plötzlich ein Faschismusvorwurf aufkommt, weil mensch* Kinder auf neuartige Weise fördern möchte. Um dem entgegenzuwirken, ist eine frühzeitige Einbettung in ein soziales Setting mit anderen Kleinkinderbetreuenden und Kleinkindern elementar. Zudem ist auch klar, dass die eigene Persönlichkeit in der Arbeit mit Kleinkindern und in der Zusammenarbeit und im Feedback mit den anderen Betreuenden wachsen muss, indem alle voneinander lernen können. Dabei ist insbesondere auch darauf zu achten, dass sich jeglicher Hochmut, Überheblichkeit, Arroganz, Grössenwahn oder destruktive Einstellungen oder Ideen gegenüber den Mitgeschöpfen des Universums (und natürlich auch Gott bzw. der Göttin der ewigen Liebe) gar nicht erst bilden darf, nicht innerlich, geschweige denn nach aussen getragen. Absolut unabdingbar ist eine demütige, wertschätzende und liebevolle Grundhaltung gegenüber allem Leben im Universum und ein Bekenntnis zum stets friedlichen Miteinander. Das Wichtigste ist, dass sich durch eine kluge Wahl des Ausbildungs- und vor allem Arbeitsortes negative Emotionen gar nicht erst bilden können und falls doch (beispielsweise in Konflikten mit anderen Mitarbeitenden, welche gegen die Einführung und Umsetzung von neuen Ideen in den Lernumgebungen von kleinen Kindern sind), dass mit diesen laufend nachhaltig/wirkungsvoll in einer Weise umgegangen wird, indem mensch* sich einerseits mit (ja meist ohnehin nur temporären) Kompromissen zufrieden gibt und andererseits froh und dankbar ist, überhaupt mit realen Kindern arbeiten und in Beziehung treten zu dürfen, denn das ist das Wertvollste, das es für pädagogisch Tätige gibt. 01:49 Uhr und 01:55 Uhr, 22.04.2024

Ein sehr zuverlässiger Indikator, ob mensch* die richtigen Entscheidungen im Leben getroffen hat, ist die Freundschaften, die mensch* pflegt bzw. aufgebaut hat. Wer nicht am für einen selber richtigen/passenden Ort arbeitet oder studiert, wird auch nicht tragfähige und nachhaltige Freunde finden bzw. Freundschaften aufbauen. Und genau dieser Fehler ist mir leider passiert. Ich habe statt nach der Matur sofort oder zumindest möglichst rasch (auch) als Kleinkindbetreuer arbeiten zu gehen sehr viele Jahre in einem zu weiten Teilen sinnlosen Studium an der Universität verloren und heute nur noch einen einzigen Freund aus der Zeit an der Universität, wobei es nicht einmal klar ist, ob dies ein echter Freund ist oder nicht. Wenn ich nach der Matur von Anfang an mit kleinen Kindern in einem institutionalisierten Setting gearbeitet hätte, wären auch meine Freundschaften ganz anders verlaufen, ich hätte mehrere und vielleicht sogar viele Freundinnen und Freunde, wobei die Freundschaften durch ein gemeinsames Interesse (nämlich Kinder angemessen zu fördern und in diesem Bereich auch zu arbeiten) getragen würden. 02:16 Uhr Und wenn ich nach der Matura das Richtige gemacht (möglichst rasch in die Kinderbetreuung zu wechseln) und zudem ganz grosses Glück gehabt hätte, hätte ich neben Freundschaften vielleicht sogar meine Seelenverwandte bzw. die grosse Liebe gefunden mit der ich meine Leidenschaft/Berufung der möglichst kindgerechten Förderung geteilt hätte. 16:42 Uhr Auf alle Fälle wäre ich glücklicher gewesen und hätte das auch ausgestrahlt, wenn ich in genau diejenige Richtung gegangen wäre, wo meine Leidenschaft liegt, nämlich kleine Kinder auf möglichst fortschrittliche Weise zu fördern und zwar nicht nur, indem ich eine Webseite mit Ideen und Forderungen schreibe, sondern eben auch real und praktisch mit kleinen Kindern und wenn möglich in einem institutionalisierten Setting bzw. (haupt)beruflich und nicht nur nebenher. 20:15 Uhr

