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My blog of 2017

For my blog posts in 2017 (the previous year), see My blog of 2017.

Tuesday, 9th of January 2018

20:37h-21:33h; 21:57h-22:24h; 22:29h-22:38h; 22:42h-22:48h; 22:50h-22:52h CET

I can assure you that everything is fine. I am fine. :-) I didn't write in this blog here for several months, but I am alive and still kicking, although I have become even more lethargic than I already was. Even during the hours when I am awake, I am lying in bed, unless when eating or when going on a walk or tidying up with my household aid (home caretaker) Teresa or my mother. My weight at the moment is (still) at around 95 kilograms at a height of 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches). It is clear that I should move/exercise more in order to preserve the health of my heart.

The reason why I am writing now is that my Internet connection on two devices experienced strange interruptions today and last night (on the smartphone that I almost always use and also on the old computer of my mother that I use occasionally), so I thought it would be a good idea and also high time to write something in my blog here again, to give an update on my present situation.

In the past weeks, I have been learning Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Hebrew and Polish by watching YouTube videos and doing Duolingo exercises. I know these are a lot of languages at the same time and I also have to say/note that due to my advanced age and weak memory, I have unfortunately become a rather slow learner. I have also become aware that I will have to include more languages to the list of languages to be learned from the earliest possible age, with the following 3 criteria:

  • firstly number of speakers of a language
  • secondly membership in as different/diverse as possible language groups
  • thirdly cultural/historical/religious significance for one's own heritage (because of that, Italian (the main successor of Latin), Greek and Hebrew are included)

So, according to these criterions, these additional languages are Bengali, Turkish, Persian/Farsi, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog/Filipino and Swahili. Bengali because of its number of speakers and own alphabet, Turkish because at least one member of the Turkic/Altaic language group should be included, Persian because it is spoken by quite a lot of people and the only member of the Iranian languages, Vietnamese because it also spoken by quite a lot of people and the only representative of the Austroasiatic languages, Thai because it is also spoken by quite a lot of people and the only representative of the Tai-Kadai languages and Tagalog/Filipino because it is the second Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) language after Indonesian that is spoken by quite a lot of people. And finally, Swahili because at least one African language should also be learned by everyone since Sub-Saharan Africa needs to be represented too and Swahili can serve as a representative of the Niger-Congo (respectively in more narrow terms Bantu) languages. Another issue are the Dutch language and the Slavic languages besides Russian (like Polish for example), but I think that if you are able to speak English and German respectively Russian well enough, the other Germanic respectively Slavic languages are relatively easy to learn. Also clear is that the first languages/dialects to be learned are those of one's own family in order to preserve linguistic diversity of the future. So, the list of languages would be (for a typical Swiss German person/baby with two parents speaking Swiss German), with decreasing priority: Swiss German, Mandarin/Chinese, English, Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic), Spanish, Hindustani/Hindi-Urdu (Modern Standard Hindi respectively Modern Standard Urdu), Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, Malay/Indonesian, Tamil, Portuguese, Bengali, Italian, Turkish, Persian/Farsi, Vietnamese, Thai, Modern Greek (Dimotiki), Modern Hebrew (Ivrit), Tagalog/Filipino, Swahili and Standard German. It is clear that not all these languages can be learned perfectly in the course of one life by most people. What is important that people have at least some basic understanding and that they know the languages first in the list very well (the first 3 ones with near-perfection). The idea is that the parents (and all other people and also robots) talk continuously with the baby/child while the baby/child is awake (by talking as many languages as possible after each other, beginning with the languages with the highest priority), so that all the time with greatest brain flexibility/plasticity/neoteny is used for learning as many and as diverse languages as possible and of course also mathematics/robotics/computing (the latter is even more important than learning the natural languages). I will have to add this section here to the Main Page, but this might take some time since I have to make sure that all information is included on the Main Page and at the same time that no information is redundant.

Also a very important development of the recent weeks is that attended two cuddling/hugging/snuggling events ( and which had a very good, beneficial and profound effect on me. I didn't go there alone, but with a very good female friend (she is not my girlfriend, my girlfriend is Christine). Thanks to these 2 cuddling/hugging events, I have become more sociable and empathetic and also more realistic as far as my desire for (attractive) women is concerned. I recommend cuddling and hugging for everybody because it enormously improves well-being and sense of connectedness/attachment and empathy to other people. I will have to add this on the Main Page.

What I will also have to add to my list of policies on the Main Page is that the gender problems/injustices can be solved by genetically engineering humans in a way that that both sexes/genders (and especially all advantages that either sex/gender encompasses) are integrated in a single person, so the person becomes neutral respectively two-sexed/two-gendered. Because like that, everyone is automatically female and male and bisexual, transsexual, intersexual and queer at the same time and all discussions about sex/gender that unfortunately consume so much energy today (energy that would have to be invested in other areas/fields of human existence) become obsolete.

22:24h-22:29h; 21:39h; 21:40h CET

What I forgot to mention in the section above that one of my teeth crumbled away several months ago and because of that and because of my generally neglected teeth (I didn't brush them for years), I needed several visits at the dentist (and I will still need some). I hope that I will be able to preserve this crumbled tooth as long as possible (with the help of an artificial tooth prosthesis (maybe "prosthesis" is the wrong word)), although a large portion of the (natural) tooth has been lost irreversibly.

