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January 2022

Thursday, 27th of January 2022

22:58h-23:17h CET:

Actually, my plans for the year 2022 were to continue my blog as a vlog on YouTube, as I had done in the second half of the year 2018 and (with less intensity) in the later years. But it seems now that I will continue my blog in written form on this page here, it is more easy for me (and also for you to read) because I can always edit, improve and clarify the text. The topics won't be easy, because I will cover the topics that my "bad" voices say. Actually I do not hear voices, but I "think" thoughts inside my head that seem to come from outside and that I cannot stop or ignore when I have them in an intensive way.

Sometime in the future, I will probably make vlogs on YouTube too/again, in addition to writing on this page here, but not now.

Friday, 28th of January 2022

19:45h-20:14h + 20:26h + 20:30h + 20:49h-20:59h CET (18:45h-19:59h UTC, with interrupions when I edited the Main Page of this wiki here)

Well, something went obviously wrong. My edit on this wiki here from 15:57h CET (14:57h UTC) (here is the link to the edit: ) was not a good one, it was hasty/hurried because my mother was calling me to exercise ballroom/social dancing (German: "Standardtänze") (because she thinks I have to physically exercise more because I weigh too much) and I only had a few minutes left and I didn't have the time to write a well thought out text. I also still wanted to do the edit in which I added a Google search for electronics shops on the Main Page since I had planned that since yesterday because I had a guilty conscience ("schlechtes Gewissen") because with the 4 existing links that I had provided, people from outside of Switzerland were not taken into account ("berücksichtigt"). So, while I was ballroom dancing in front of my mother between around 16:20h and 16:50h CET (and from 17:00h until 18:30h CET, I had to work with my household aid Teresa), I increasingly realized that the text that I had just written was far from good/elaborate/complete. Especially the word "teaching" is problematic. I will probably need several days to write a better and more elaborate text where I include all considerations about learning opportunities of/for very young children (and possibly even newborns and unborns), I have already written a lot of notes/ideas on paper, for example also that creatures (including young children) are subjects not objects and that the preservation of babyishness may be crucial. Of course, I also have to state that I have virtually no practical experience with children below the age of 2 (except for my own experience at that age, but I don't remember it consciously of course).

Saturday, 29th of January 2022

2022-01-29 at 17:15h(approximately)-17:39h + 22:42h + 22:53h-22:58h + 23:38h(approx.)-23:47h + 23:55h-00:04h(alreadyon2022-01-30) CET

+ 2022-01-30 at 15:38h-15:51h + 15:51h-15:54h CET

+ 2022-01-31 at 11:20h-11:44h + 11:45h-12:00h(exactly) + 15:03h-15:19h + 15:29h(approximately)-15:37h + 17:44h-17:53h CET

+ 2022-02-01 at 20:42h-20:53h CET:

+ 2022-02-17 at 09:04h-09:24h + 09:25h-09:29h CET:

Today, I just discovered this article here on (the 2 links are further below) after having unsuccessfully searched the Internet for something like that for several days (it's an idea that I have had for several months): The idea is that dissidents living in areas where there is neither democracy nor free speech (or the Internet is blocked or monitored by an authoritarian/oppressive "government") can communicate with each other over some kind of Internet via/over (peer-to-peer) walkie-talkies (German: "Funkgeräte"). So if you have a person every couple of dozens or hundred meters or kilometers with such a walkie-talkie device, politically important/necessary/relevant digital communication or data exchange like personal messages, chats, news, social media content, search engines, websites, images or possibly even video files could (automatically) hop from device to device (possibly in a compressed and should it be necessary also encrypted file format), so the walkie-talkies would form an Internet for the oppressed citizens. The devices would have to be as small as possible so that they could be hidden more easily (when the oppressive "government" is searching for them). The hardware of the devices would have to be open source and freely configurable and all software on/for the devices would have to be free and open source. The software should be as easy as possible to use with a default configuration that works everywhere (with auto-detection of the correct settings) while at the same time, it should be optionally highly individually configurable, so that users of all knowledge levels would be happy/satisfied to use the devices (walkie-talkies). What I also hope is that the United Nations or democratic governments fund (hopefully in addition to a crowdfunding by the general public) or assist (at) the development of such (hardware) devices and also a communications protocol and communications software for these devices (walkie-talkies), so that these walkie-talkies are universally available and also as affordable as possible. Ideally, such an (Internet-via-)walkie-talkie functionality would be implemented/included/integrated/embedded in every new conventional smartphone: Maybe the United Nations or a (hypothetical?) alliance of some/all (sufficiently; but what does "sufficiently" mean?) democratic countries/nations could provide incentives for that or even make it compulsory if smartphones wouldn't become too heavy and bulky because of the additional components/parts. So, much more people would have such a device (allowing/enabling higher bandwidths), no-one would have to pay additionally for such a device, the walkie-talkies would also have all other wireless and wired connectivity already integrated anyway (because they are smartphones too), the walkie-talkies would be indistinguishable from smartphones which would make it possible to use/trade/share them less conspicuously and the overall number of necessary devices would be minimized which would be better for the environment. It would also be important that an additional antenna could be attached/connected (and detached/disconnected when it has to be transported or stored/hidden) to such a versatile/upgraded smartphone (or walkie-talkie if it's only the basic walkie-talkie device). Maybe the production of such versatile/multifunctional smartphones with integrated walkie-talkie functionality would have to take place in democratically-run countries since oppressive regimes might not like such devices.