Ich kann meine Vergangenheit mit all ihren Fehlentscheidungen leider nicht mehr rückgängig machen, aber ich kann zumindest jungen Menschen, die frustriert über die veraltete Schule und frühkindlichen Lernumgebungen sind, anraten, möglichst (auch) praktisch mit kleinen Kindern zu arbeiten und zwar wenn möglich in einem institutionalisierten Setting und gekoppelte mit einer praktischen Ausbildung/Lehre und nicht nur sporadisch oder nebenher. 02:41 Uhr

Ich muss hier allerdings noch anfügen, dass ich immerhin das Glück hatte, ab dem Jahr 2006 zwei Vorschulkinder (zwei Buben) fördern zu dürfen, auch mit Robotern, wobei ich gerade mit den Robotern mehr und vor allem früher mehr hätte machen müssen. Allerdings habe ich dort insgesamt gesehen versagt, weil ich in den Nullerjahren wegen dem über weite Teile sinnlosen Studium und einer immer stärker werdenden MCS-Erkrankung immer kränker wurde und schliesslich nur noch sehr wenig und sporadisch etwas mit diesen beiden Kindern machen konnte (zudem wohne ich leider ausserhalb des Dorfes, was wegen des relativ langen Weges ins Dorf mühsam/schade ist und ein zusätzliches Problem darstellte), was für die Pflege der Beziehung zu den beiden Buben eben auch alles andere als optimal war. Zudem war ich selber sehr unreif und ich habe nicht an meiner eigenen Persönlichkeit gearbeitet, was eben erforderlich gewesen wäre, wenn ich in einem institutionalisierten Setting mit kleinen Kindern gearbeitet hätte. 02:48 Uhr Ausserdem war ich 2006 (und noch mehr 2008) schon ziemlich krank (MCS und Depressionen), im Idealfall hätte ich schon viel früher anfangen sollen, als Kleinkindbetreuer zu arbeiten, und zwar in Vollzeit oder fast in Vollzeit (im Idealfall schon im Jahr 2000, direkt nach der Matura), aber ich bin immer noch sehr dankbar, dass ich mit den beiden Buben arbeiten konnte. 22:18 Uhr

Rückwirkend ist mensch* immer klüger. 03:30 Uhr

Das Versprechen für totale Transparenz macht nur Sinn, wenn mensch* keine verwerflichen Gedanken in sich trägt. Sobald mensch* verwerfliche Nebengedanken/Zusatzgedanken in sich trägt, ist es nicht (mehr) möglich, radikal transparent zu sein, weil mensch* dann nicht mehr über alles offen sprechen kann bzw. dies zumindest ein Risiko darstellt, wenn auch andere Anteile der Persönlichkeit problematisch/verwerflich sind, beispielswese wenn/weil mensch* (wie leider ich) auf Signale der Zuneigung durch seine Mitmenschen (und insbesondere auch von Kindern und Jugendlichen) mit destruktiver Ablehnung reagiert, natürlich ohne dies wirklich zu wollen, das geschieht/geschah bei mir leider unwillkürlich und dies die Menschen, denen mensch* begegnet, realisieren/wissen. 17:03 Uhr Etwas vom Wichtigsten im Leben ist, zu verhindern, zu einem Menschen zu werden, der leider auch destruktive Nebengedanken hat. Mensch* muss solche destruktiven Gedanken und Ideen verhindern, bevor mensch* überhaupt weiss, dass es sie gibt, zugegebenermassen eine schwierige Aufgabe, vor allem wenn mensch* charakterlich bereits belastet ist. Wenn es trotzdem so weit kommt, kann mensch* nur hoffen, dass mensch* wenigstens charakterlich trotzdem ein genügend guter Mensch ist, beispielsweise also nicht andere Menschen hochmütig zurückweist (wie das leider bei mir der Fall ist/war), wenn sie einem spontan ihre Zuneigung zeigen.