23:19h-23:23h; 23:40h-23:56h CET

(and additionally on 2018-03-31 09:49h-10:16h CEST)

By the way, the online news that I am reading regularly (every day at the moment) are: (center-left, in German, my mother and me have a yearly subscription), (leftist, in German) (on these two German-language websites, I am trying to read all articles that are potentially interesting) and (leftist, in English), (center-left, in English), (in French) and (in Spanish) (only selected articles in case of the latter four news websites). And I also read Wikipedia (English-language and German-language) a lot. Furthermore, I also read most articles of the Swiss weekly newspaper (leftist, in German) as far as they are available online. Occasionally, I also read far-leftist websites like or Indymedia, among others. As far as and are concerned, my understanding of French and Spanish is relatively limited, I don't understand everything when I am reading the news articles in French or Spanish; and even in English, also depending on the language level of the article, I regularly have to look up some words unfortunately, but reading English on a daily base is also important to train and keep/maintain/preserve my English.

23:23h-23:35h; 01:00h (already on 2018-01-10) CET

By the way, I have also heard of the "church" "Way of the future" ("WOTF"), founded by Anthony Levandowski. I will occasionally check back on the website of WOTF and read news articles about this initiative, it sounds interesting (developing an increasingly "perfect" robot). However, nowhere on what I have read so far is it written that children should have the opportunity to explore robotics and mathematics from the earliest possible age and as intensively as possible. And what is also not mentioned on the website of WOTF is the importance of mathematics and human intellect which are (and will remain) quite certainly more important/crucial than the intelligence of robots or artificially "intelligent" algorithms for quite a long time into the future. Furthermore, one shouldn't call one's own religion "church" (because the term is historically handicapped (German: "vorbelastet") by the religious tradition of Christianity), although I have to admit that the term is certainly catchy and I even thought of founding (creating a website) for a "church of mathematics". But better and more neutral would be "religion of mathematics".

Wednesday, 10th of January 2018

01:00h-01:07h; 01:42h CET

I managed to merge the text about (early) language learning that I wrote today (respectively now already yesterday) in the section above into the Main Page, see , I hope that I didn't forget to include anything and at the same time there is not too much redundancy.

01:32h-01:34h; 01:43h-01:45h CET

I just realized that probably a lot of people visited the page My blog of 2017 last year because the visitor counter at the end of the page shows an astonishingly high number (17'670 at the moment). I will have to check the Awstats usage statistics in cPanel at my hosting provider Siteground in order to see if the number of visitors to my overall website is increasing (I will do that in the coming days hopefully).

01:34h-01:37h; 01:46h-01:47h CET

As far as my attempts to find work are concerned: I have 2 paying pupils and I think this is enough work. I cannot work more because I need time for myself. Already 2 pupils is a lot because I have to be ready when they come. But what I might try to do is working as a freelance translator for English to German, because like that, I can decide myself when I work and I don't have to plan my work in advance. I think I could do translations from English to German since German is my native language and I know English fairly well. So, I might try to translate English texts to German for a quite low amount (by Swiss standards), I have seen that such websites exist. But it is better to earn a little bit of money than to earn no (own) money at all, and if I am free to decide when I work, all the better. :-)

01:38h-01:41h; 01:48h-01:52h CET

As far as my medication is concerned, it is still the same: 10 milligrams of Cipralex (Escitalopram) after getting up and 10 milligrams of Olanzapin Sandoz (Olanzapine) before going to sleep. And in reserve (backup medication in case I have strong voices), Haldol (Haloperidol) 1-5 milligrams. My psychiatric Spitex also recommended me to try CBD drops and I followed his advice by taking 3 drops daily, but I feel no effect at all (in the beginning, I felt being more tired than usually, but this effect has subsided since). So, I will probably stop taking the CBD drops. Furthermore, I have to take my Ganfort eye drops (against high eye pressure) and 2 different vitamin tablets/pills every day and I have to brush my teeth every day.

02:40h-02:44h; 03:13h-03:48h; 03:49h-03:53h CET

I have thought about Way of the Future and the following thoughts crossed my mind:

Humans will not allow robots or robotic or algorithmic technologies to become more intelligent and powerful than themselves let alone "take over the world". So, such a prediction or expectation is unrealistic and unlikely. Humans will instead integrate all robotic technology into their bodies and brains (and intensively/deeply connect themselves to the interfaces of powerful algorithms in case of algorithms that can only be run outside the body) should robots and/or algorithms become more and more intelligent and powerful.

The question is not if robots are becoming more intelligent and/or powerful than humans, but the question is how quickly and to what extent humans are able to become more intelligent themselves and if they are willing and able to use this increased intelligence wisely.

And the last sentence on WOTF's page particularly caught my eye: The advice of "going back to work, creating amazing things and not counting on "machines" to do it all for oneself" and that "this might take a very long time" as it is at the moment described on WOTF's page is not the real issue. Of course, everyone has to try to earn one's own living and come to terms with today's politically, ideologically/religiously and technologically extremely unsatisfactory situation (and I am certainly one of those struggling with it). But that doesn't mean that people who believe in transhumanism of whatever kind shouldn't struggle to make technological, societal/social and ideological/religious progress happen as quickly as possible. What is needed is an all-encompassing struggle and this essentially means that the next generation, our kids, should have any available and as technologically advanced learning opportunities as possible (while at the same time genetic engineering and eugenics of humans should be introduced as quickly as possible) and that also means that we should ultimately focus on the most fundamental, universal and valid/proven of all sciences and this is mathematics. So, what is needed is realistic and serious transhumanist activism and action and not just telling that one has to wait until maybe one day robots who are more intelligent and powerful than us will/might have been developed.

On the other hand, it is also very clear that just a technological struggle will not prevent humans to fail and become extinct. In addition to a technological struggle, it is essential to create and nurture a global, regional and local sense of community and social interdependence. Only like that will it be possible to solve the too many problems/issues that plague our present day's world. This can be achieved partially by technological means (global e-democracy is probably the most important example), but also the attitudes of the people have to change from too egoistic as it is today to sociable and empathic enough as it has to be in the future. What is necessary is not only love of one's own neighbor (German: "Nächstenliebe"), but also love and thoughtfulness of/for the people, animals and indeed all creatures who are most distant from us (German: "Fernstenliebe").