The article that I am talking about is the following, I haven't even fully read it so far:

The same link like above, but to the article itself:

22:08h-22:38h CET:

Of course and unfortunately, no transparency is possible if people have to hide their (communication) activities from an oppressive "government". But at least indirectly, overall societal transparency is increased even in such a case because hidden communication means more communication compared to no communication at all. And for the long term, there is the hope that secrecy (privacy / data protection) will no longer be necessary / make sense because the (hopefully also/primarily global) government will be entirely in the hands of the people, either by a citizen's parliament chosen by sortition or even better by an Internet-based online parliament where all citizens of the world are able to participate with their Internet devices. So, the people will be governed and also monitored by the people. Everyone will at least theoretically be able to monitor constantly anyone else over the Internet (as a fellow citizen), because all information will be automatically made publicly accessible in the Internet. But for now, let's just help those living under repressive or oppressive regimes to communicate as freely as possible with each other and hopefully also the outside world, regardless of how secretive it (still) has to be unfortunately.

22:45h-22:49h + 23:19h-23:23h + 00:19h-00:24h(2022-01-30) CET:

Have a look also at this page that I just visited now for the first time, I haven't read it fully yet: (I found this website / online resource by entering "airchat" as a search term into, the link in the article to the website of AirChat doesn't seem to work anymore)

Update of 2022-02-17 at 09:04h-09:24h + 09:25h-09:29h CET:

I will create a new, separate page for this section here because is has grown so much (and it will grow even more) that it is more than a blog/diary entry now. I am still thinking about the name of the new page, it will be something like Vision of a truly integrated smartphone with integration of walkie-talkie functionality and satellite communication (it's a long title, but to shorten it would mean to not include all information in the title). What I will have to mention/include additionally is satellite communication that in an ideal case would be integrated in all smartphones too, in addition to walkie-talkie functionality (I forgot communication via satellite completely when I first wrote this section here). And I will write on the new page a little bit more about the need of (and a mechanism for) as automatic as possible transparency also for walkie-talkies at least in free and truly democratic countries (it's just my personal opinion, I know that a lot of people prefer to keep/preserve privacy also in free countries).

Sunday, 30th of January 2022

13:57h-14:03h CET:

I will have to add the idea (with the Internet via/over walkie-talkies) that I wrote in my blog entry of yesterday also in(to) my English-language and German-language policy lists in this wiki here, since it is probably quite important.

Monday, 31st of January 2022

10:37h-10:58h + 11:02h(ca.)-11:12h + 11:13h-11:19h + 14:38h-14:54h + 14:55h-15:00h(exactly) CET:

I know that I still have to write the new (and separate, topic-centered) page(s) about what my "bad" voices have been saying to me in the past months and years in terms of "theory". Even later, I will also try to increasingly write their concrete/"non-theoretical" statements (German: "Aussagen"). It is not so easy to write about my "bad" voices because I will have to write an age-related restriction text, trigger warnings and strong denials and advise against (German: "abraten") in front and after the text(s): That while it may be (unfortunately) true at least in some ways what the voices are saying about me, you absolutely must not (seriously) believe in such bad, destructive and even evil ideas! ☝🏻 Everyone should be warned against having destructive thoughts, especially on an absolute level, because in such a case, suffering and learning/experiencing a sense of reality may lie ahead.

So, in the coming months, I will have to write these difficult texts about the voices that warn me. I will also have to edit the texts again and again before/until they will be completed. The possibility to edit, improve, extend, amend, correct and clarify easily is one major advantage of text over video, and thanks to the MediaWiki software, the editing of the text is also retrospectively relatively transparent and no (or only little) information is lost. 👍🏻

February 2022

Wednesday, 2nd of February 2022

00:37h-00:44h CET:

I will have to rewrite the section on the Main Page that I tried to improve yesterday (Tuesday) because there is too much redundancy now and the passage is difficult to read. I will do that today (Wednesday) later in the day.