Eines meiner grössten Probleme ist (und das wäre mir wahrscheinlich auch in die Quere gekommen, wenn ich rechtzeitig als Kleinkinderbetreuer angefangen hätte), dass ich Menschen und vor allem auch Frauen natürlich ohne dies zu wollen «automatisch» mit meiner Mimik zurückweise, wenn sie mir ein Signal der Zuneigung oder Anerkennung geben. Einmal ist mir das sogar bei einem ganz jungen (sie war damals ein oder eineinhalb Jahre alt) und liebenswürdigen Mädchen passiert, als ich mich zu Tanzmusik bewegte und das Mädchen mit gegenüber seine Freude darüber ausdrückte: Ich habe diese Geste der Zuneigung ohne es zu wollen mimisch abgewehrt und das Mädchen damit vor den Kopf gestossen, was ich ausserordentlich bedaure und was mir zeigt, dass ich ein tief sitzendes Problem im zwischenmenschlichen Bereich habe (abgesehen von den verwerflichen Nebengedanken/Zusatzgedanken, die sich wahrscheinlich irgendwann in den Nullerjahren bei mir gebildet haben und die ich auch nicht haben möchte). 20:03 Uhr

Ich habe leider nicht realisiert, dass die Freundschaften, die ich hatte, nicht optimal waren, und möglicherweise sogar gar nicht echt. Ich habe mir bei meinen Freunden immer etwas vorgemacht, indem ich mir jeweils vorstellte, dass die Menschen, mit denen ich zu tun hatte, wegen meiner Webseite oder meinen Ideen Interesse an mir haben, doch es kam nie zu einer expliziten Diskussion oder Aussprache bezüglich meiner Ideen, alles blieb unkonkret. Dies war möglich, da ich eben leider nicht regulär als Kleinkinderbetreuer arbeitete und dort meine Ideen konkret umzusetzen versuchte (begleitet von dokumentierenden Videos und einer Webseite) und deshalb Gespräche oder Diskussionen über meine Ideen und deren Umsetzung oder meine Webseite gar nicht aufkamen bzw. sich nicht ergeben haben.

Was die Eugenik betrifft: Ganz wichtig bei der Eugenik sind neben den Mathematik-Fähigkeiten (mathematischen Intelligenz) die Feinfühligkeit, die Empathie, das Mitgefühl, die Friedfertigkeit, der Altruismus und die Kooperationsbereitschaft. Strikt zu vermeiden sind in der Eugenik jegliche Art von Egoismus, Überheblichkeit, Hang zu destruktiver oder aggressiver Kompetitivität und Mangel an Empathie, Mitgefühl und Kooperationsbereitschaft. 20:05 Uhr Zudem ist es sehr wichtig, dass sich alle zukünftigen Eltern die eugenischen Massnahmen leisten können, dafür braucht es staatlich finanzierte Gutscheine für diejenigen Eltern, welche die eugenischen Massnahmen in Anspruch nehmen wollen. Nachtrag vom 2024-04-29 09:23 Uhr MESZ

Im deutschen Text habe ich "mensch*" ("mensch" mit Genderstern) geschrieben statt "man", was nicht der offiziellen Schreibweise entspricht.

Kinder fördern heisst auf Englisch support/promote/empower, das muss ich dann wenn ich den Text übersetzt habe einfügen.

Sämtliche Zeit-Angaben im Eintrag zum heutigen 22. April 2024 sind MESZ/CEST.