04:42h-04:56h CET

On the other hand, at least at the moment I have the impression that WOTF is likeable because it seems humble (at least to me). There are no megalomaniac, egocentric or power-hungry demands or views/visions and everyone is invited to participate/believe. However, WOTF's demands and organizational structure could and should be more democratic, which seems crucial to me for every transhumanist initiative/organization since only as much democracy as possible will guarantee humanity's survival in the future and (political) transhumanism stands for and influences/evokes the future.

Thursday, 1st of February 2018

03:50h(approx.)-04:04h CET

It is the first time that I'm writing with my smartphone. It is a very strange feeling because now I am dictating the words instead of writing them on a physical keyboard...

It is the voices who are forcing me to write. They incessantly tell me how wrong I am. :-( And that I will go to worst possible hell because of that. :-(

I am lying in bed and just hope that the intensity of the voices will decrease, so i can get out of bed and eat and drink a little bit and take my medication.

Friday, 30th of March 2018

21:47h-22:54h; 23:03h-23:14h; 23:55h-23:59h CEST

And further edits already on Saturday, 31st of March 2018: at 00:03h; 00:14h; 06:57h-07:32h; 09:28h-09:36h CEST. And on Sunday, 22nd of April 2018: at 01:54h-01:56h CEST.

I have an update and it is that I have 5 paying pupils/students now. :-) Not every student is coming every week, but all in all, I have 5 students now who are willing to pay me (between 10 and 40 Swiss francs per hour (60 minutes)). :-) Most of the money that I earn now will be deducted from my disability allowance, but still, I am happy to be able to earn at least a little bit of my own money and giving back part of this money (I think it is two thirds) to the government. :-) This is also generally a good development for which I am really happy because like that, I can also teach robotics (Lego Mindstorms as for now) and teach programming with the software "Scratch" (developed by the MIT) to the children if we have spare time (when we don't have to do the regular mathematics (or German, English or French) for school because there is no homework/exam at the moment). So, like that, I can fulfill my dream of doing computer science and robotics work with children at least a little bit since there is occasionally left time to do robotics. :-) :-) :-) I am also very happy that one of my pupils passed a very important entrance exam a few weeks ago. :-) So, contrary to what I wrote a couple of months ago, I will continue to be a private tutor and be very happy and grateful for it, but still, I will also try to find work as a freelance translator (translating from English to German) and a computer and smartphone/smartwatch/wearables consultant in the future. For the translation work, I will just look for work on freelance work websites. For the IT consultancy business, I will have to open a new, separate professional website (probably with Jimdo or Wix). In case of computer and smartphone/wearables consultancy, there is just the problem that I am not very experienced with state-of-the-art ICT and I will have to try to make up leeway on that (I still have a CompTIA A+ and a SIZ PC technician certificate from 2008, but this is now 10 years old). Maybe, I can give computer and smartphone help/assistance/consultancy/tuition for old(er) people.

By the way, the robots that I own at the moment are:

  • 2 Lego mindstorms robots (one is assembled (as the "Spik3r" model, chosen by the children), one is still completely unassembled)
  • 3 big WowWee toy robots for (small(er)/young(er)) children: "Robosapien", "Robotpet" and the Dinosaur robot by WowWee ("Roboraptor"), all are the first generation of robots and I think they could be modified/reprogrammed if one has the necessary skills, there are websites for that.
  • 2 small WowWee toy robots (small "Robosapien" and small "Roboraptor")
  • Several Asuro robots (I don't know how many exactly, I think there must be about 5-6 assembled Asuro robots, they are stored in a closed cardboard box at the moment) that I received at the end of a robotics seminar at the University of Zurich
  • I don't own any UAV so far, I will probably have to wait until there are affordable programmable/robotic UAVs around (also equipped with a camera) which I can buy/acquire/purchase and with which the children are not only able to play, but also to learn

It has been years since I bought/acquired all these robots: The WowWee toy robots in 2006 for the then very small children of this family with whom I am still in contact with, the Asuro robots in 2007 for the university seminar and the 2 Lego Mindstorms robots a few years ago. They are now all at my place, waiting to be used in tuition. They haven't been used for years, just with the exception of the already assembled Lego Mindstorms robot which I have already used / tried out with 4 children in the recent years. I hope that I will be able to assemble the second Lego Mindstorms robot (robotic set) sometime in the future and one day also teach robotics with the rest of the robots.

What I would also really really really like to have are mice and/or rats. These animals are so amazing and they would be so suitable for interactions with the robots because of their curiosity, but unfortunately, my mother doesn't allow me to have mice and/or rats because of the fact that my room (where I live and where I would have to keep the mice/rats in an as large as possible cage (a whole room or even a whole apartment/house where the animals could roam around freely would be better than a cage (irrespective of the cage's size), but my mother wouldn't allow it to me)) is relatively untidy. :-(

Please don't read the next 4 sentences if you are under the age of 18. If you are less than 18 years old, I advise you to go directly to the next section further below: As far as my job activities are concerned, maybe, I will even try to work as a male e_c_rt for women in the more distant future (because I really really like women, including older women). At the moment, I am too sick and slow to open a website for offering es_o_t services for women. And if I am unsuccessful at providing e_c_rt services to women, I will just try to spontaneously flirt with women that I encounter in the street. However, I am very rarely leaving my house/home because of the many (sometimes very) attractive women that I see/encounter in the street. It is simply too stressful to see/encounter really attractive women in real and very often not be able to talk with them because I am too slow, too shy or too tentative or they are too fast or too far away. This condition is also called caligynephobia or venustraphobia (fear of beautiful women) although it is not actually fear of attractive women, but stress because of the urge to approach them and at the same time knowing that my chances are not very high and that some of the women might feel uneasy/stressed/uncomfortable and it is impossible to know that in advance.