19:02h-19:33h + 19:35h-19:39h + 19:40h-19:42h CET

19:02h CET

I have the voices and they are very very fast.

I don't know where to begin.

Actually I wanted to summarize first what they have been saying so far.

But the voices told me to hurry up, so I will simply try to write as quickly as possible about the ongoing conversation. The systematic order (if there is any "order" in someone like me who has just such a profound disorder) will have to follow later.

So, here just a glimpse (German: "Ausschnitt") of what I am hearing:

(Amendment of 2022-02-17 at 11:47h CET: It is not easily possible to reproduce the formatting of how I entered the text. For viewing the optimal/original formatting respectively the way how I entered the text, click on "view source" at the top of this page here and then have a look at the text in the source editor. End of the amendment of 2022-02-17 at 11:47h CET)


It will be chaos Complete chaos Completeness Issues with

Nur eine Kostprobe Kostprobigkeit Issues with

Dienen Und zwar als schlechtes Beispiel

Geben Und zwar Auskunft über das Böse

Nicht umhin kommen Das sei eben ich

Important note: I hardly ever hear them in Standard German, but only either in Swiss German or English (and much more rarely in Standard German and even more rarely in French, Latin, Spanish/Portuguese and Italian). But for the sake of clarity I will directly write what I hear in Swiss German to Standard German, so that you, my dear readers, may be able to translate it to English with the help of an online translator like Google Translate, DeepL,,, Pons or With Swiss German it would be much more difficult.

And please don't lose your faith in God because God is truly great and she/he/it is the source of all good at least and we always have to act with justice, peace, gratitude and if possible honesty because it's what God wants from us (I am also trying to do that although the voices keep telling me that I am an absolutely horrible creature).

19:21h CET

Of course I would be much faster if I recorded everything (as much as possible of what I hear) as an audio or video file and uploaded it on Soundcloud or on YouTube. Maybe I will try that again, but it is more difficult than writing because I am used to reading and writing.

19:24h CET

Time Issues with

That I got it wrong, that I did it in vain. Is... Issues with... Mit dem Subsumieren sei es so eine Sache...

19:25h CET

Eben vorher

Eben und nicht etwa hügelig (English: "hilly")

Statt dankbar zu sein habe ich es einmal mehr mit Füssen getreten.

Wenn/Wann Time Und wenn... Issues with

19:26h CET

Mit den Fakten habe ich es "nicht so" Precision / Präzision 19:27h CET

Und wenn Und Was Washeit Issues with Wie irr ist das denn? Mit dem Fragen Mit und nicht ohne

Es ist genug wenn es genug ist. 19:28h CET

Statt dankbar zu sein, hätte ich "es" (überhaupt alles) mit Füssen getreten...

Überhauptheit Issues with...

19:29h CET

Nein, lustig wird es nicht werden für -/dich. 19:30h CET

Gibst -/du es zu?

19:30h CET

"Es" Esheit Issues with

19:31h CET

Allämaa (anscheinend) 19:31h CET

Nein, Munterkeit werden wir nicht im Programm haben für -/dich

19:32h CET

Even if

19:32h CET

19:33h CET

19:36h, 19:37h, 19:38h and 19:39h CET

19:42h CET

Friday, 25th of February 2022

2022-02-25, 13:34h-14:17h; 14:18(approximately)-15:04h; 15:12h-15:23h; 15:40h-15:43h; 15:49h-15:55h CET:

2022-02-27, 13:30h-13:40h CET:

Update for today, 25th of February 2022: After having read the news as always for the past days and weeks, I am working on a text about the following topics/keywords: democracy, democracies, freedom, Global Alliance/Solidarity of Democracies and a(n) parliament(s)/e-democracy of the citizens of all democracies; dictatorships, authoritarianism and repression; interest of the population/people, interests of the people vs. politicians (in dictatorships, but also to a certain degree in democracies), military robots, animals and military animals, (globally coordinated) disarmament/Abrüstung, unilateral disarmament, (dis)advantages, non-proliferation, avoiding or inescapability (?) of proliferation/armament/arms build-up/Aufrüstung, what is realistic, what is unrealistic, vicious cycle, friendship, friendship of democracies with animals vs. friendship of dictatorships with animals, non-violence, empathy, sense of reality, removing aggressiveness and strengthening empathy and altruism by eugenics / genetic engineering, demobilisation and sabotage of (the military of) dictatorships (especially with the help of animals who gradually infiltrate the undemocratic regimes), no-one (and of course also no animals) of any side should/must be hurt, peace, non-provocation, anticipation/preemption/Zuvorkommen, irrationality, nuclear weapons, rationality, destructiveness, interests/goals of dictatorships, nothing/little to lose for dictatorships, risk, probability, common good, the influence of dictatorships on climate breakdown and the preservation of biodiversity, (facilitation/aiding of) internal uprising against dictatorships, support for free communication for the people living in dictatorships, far future, long-term perspective, patience, hope, priorities (What is more important: absolute peace or regime change with creatures being hurt? The answer should be clear. It's absolute peace. Because the overthrow of dictatorships might come anyway (and as peacefully as possible) with time from inside by the people who are directly affected, especially if it's also peacefully facilitated from outside by the Alliance of Democracies), probability, pessimism, optimism and again hope, survival of the human species, what I suggest / my perspective at the moment, non-violence and believing in God and (consequences in) a possible afterlife. I am going to write this text probably on a separate page on this wiki here. I will write the text in English and Standard German from the beginning (at the moment, I have the text (but not the whole text yet) in Samsung Notes in Standard German). Let's hope that peace, non-violence, democracy, rationality and the common good prevail in the long term! 🕊🍀🌈

Sunday, 27th of February 2022

13:16h-13:25h + 13:28h-13:30h CET:

I am going to try to extend the section above (section of Friday, 25th of February 2022) hopefully in the coming days, although I am still very concerned or even devastated about what is happening in the world. (Almost!) everyone hoped that the world is becoming a more peaceful place and that globally coordinated disarmament and non-proliferation will become possible and happen increasingly and now that...! 😱😭🥺

March 2022

Sunday, 6th of March 2022

20:19h-20:31h CET:

It's the voices who are forcing me to write right now. Their accusations/allegations against me are still the same, so nothing good: They accuse me of having the potential of annihilate everything and everyone without having any personal reason for doing that, had I been given the chance. And because of that, they say, I will have to suffer in worst possible hell. Or mathematically spoken, the infinitation (tetration, pentation, hexation, ... infinitation) of infinite hell. So, no good prospects for me, according to "my" voices... :-( My response to them: Yes, that might even be true unfortunately, but am I the only one? Their answer: In this way, yes. Unfortunately for you.

July 2022

Wednesday, 13th of July 2022

17:02h-17:05h CEST:

After a break of a few months, I will continue writing in this wiki/website here in the coming days.

Friday, 15th of July 2022

21:55h-22:26h + 23:46h-23:48h + 00:41h-00:43h(alreadyon2022-07-16) + 16:30h-16:38h(on2022-07-20) CEST:

Here is an update concerning how I am doing at the moment: I am OK, although I still have the voices. The voices always tell me that I will have to suffer enormously in hell in my afterlife. And I am still obese (94 kilograms at the moment with a height of 174 or 175 cm) and my blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride values/levels are elevated (pre-diabetes, etc.). But apart from that, I am doing well.

What I will have to do in the near future is writing/publishing an open letter in several languages to several educational institutions and educational policy institutions here in Switzerland where I summarize all my existing thoughts and beliefs about the importance of early learning opportunities with animals and robots for kids and also an international/global free and open source software for learning mathematics self-guided at one's own pace from birth until university degree level. I have already been writing on this open letter in my Gmail e-mail account for the last 8 days (since Thursday, 7th of July 2022) and I will soon continue the writing and editing/improving process of this letter in this wiki here on the following separate/dedicated page: Open letter about the need of innovation in education (a possible alternative title would be "Open letter about the need of educational innovation"). In German (Standard German), the title will be "Offener Brief bezüglich Innovation in Schule und frühkindlicher Förderung". The core part/ideas of the letter will then be translated automatically to around 140 different languages with the help of DeepL, Google Translate and Microsoft Bing Translator, this will probably additionally take several weeks or even months. And finally, I will have to send the letter (as a letter and e-mail) to the educational institutions that might benefit from the ideas outlined in the letter/e-mail.

Wednesday, 20th of July 2022

16:41h-16:54h + 16:57h-17:01h CEST:

I am still working on the open letter, at the moment by writing additional ideas and talking points on paper and in the text editor of Microsoft Windows on a desktop computer and Samsung Notes on my smartphone whenever a new idea appears. As soon as I have time, I will upload the draft of the open letter (which is at the moment still in my Gmail account at, together with the additional ideas, to this wiki/website here, in English and German, and then in French too, and afterwards in the other languages. So please be patient. Thanks a lot! 🐌🌱💝🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌈👀

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