Dieser deutschsprachige Blog-Eintrag von heute 22. April 2024 wurde zuerst offline auf Deutsch in Microsoft Word geschrieben und dann als Ganzes hier in den Blog hochgeladen. 20:54 Uhr MESZ

Now, the same text in English (automatically translated with and slightly improved/redacted afterwards):

Anyone who has progressive ideas for supporting/promoting/empowering young children should not proceed in the way I unfortunately did. I made the mistake of not working practically or specifically with small children early on, but instead "studied" other things at university (including pedagogy / educational science, but for older children, and only in a totally non-practical way at university). It is very important to always have the specific child and its needs and potential in mind. Anyone who has concrete/real/practical experience with small children, from babies to older preschool children, and is also networked with other toddler carers, perhaps has even made friends with them (with the children, but also with the other carers) and receives feedback from colleagues/co-carers in their daily work and also by discussing their own website and videos, can open a website and write about it, only then. Practical experience in early childhood care is essential, even if you are studying early childhood education or care at a university, university of applied sciences or higher technical college (in German: Höhere Fachschule) at the same time, because there is no substitute for practical experience, especially as the established theory on childcare (especially early childhood care) is likely to be completely outdated and will frustrate you during your theoretical studies. Practical experience is also particularly important for the development and, above all, communication of your own ideas and their implementation: Because ideally, you manage to implement your own ideas (such as the interaction of small children with free-roaming mice and rats or with curious octopuses in the largest possible tanks, supported/enriched by learning robots and play robots for the animals and children) at an early age and then also make videos of them and publish them on social media to show your fellow human beings how much love, friendship and relationships are possible even between very different individuals and creatures and that it makes sense if/that a child can experience this as early as possible. In this way, a child's own ideas can be implemented step by step and there is no exaggerated, "detached" and extreme (and sometimes impractical) formation of ideas, including, which is particularly regrettable, accusations that children could be harmed by the progressive ideas (also in a technical sense). In addition, you can also earn a living in this way and are not forced to earn money elsewhere, which in turn would lead to frustration and wasted time and energy. Of course, it can also be frustrating to have to work with other childcare professionals who are against the enrichment of early childhood learning environments with various animals and robots, but it is still better to have to make compromises in your daily work with young children than not being able to work with young children at all or only being able to study the development of young children in theory (which, as I said, is very outdated).

The worst thing of all is when accusations of fascism suddenly arise because you want to support/promote/empower children in a new way. To counteract this, early embedding in a social setting with other childcare professionals and young children is fundamental. It is also clear that your own personality needs to grow when working with young children and in collaboration and feedback with other caregivers and that everyone has the opportunity to learn from each other. Particular attention must also be paid to ensuring that any pride, arrogance, megalomania or destructive attitudes or ideas towards fellow creatures of the universe (and of course God or the Goddess of eternal love) are not allowed to develop in the first place, neither internally nor externally. A humble, appreciative and loving attitude towards all life in the universe and a commitment to peaceful coexistence at all times is absolutely essential. The most important thing is that negative emotions are not allowed to develop in the first place through a wise choice of training and, above all, work location, and if they do (for example in conflicts with other employees who are against the introduction and implementation of new ideas in the learning environments of young children), that these are dealt with in a sustainable/effective way on an ongoing basis, on the one hand by being satisfied with compromises (which are usually only temporary anyway) and on the other hand by being happy and grateful to be able to work and interact and be in a relationship with real children at all, because that is the most valuable thing there is for educational professionals. 01:49h and 01:55h (A.M.), 22.04.2024