I will also finally have to create the website of the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland (in German: "Transhumane Partei der Schweiz"), I will probably open a wiki powered by MediaWiki (as it is the case with this website here which is also powered by MediaWiki, although a very old version). I hope that I will have to be able to collaborate transparently in the wiki with the other party members. I will also have to do a search for Transhumanism-minded people in Switzerland (especially on Twitter) who might be interested in joining the soon-to-be-found Transhumanist Party of Switzerland.

And as I have realized now increasingly and increasingly, it is very important that children grow up in an environment (and are also genetically engineered in a way in the future) where empathy and altruism are much more important than egoism and competition. This is especially important in the context of learning environments where robots play a major role. Only by putting an emphasis on altruism and empathy (and radical/automatic transparency of course), humans will be able to develop a just world and live in peace together in the future.

What I will also have to do one day is upload all my (so far private) voice recordings (several Gigabytes) and Facebook messages and some of my WhatsApp messages that I have collected in order to be/become as transparent as possible. If I want to be (one of) the first fully transparent politician(s) in the world, I will have to publish as much as possible. In an ideal case, I would publish all my private messages without any exception, but I know a woman with whom I communicate almost every day on WhatsApp (one of my best friends) who would be very very unhappy if I published her WhatsApp messages, so I am unfortunately not able to publish all my messages without any exception, at least not in the coming years.

The situation with the voices has fortunately improved a little bit, I am still hearing them often, but they are a little bit less intense compared to a couple of weeks ago. And I am of course still taking my medication, although in case of the Olanzapin Sandoz, I lowered the dose from 10 milligrams to 7.5 milligrams because I am still gaining weight and this is very unhealthy/undesirable. So, what I am taking at the moment every day is 7.5 milligrams of Olanzapin Sandoz (before going to sleep), 10 milligrams of Cipralex (together with the first meal of the day) and Ganfort eye drops (one SDU every day in both eyes before going to sleep) against my increased eye pressure.

I have written this section here again with my computer, but it has become very rare that I sit in front of a computer and write with a physical keyboard. Most of the time, I just browse the Internet or write messages or make phone calls, all with my smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I was able to buy for only 359 Swiss francs a couple of months ago) while lying in bed. I am also active most of the time in the late afternoon, evening and night and sleep in the morning until the late afternoon.

23:25h-23:32h CEST

By the way, I just did a few tweets on my "maeuschen79" Twitter account where I provided a very short update about what is currently going on (at the moment, as can be seen on the bottom of the Main Page, I have 2 Twitter accounts).

And I am also aware that I will have to add the ideology that I am outlining here on Reddit because Reddit is one of the best places where one is able to share new ideas with other people (and not necessarily/only Facebook).

Saturday, 31st of March 2018

07:33h-08:03h; 09:16h-09:27h CEST

What I forgot to mention is that I hope that I will be able to offer also violin, piano and possibly even guitar classes/lessons, with the help of audio files of music pieces that are played slowed down with the software "Amazing Slow Downer" and musical instrument learning apps for smartphones (especially for piano and guitar, I am thinking of the app "Yousician" that I have already used for several weeks and possibly "FlowKey" that I was not able to try out yet).

And what I should also mention is that at the moment, the domain doesn't work (because of a minor issue with the domain registrar GoDaddy), so if you try to access this website here via the URL, it won't work. But this shouldn't be/constitute a big problem because the main domain of this website here is and at least this is working.

What I also forgot to mention is that on my maeuschen79 account on Twitter, the selection of the accounts which I followed was really stupid. So, what had gone wrong? I chose these Twitter accounts (that I followed) in summer 2010 when I still hadn't realized how the world works. I didn't have the strict leftist, ecological and (technologically and socially) progressive outlook on the world that I have now. I didn't realize that most organizations that you find online don't represent the ordinary people and especially not ordinary disenfranchised/marginalized people/creatures/entities who have to live and endure in difficult and sometimes even horrible/appalling conditions (think of factory "farming" or fur-bearing animals). But now, I know. And I will change the organizations and individuals that I follow on Twitter as soon as possible. And I will also make/create screenshots of what I was following in/from 2010 in order to have an account/memory/record somewhere of how naive and inexperienced I still was in summer 2010 (despite just having written most of the most important text on this website/wiki here in early summer 2010).

And, by the way, as far as the medication that I am taking at the moment is concerned, I have stopped taking Haldol completely for several weeks now because my mother is really against it and I also think it is not necessary. And Haldol (haloperidol) is a relatively old medication with some side effects that newer antipsychotic medication doesn't have, so it was clear that I would stop Haldol before stopping or reducing any other medication.

08:05h-08:14h CEST

I also discovered the Swiss initiative "ICT Scouts & Campus" which is promising because it tries to reach young people at the age of around 13 in school who are especially talented in ICT engineering/development. The website of "ICT Scouts & Campus" seems to be inaccessible at the moment, at least for my web browser, but other pages (that can be found by search engines) describe it well. But it is also clear, that in my opinion, ICT education (robotics, programming, electrical engineering) has to begin at birth (and possibly before birth further in the future) and should be equally available for all children regardless of talent/abilities.

10:17h-10:48h CEST

I should also not forget to mention that a couple of days ago, I stumbled across/over/upon accelerationism (and especially left-wing accelerationism) for the first time and post-capitalism too. Nick Srnicek and Paul Mason are important people in this context, see for example the Wikipedia article about Paul Masons 2015 book. I will write a little bit more about that sometime in the future. But in short: They demand/support/advocate automation and universal basic income, which I am doing too. But it should be also clear that pervasive automation and therefore an unconditional basic income becomes only feasible/possible if all children learn from the earliest possible age how to program and develop robots and other ICT devices/systems. And this is unfortunately not the case yet in today's school systems. :-( So, this analysis/demand is still unrealistic.