A very reliable indicator of whether you have made the right decisions in life is the friendships you maintain or have built up. If you don't work or study in the right/appropriate place for you, you won't make sustainable and lasting friends or build friendships. Unfortunately, this is exactly the mistake I made. Instead of going to work as a daycare worker immediately or at least as soon as possible after leaving school (after having graduated from Gymnasium), I lost many years in a largely pointless course of study at university and now only have one friend from my time at university, although it's not even clear whether this is a real friend or not. If I had worked with young children in an institutionalized setting right from the start after graduating from high school (Gymnasium), my friendships would have been very different, I would have several and perhaps even many friends, whereby the friendships would be supported by a common interest (namely to support/promote/empower young children appropriately and also to work in this area). 02:16h And if I had done the right thing after my Matura (switching to childcare as quickly as possible) and had also been very lucky, I might even have found my soulmate or the love of my life in addition to friendships, with whom I would have shared my passion/vocation of supporting/promoting/empowering young children as appropriately as possible. 16:42 In any case, I would have been happier and would have radiated that if I had gone in exactly the direction where my passion lies, namely to support/promote/empower young children in the most progressive way possible, not just by writing a website with ideas and demands, but also in a real and practical way with young children and, if possible, in an institutionalized setting or professionally and not just on the side. 20:15h

Unfortunately, I can no longer undo my past with all its wrong decisions, but I can at least advise young people who are frustrated with the outdated school and early childhood learning environments to (also) work practically with young children, if possible in an institutionalized setting and coupled with practical training/apprenticeship and not just sporadically or on the side. 02:41 (A.M.)

I must add here, however, that I was lucky enough to be able to care for two preschool children (two boys) from 2006 onwards, also with robots, although I should have done more with the robots and, above all, done more earlier. However, I failed overall because I became increasingly ill in the noughties due to my largely pointless studies and an increasingly severe MCS illness and was ultimately only able to do very little and sporadically with these two children (unfortunately, I also live outside the village, which is a hassle and an additional problem due to the relatively long journey to the village), which was anything but ideal for maintaining the relationship with the two boys. I was also very immature myself and I didn't work on my own personality, which would have been necessary if I had been working with young children in an institutionalized setting. 02:48 Furthermore, in 2006 (and even more in 2008), I had already become quite sick (MCS and depression), in an ideal case, I would have begun to work as a daycare worker much earlier, and full time or nearly full time (in an ideal case already in the year 2000, immediately after my Matura), but I am still very grateful that I could work with the two boys. 22:18h

You're always wiser in retrospect. 03:30h (A.M.)

The promise of total transparency only makes sense if you don't harbor any reprehensible thoughts. As soon as you harbor reprehensible secondary/additional thoughts, it is no longer possible to be radically transparent, because you can no longer talk openly about everything or this is at least a risk if other parts of your personality are also problematic/reprehensible, for example if/because you (as unfortunately I do) react to signals of affection from your fellow human beings (and especially from children and young people) with destructive rejection, of course without really wanting to, unfortunately this happens/happened to me involuntarily and the people you meet realize/know this. 5:03 pm One of the most important things in life is to avoid becoming a person who unfortunately also has destructive side thoughts. You have to prevent such destructive thoughts and ideas before you even know they exist, admittedly a difficult task, especially if you are already burdened by character. If it does get that far, you can only hope that you are at least a good enough person in terms of character, for example that you don't haughtily reject other people (as is/was unfortunately the case with me) when they spontaneously show you affection.

One of my biggest problems (and this would probably have gotten in my way if I had started as a daycare worker in time) is that I "automatically" reject people, especially women, with my facial expressions when they give me a sudden signal of affection or recognition. This even happened to me once with a very young and lovely girl (she was one or one and a half years old at the time) when I was moving to dance music and the girl expressed her joy about it to me: I mimically rebuffed her gesture of affection without meaning to, thus offending the girl, which I regret extraordinarily and which shows me that I have a deep-seated problem in the interpersonal sphere (apart from the reprehensible side thoughts/additional thoughts that probably formed in me sometime in the noughties and which I also don't want to have). 20:03h

I unfortunately didn't realize that the friendships I had were not optimal, and possibly not even real. I always fooled myself with my friends by imagining that the people I was dealing with were interested in me because of my website or my ideas, but there was never an explicit discussion or debate about my ideas, everything remained vague. This was possible because, unfortunately, I didn't work regularly as a daycare worker and tried to implement my ideas there in concrete terms (accompanied by documentary videos and a website) and therefore conversations or discussions about my ideas and their implementation or my website didn't come up at all or didn't arise.