And, by the way, I discovered that there are two transhumanist parties in the U.S. at the moment: The U.S. Transhumanist Party of Zoltan Istvan respectively Gennady Stolyarov on the one hand and the Transhuman Party which is a collective of transhumanists (obviously more democratic minded than the transhumanIST party, and also more international) on the other hand. It is clear that I like the Transhuman Party more than Istvans/Stolyarovs U.S. Transhumanist Party, I am even considering trying to join the Transhuman Party, but first, I will have to create the website of the Swiss Transhuman(ist) Party.

10:53h-11:07h CEST

And I also shouldn't forget the Wikipedia article about mathematicism. Maybe, I will find time to read about the various philosophies of mathematics (mostly from ancient Greece) listed in this article. And I hope that one day, the theory/ideology/philosophy/religion that I developed on this website here (or something that is sufficiently similar) will also be included in this Wikipedia article.

By the way, a few days ago, I also discovered a transhumanist wiki based on MediaWiki (which is also the software with which this wiki here is powered). I hope I will be able (and allowed) to contribute there. But for participating, I need to use a computer and a physical keyboard, so I will have to get used to using a computer again.

Friday, 20th of April 2018

00:31h-01:43h; 01:46h-01:49h; 02:19h-02:24h CEST

I just wanted to say that I am relatively fine. :-)

What I will have to do in the (near) future:

  • create the website for the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland both in English and German. The software of this new website will probably be a Mediawiki wiki as its base, as it is the case with this website here. However, I think/assume that it won't be possible yet unfortunately to have popup windows by hovering over a link with the mouse (as it has become possible on Wikipedia in the recent days or weeks) in the default MediaWiki installation because it seems to be still only available as a separate extension of MediaWiki, so I would have to wait until these popup windows become part of the default MediaWiki installation.
  • very important on the page of the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland will be to stress the importance of radical democracy which in my opinion means a complete e-democracy in the nearest possible future: It is not me who decides which policies are best, but the population by voting for or against it. I am not a dictator and I don't want to be or become one. I am simply and only suggesting what I deem/consider best for society. And in a few cases, I am not even sure myself which is best (for example in the areas of abortion, "eu"-thanasia, cryonic suspension, the sexual development of young people and special areas of transparency and restriction of access to certain problematic types of video material, I will write about that more in the future, although, as I have already said, the population needs to have the last say about all these issues).
  • organize the Main Page in a better way, especially by reducing the size of the language learning section and moving the information from there to a separate page (with more information in it than now and a slightly revised language learning order) and at the same time giving more room to my core demand, namely ultra-early robotics, computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics education for all children. I hope that by organizing the Main Page in a better way, there will also be no mention of "there is still considerable chaos on it" in some search engine results although this search result has also the advantage that it makes my website more human, personal, normal, down-to-earth, accessible, honest and maybe even creative (keyword "creative chaos") and trustworthy.
  • write about / add a few further topics on the Main Page (although much has been written so far)
  • improve the title of my website as it appears in the search engines, so that it is more meaningful (instead of just "Lukasgirtanner: Main Page").
  • improve my account at YouTube, so that it is up-to-date and really contains the whole range of videos that I like or in which I am interested. I will also have to improve my account at YouTube because I have seen that at the moment, a "Old & Young Kiss" search result from my YouTube account appears on the first page of the Google search results (I will have to provide a screenshot of it) which is of course not optimal for a teacher like me. :-( But I will not simply delete/remove these videos in question, but I will arrange them in a way that they can still be accessed (for the sake of transparency; I will also have to comment on these videos in question although it is a complicated and lengthy issue and also a really personal one, reflecting just my personal (arbitrary) opinion that does not have to become the global standard). When they are accessed, it will have to be accessible in a way that they are no longer visible as search results in the first place which creates an unrealistic impression of my beliefs and activities. (Also important would be that it becomes possible to add one's own information to search results (respectively add a comment to them) in order to balance a search result with one's own opinion in a similar way to the facilitation/enabling of counter-speech at the place of a text that needs to be balanced more in terms of content, but I know that this will not become possible for the near future unfortunately although it would make possible that all laws restricting peaceful free speech would no longer be necessary.)
  • publish at least my (slightly redacted) Facebook conversation with a good friend of mine because it really really gives an impression of what kind of person I am. Unfortunately, all of these messages are in German (at least in Standard German and not Swiss German which would be even more unintelligible).
  • publish also my private voice recordings with a lot of ideas in them (most of them are in Swiss German)
  • re-activate my Twitter account and write/present my ideas on Reddit
  • try to connect with people from the fellow transhumanist parties worldwide
  • possibly writing in the H+-pedia wiki and maybe even Wikipedia about transhumanism and mathematics as an ideology/belief/religion
  • I will have to move away from my Gmail address because it is really not a very good idea to have one's own e-mail account at a privately owned and intransparent software giant like Google
  • possibly trying to upgrade this MediaWiki here to the newest version, but I will still wait with that, I also don't know if it is really possible without technical problems/issues

All of these points will take time to do / work through, so I will have to spend less time (passively) reading news on the Internet and do more for (communicating) my ideological/religious/political beliefs.