As far as eugenics are concerned: In addition to math skills (mathematical intelligence), sensitivity, empathy, compassion, peacableness, altruism and a willingness/readiness to cooperate will be very important in respectively should be the main focus of eugenics. Strictly to be avoided in eugenics are any kind of egoism, arrogance, tendency to destructive or aggressive competitiveness and lack of empathy, compassion and willingness to cooperate. 20:05h It is crucial that all (prospective/future) parents are able to afford all eugenic measures/arrangements that they want, so the government should give all poor parents that want to participate in eugenics free vouchers for the eugenic arrangement that are paid by the government. Amendment of 2024-04-29 09:27h CEST

In the German text, I wrote "mensch*" ("mensch" with a gender star)" instead of "man", which is not an official way of writing "man".

"Kinder fördern" means support/promote/empower children in English, so I added that in every place after having automatically translated the text with

All time specifications in the entry for today's April 22, 2024 are CEST.

Translated with (free version) with some additional corrections/improvements.

Wednesday, 24th of April 2024

I already linked the following YouTube video on the blog page for the year 2018 in this wiki here. Here, the link to the video is again: Unfortunately, the resolution of the video is very low because in 2007, when the video was taken, smartphones with high resolution cameras didn't exist yet, so I had to film the scene with an old camcorder. The video shows 2 mice (and 2 guinea pigs) interacting with several Asuro robots. It is unfortunately the only video that I ever took that shows an interaction between animals and robots. 13:25h CEST I also still have the whole/entire video (maybe even in a higher resolution) with the mice, guinea pigs and the robots on an old harddisk drive somewhere in the house of my mother where I live. I would have to search for this harddisk drive, I am not sure where it is in the house. 16:57 CEST one day later, on Thursday, 25th of April 2024

Thursday, 25th of April 2024

Es ist mir mittlerweile auch klar, dass es schon auch Sinn macht, konventionelle/herkömmliche/traditionelle Aktivitäten in der Frühförderung von Kindern durchzuführen, gerade auch Gruppenaktivitäten mit mehreren Kleinkindern. Im Idealfall natürlich angereichert mit Tieren und Robotern, so dass auch dort gelernt werden kann. 17:04h MESZ The same in English: By now, it is clear for me that it makes sense to do conventional/traditional activities too in early learning, especially group activitites with several young children. In an ideal case, these conventional acitivies would be enriched with animals and robots. 17:09h + 17:23h CEST

Friday, 26th of April 2024

I have made a backup of this page here at, I also archived the page My blog of 2023 at and other pages of this wiki here. 14:15h CEST

Monday, 29th of April 2024

In this temple in India, rats are allowed to roam freely in all parts of the premises and they are fed by the humans which is exactly my own vision for keeping rats and other animals in the buildings:

Friday, 3rd of May 2024

Another mistake that I made was idolatry. You absolutely shouldn't worship any idol, because there is only one God respectively Goddess of eternal love and infinite longing. Don't plan/strive to "build"/"construct" any entity/creature that will be God-like and possibly even compete with or replace the real/original God, for example a very strong, extrmely beautiful/attractive and ultimately omnipotent (female or male) creature that may grow to the size of (encompass) the entire universe of universes. These properties of a perfect entity/creature/idol would just reflect your own wishes/priorities/longing (the real God has them all already anyway) and would exclude and the longing of other creatures respectively be to their detriment. Imagine for example a God constructed / longed for by octopuses, mice, rats or extraterrestrials, it would be different from a human idol, and still, the real exiting God/Goddess already incorporates all properties that any creature longes for. 12:21h 12:25h 12:29h CEST Striving for or worshipping an idol while at the same time taking concrete steps to create such an idol in the (ultra-)long term is socially unacceptable and destructive. 12:41h