Also a very important topic that has been frequently discussed in the media in the recent weeks and months is the issue of software giants like Google and Facebook. My solution to this problem is my demand that all software, software platforms, algorithms, data, user accounts and patents become free and open source, so that closed source software, software platforms, algorithms, data or user accounts are no longer closed source or otherwise inaccessible. The people should have the right to know and change/modify/store everything in the realm of software. In order to make collectivization of software possible, the government (in an ideal case a global government) must purchase the software and software/hardware infrastructure from the software companies (including the really large ones like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon) and collectivize them, so that everybody can further and freely use/develop/modify it/them. And the population should have to decide for which price the software is purchased from the software companies, if it is at the full market price (in this case, it would cost the government billions or even trillions, so probably taxes for wealthy and even more ultra-wealthy individuals would have to be increased in my opinion) or at a reduced price only in which case it would still cost the government billions. But I think this is necessary and unavoidable because only by collectivizing all software, society and the people can realize their full creative and developmental potential and flexibility/adaptivity and software would serve the people in the best possible way. :-) And I am really astonished that there is no other party that has been explicitly demanding the collectivization of software since this is a decade-old issue. OK, maybe the communist parties would implement such a measure too, but they focus on other, more old-fashioned property and are not really interested in software although software would probably be the type of property most/especially suitable for collectivization apart from other public goods/utilities / natural monopolies like telecommunications/electricity/road/railway/transportation (and empty pipes/tubes/conduit in order to enable parallel lines especially in case of telecommunications infrastructure) network infrastructure which should also be (and in many case already are) in the public realm.

01:58h-02:08h; 02:09h; 02:44h-03:16h CEST

I have just seen that the page/article Multimodal parallel natural language learning (or in short simply "parallel (natural) language learning" or "ultra-early-onset parallel (natural) language learning") has had a lot of visitors, 14'405 visitors to be precisely. And I didn't edit this page since June 2010... It is one of the few really old pages that are still in the same state as they were when I wrote them... :-) Maybe I also wrote silly things on that particular page (things that I don't believe anymore because they are wrong), I will have to read this page again as soon as I have time... ;-)

I will have to revamp the whole language learning section on the Main Page and also rewrite the separate page/article about parallel language learning and I will need to explain why I chose this particular order of learning the languages for every single language (principles why a particular language should be learned with a particular priority). And I will also have to explain why I haven't included some languages that might be important too.

By the way, I created a new playlist for learning languages on YouTube (see also the description of the playlist):

And a few days ago, I also uploaded a new video to YouTube. It is an interaction between 2 mice and 2 guinea pigs and several Asuro robots that I filmed in 2007 and that was luckily uploaded to YouTube by Marcelo still in 2007; see also the description of the video. The video can be found here:

And I will remove the "Old & Young Kiss" videos (that I don't want to appear as one of the major search results in Google) on another day because it needs time. It is not so easy since I don't want that any information is lost or that transparency is reduced. I will even have to try to preserve the order of the videos (possibly by providing several screenshots that I will upload somewhere). So, what I focus on is to provide the same information, just in a different way so that Google doesn't list it anymore (probably accidentally) as a prominent search result that might raise concerns in an unjustified way when parents of children who are considering tuition at my place search for my name with Google.

Saturday, 21st of April 2018

23:04h-23:38h CEST

Last night, I realized that I can also write/publish texts (or change/amend existing texts with a mention of my website here) at , for example at this (German-language) article: (German-language article critical of Google). And I can/could also add text(s) or comments (with a link to my website here) to existing entries at , for example at (another German-language article/text critical of Google). And at (or, it is also possible to add comments to existing articles. Or I could start petitions at in order to try to increase the visibility of my website here. It is also clear that I will translate the text of the Main Page to German (Standard German) and possibly to other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and possibly even Russian (unfortunately, I don't know more languages like Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese or Korean sufficiently well) as soon as I find time. And on the website of the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland, it will also be necessary to have all the text of the website available at least in English, German, French and Italian.

Yesterday, I had a nice evening when I was going for a walk with two Italian friends of mine and we tried out a small drone (UAV). :-) I realized that it is not so easy to fly a drone and I had some difficulties flying it. It was pure luck that we didn't lose or seriously damage the drone because of my inability. I also saw a very attractive woman (who was walking in front of a horse) when I was walking with the two friends towards the wood. Unfortunately, I was not quick and determined enough (I was also not prepared because I didn't expect to encounter such a good-looking and really tall woman at such a place) to speak with this amazingly looking woman, so I also did not have the chance to try to exchange contact details. :-(

By the way, here is a picture of my girlfriend Christine (her Facebook account): It's the woman on the left in the picture, the one with the cross. She is really, really an amazing person!

And I will have to store/save my past blog entries that I have at ( at because is a company owned by Google and I don't if I can stay there forever with my blog texts. I hope that I find time soon (maybe even today/now) to store the content of my blogs at at

And as a new e-mail provider (because Google, my existing e-mail provider, is not independent enough), I am at the moment thinking of or For a e-mail address, I need an invitation, so I would have to find somebody with a e-mail address who invites me to this service. The alternative would be Protonmail (or another sufficiently independent e-mail provider, encryption is not necessary for me) where you don't need an invitation.

23:45h-23:46h; 00:02h-00:11h CEST

(00:02h-00:11h CEST already on 22nd of April 2018)

I was able to save/backup all of my 3 blog pages at to, so everything should be fine now. :-)

Sunday, 22nd of April 2018

00:27h-01:21h; 01:28h-01:31h CEST

By the way, I also participated at the Digiprakt (practical course in electrical engineering) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) more than 10 years ago, I am even mentioned on their website: . :-)

And another issue: By the way, it is very interesting that on the search page (the international/U.S. version), this website here ( seems to not appear anymore in the search results when you enter "lukas girtanner" (without quotation marks). But when you enter "lukas girtanner" with quotation marks, it still appears. Whereas on (the search engine's Swiss counterpart), my website here appears in both cases (when entering "lukas girtanner" with or without quotation marks). It is also interesting what the Swiss e-mail provider Protonmail remarked / wrote about in October 2016: The Protonmail website was unlisted/removed from the Google search results and only after complaints did it get listed/added again, see . However, I am not sure if this website here ( is really unlisted/removed from (international/U.S. version) and even if I were sure, I would probably do nothing about it, because it is clear that the now very big software platforms like Google and Facebook don't want to facilitate the spread of new ideas that would/might/will mean the end of their extremely lucrative monopoly/oligopoly. (These companies are listed on the stock exchange and the people who own the stocks want profits and not what would be in the public good.) And by manually manipulating/changing/altering search results or the regular/automatic functioning of their software (platforms) (especially in case of Google and Facebook), these companies only harm their own business because as soon as people get aware that the search engine tweaks its results, they will no longer be used (this is true even more in case of Google search and to a much lesser degree in case of Facebook where people really have far less choice to no longer use the platform). So, search engines are not really a monopoly or at least not one that could not be overcome, unlike operating systems (like Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS or macOS), where it is much more difficult to overcome the monopoly because users and hardware vendors can not change/use easily (to) another operating system because there is hardly any application software available for potentially alternative operating systems and the existing operating systems cannot be changed/altered/modified (also not in a gradual process; and also not forked) because they are not free and open source. :-( Furthermore, software platforms like Facebook, where users have their own accounts and a lot data and where they are connected with a lot of people who are on the same platform, are monopolies that cannot be easily overcome. Another problem that aggravates the situation even more is that politics allowed Facebook to acquire Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus (and in case of Google YouTube) who would have had the potential to become strong competitors had they not been bought by Facebook/Google. It is really not understandable why politics allowed these takeovers because this would have been the first issue to prevent (although it would not have been enough because what is really needed is a fundamental, global and universal shift away from proprietary and closed source software to free and open source software). :-(

So, the only solution to this extremely unsatisfactory situation is to force all software vendors and platform operators to release their software (including all of their algorithms and data) into the public domain, making all software free and open source globally (this is especially vital for the major operating systems like Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS and macOS and software platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Amazon, Oculus, cloud and streaming services, and others). And software platforms should be forced to allow the users of their platforms to transfer as much data as possible as easily as possible to other software platforms (possibly also facilitated by creating (a) global free and open source standard(s) for data exchange/transfer). It is high time that also political parties demand this and I will advocate for it as soon as I find time to open/create the website for the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland.

01:22h-01:28h; 01:41h CEST

And by the way, don't expect or be afraid that nobody will develop (complex/advanced) software (systems) anymore if all software is no longer proprietary and closed-source, but free and open source because there is no financial incentive anymore... Because if all children grow up with robotics and software engineering from the earliest possible age (beginning immediately after birth, as I suggest/demand it), so many people will know so much about software (engineering) that there will be enough volunteers who are ready and willing to develop even the most advanced and complex pieces/systems of software. One should also not forget that in this system of universal free and open source software, software developers and experts would still be able to earn money by receiving voluntary donations (out of gratefulness by the people for this crucial work for society) or by providing paid software consulting services or other paid software-related activities (teaching, etc.).

01:36h-01:41h; 01:42h-01:43h CEST

So, all in all, one can say/summarize:

  • relatively unproblematic monopolies: search engines
  • highly problematic monopolies: operating systems and software platforms, especially those used by a lot of people

And don't forget that all hardware should also be free and open source (no patents, free to (re-)produce and change/modify/alter, with all production steps and blueprints public).

Laying empty pipes/tubes in advance as a preparation for parallel telecommunication cables at a later stage

03:44h-03:52h; 03:59h-04:03h; 04:05h-04:08h; 04:12h-04:14h; 04:15h; 04:16h; 04:22h-04:31h; 04:37h CEST:

Also very important/crucial for maximizing freedom of information and communication are empty pipes/tubes/conduit that are laid in advance/reserve when any road or railway line building/renovation projects are underway anyway, on all levels, from locally to globally (see also here, here and here). Like that, it would become possible to install multiple telecommunication cables in parallel at a significantly lower cost at a later time/moment because the road or railway line wouldn't have to be opened (torn up and repaved) again. And like that, several cables from competing telecommunications providers could be installed in parallel, therefore giving end users and companies more choices which telecom provider to use, competition between telecommunications providers would increase, prices would go down and service quality go up. I will have to improve/extend/clarify the corresponding section/point on the Main Page.

Decision to write meaningful titles from now on

03:44h-03:58h; 04:03h-04:05h; 04:08h-04:09h CEST:

I have also realized that I have to stop writing the indication of time in the subtitles on this page here because these types of titles are not meaningful or interesting at all. From now on, I will choose meaningful titles that summarize what I am writing about in the (sub)sections. I will still write the indications of time, but not as part of the titles. Maybe, I will even change the titles of all blog entries of this year on this page here retroactively (also the past blog entries further above).

Astonishing that no party advocated for compulsory/mandatory free and open source software so far

04:31h-04:36h; 04:41h-04:42h CEST:

By the way, it is astonishing that no party ever called/advocated for the transfer of all proprietary software into the public domain. Because proprietary software has been all around for several decades. And no party focused on this issue so far! :-( Maybe the communists would support such a measure implicitly, because they generally are against property, but they are usually very old-fashioned and not interested in new/current technological developments.

I briefly checked the Google search results as they are now compared to 2012

05:34h-06:06h CEST:

I have seen that my website here is still ranked relatively highly in the Google search results, when I compared the situation now with the search term result rankings that I listed on the page Search terms in search engines in 2012. For example the ranking of "didactics of mathematics robots" or "didactics of mathematics robotics" is still among the top 10 which is really good and astonishes me. :-) (But I also have to ask myself why I didn't choose/check for the search terms "mathematics education robots/robotics" respectively why I didn't use "mathematics education" on this website here from the beginning / in the first place as the main expression (and also in the titles of the pages of this wiki here) because "mathematics education" is a much more natural, easy, less complicated and widespread expression, but this is another topic.) So, it is perfectly possible that Google doesn't disadvantage my website which would be really nice and not a matter of course :-) given the reluctance of politicians to regulate / rein in software giants and leave it (up) to the corporations themselves so far. The question just shows one of the core (social) problems of intransparency (closed source software systems in specific): Trust is missing or at least reduced. If you don't know how a certain software (system/platform) or algorithm works, you have your doubts or lose trust. So, this is another reason (but not the only/main one) why all software should be free and open source.