See also the 2 following Wikipedia articles about the danger of idolatry (one is in English, one in German):

Monday, 6th of May 2024

Already as a child (when I was around 6-8 years old), after having read the book "Mein erstes Buch vom Körper" (English: "My first book of the body"), I wanted to become a geneticist. Schon als Kind (ungefähr im Alter von 6-8 Jahren) wollte ich Genforscher werden, nachdem ich das Buch "Mein erster Buch vom Körper" gelesen hatte. Antiquarisch ist das Buch beispielsweise hier erhältlich. The book is available in antiquarian bookshops, for example here:: 12:58h + 13:09h MESZ

Tuesday, 7th of May 2024

Also unbelievably stupid and damnable of me was to still write in last autumn (autumn 2023) here on this website (in my 2023 blog in German) that I would like to be together with a (good-looking) female dictator. How stupid and how damnable was it to write that? Yes, I wanted to be transparent and honest. But you shouldn't have such thoughts at all and if you have, you should really think what is wrong with you and if it is a good idea to write about it on a website (especially when it is without further comment and interpretation). 17:57h CEST

Sunday, 12th of May 2024

In early autumn 2011, at the culmination of my love psychosis, I was able to exchange love feelings with practically every woman that I encountered/saw. And my thoughts were (or seemed to be) synchronous with the twittering of the birds in our garden. A miracle/gift of the Goddess of eternal love and infinite longing. 12.05.2024 ca. 17:00h and 20:15h CEST

Christine (my girlfriend who died in October 2020) was so kind, sweet and ready to forgive that she even tolerated that I was looking to other women and talking about it when we were buying food in a nearby store. 12.05.2024 ca. 17:00 and 20:42h CEST Only now (in retrospect) do I realize what kind of gemstone and sweetheart I had with her and how much I miss her. 20:45h CEST 💔❣️❤️‍🔥

Wednesday, 22nd of May 2024

I wrote the following text a couple of days ago:

Göttliche Vorsehung Divine providence An interesting concept

Dankbarkeit Zufriedenheit Gratefulness and being content with the status quo is key because it could be (muchc) worse.

Babyishness/Babyhaftigkeit und Neotenie bis ins Erwachsenenalter kombiniert mit Genen von Spitzenmathematiker*innen werden zu (mathematisch) erstaunlich intelligenten und immer noch intelligenteren Menschen führen. Babyishness and neoteny until adulthood, combined with the genes of the best mathematicians will lead to ever-increasing and astonishing mathematical intelligence.

Süsswasser-Oktopusse ermöglichen, damit Oktopusse auch in Seen und Flüssen leben können. Freshwater octopuses who are able to live in lakes and rivers.

Kombination Mensch Oktopus flugfähiges Tier (Vogel, Fledermaus, Fluginsekt). Ein Lebewesen, in welchem die Eigenschaften von möglichst vielen/allen Lebewesen (inklusive Ausserirdische) vereint sind, muss das/ein Ziel sein. The combination/integration of as many as possible animals (including humans and extraterrestrials in the future) into a creature must be a goal in the longer term. 22:58h CEST

Vitaly managed to fix the website so the MediaWiki software is now visible again by default. Many thanks to him! 23:01h CEST

Saturday, 25th of May 2024

What I wanted to additionally mention about early leraning for kids: It is very important that augmented reality (learning with an augmented reality headsete) has priority over virtual reality (learning with a virtual reality headset) because kids should not learned in a way that is detached from reality (as it is the case in case of virtual reality headsets). But most importantly, the child should always choose how it wants to learn and in caes of learning with an augmented reality headset or a virtual reality headset, the child should have fun and be happy when learning in that way. 14.43h CEST

We humans should overcome the harmful distinction between pets on the one hand and farm/working animals / livestock on the other hand. All animals should be considered and treated as pets (personal companions) with utmost love, appreciation, reverence, affection, adoration and respect. 14:44h CEST