I will do more checks of search engine result rankings (comparing them with the page Search terms in search engines) as soon as I have time. But anyway, my website has also changed slightly, the focus in now more on general political issues and also personal issues (in the blog, for example about my health or the beautiful women that I see/encounter), so I shouldn't be astonished if I realize that search results for the (core) topic of mathematics education (didactics of mathematics) are ranked lower now than in 2012.

I just discovered an interesting article about relatively young children learning with robots in Singapore

08:55h-09:02h CEST:

Interesting article that I just read for the first time and that gives hope :-)  : So, there are finally some schools who begin teaching robotics at a relatively early age! :-) But still, robotics should begin at birth and not later, so this robotics teaching project in Singapore begins still too late. And robots should be present in all activities and not just in specific robotics lessons. OK, it will still need a significant amount of time and resources to develop and produce all these robots for the various activities that the children engage in. But still, the final goal must be that all children have the opportunity to interact and learn with robots (of course together with other children, adults and animals) from birth because otherwise, valuable learning time and opportunities are lost.

Thursday, 26th of April 2018

My reaction/thoughts to the Toronto vehicle ramming atrocity

04:25h-04:42h; 04:53h-04:55h CEST (uploaded on 05:19h CEST):

I will upload a lot of text in a few minutes, text that I wrote offline (in the Microsoft Word editor) for several hours... Stay tuned...

Maybe, the text is revolutionary, especially for a leftist like me. I am still a leftist and I will forever remain one, at least as far as socialism remains democratic and the population always has the opportunity to make the laws themselves (and elect the politicians as long as the politicians are still necessary), (hopefully) mostly (socially/technologically) progressive ones.

In the past days, I thought really a lot about this horrible tragedy that happened in Toronto... Because I know very well how the attacker/perpetrator might have felt (since I also have a history of having the impression that all attractive and even more very attractive women are not interested in me. Fortunately/luckily, this feeling has disappeared)... But still, the Toronto attacker did something that was completely completely wrong!!! You shouldn't attack anybody, especially not in the era of social media and not innocent people (and in our democratic societies of the West, everybody is innocent and deserves freedom from violence, except the perpetrators of violence themselves)! So, I will just upload what I wrote in the past hours... I hope you understand what I mean. What I want is a true socially and technologically progressive society where violence is punished very severely and at the same time society progresses both socially and technologically in complete transparency (automatic/radical/unconditional transparency) and with a fully transparent e-democracy that abolishes the need for politicians.

The topics that I will write about are:

  • How to react to the Toronto vehicle ramming atrocity (different measures/ideas)
  • The need for the legalization of democratically-controlled/mandated torture (in my opinion)
  • My thoughts and ideas about dating injustice, pickup-artistry (ideas by myself), beauty and modeling contests, what I call "sexual socialism" and genetic engineering (eugenics)
  • Respect for the autonomy and playing preferences of children
  • Correct treatment and protection of elderly people
  • Correct treatment of all animals

So, I will upload it in a few minutes, I will probably not even read it through again when I upload it...

05:21h (beginning of writing of this short (sub)section) CEST: Here is what I wrote in the past hours. As already previously said, I didn't read it through anymore, I just uploaded it. I will read through it maybe at a later moment. Now, I have to go eating and drinking because I have stomach pain...

(Beginning of the long text)

Now, it's (approximately) 00:30h CEST (already Thursday, 26th of April 2018). (Women experience inceldom to the same extent as men!)

Important note/notice (written on 2018-05-28 between 00:33h and 00:46h CEST): The following section is not suitable for children, minors or people who don't like to read difficult texts about violent crime and punishment. So, only proceed reading it if you are able to cope with and "digest" such difficult texts/considerations... Otherwise, skip this whole section completely! (There are also (relatively short) subsections that are not problematic, but it is not possible to know in advance which one is which, so I will have to separate the difficult-to-digest content from the unproblematic content as soon as I find time.)

So what I have to say to all perpetrators (and would-be perpetrators) of violence against innocents (the most recent being the vehicle ramming attacker in Toronto): If you kill people, you will be known. Not primarily by the other humans, but also in hell. There is a certain likelihood that you will be well known among all other bad entities and souls in hell (should hell exist) and get a very specially tailored to you treatment there for a very long time. So, it is not advisable at all to be violent for the sake of becoming well-known among humans because the punishment in hell will be horrible. Only by peacefully fighting for a better, more just/equal and peaceful world and by improving yourself ("yourself" written with capital letters) and by adhering as strictly as possible to your own values will you reduce the likelihood to have to suffer in hell (should hell exist indeed, which is possible). (This section here was amended on 2018-04-28 at 04:21h-04:26h and at 04:39h-04:42h CEST.)

Imagine that you are cut apart and burned alive an infinite or at least extremely high amount of times in hell and then you know what you have to expect if you engage in killing or seriously injuring people!

And in order to make it clear: People who deliberately seriously injure or kill other people have to be tortured in this (mortal) world (German: „im Diesseits“) while in prison (in special prisons specialized torturing people in an adequate and if necessary in the most sophisticated way after it has been democratically decided if and how the perpetrator has to be tortured), although every potential perpetrator needs to know that even the worst possible and sophisticated torture in this (mortal) world (German: „im Diesseits“) is not at all that horrible like the amount of torture or suffering a perpetrator of violence has to undergo in hell, so the torture in this (mortal) world (German: „im Diesseits“) would just be a tiny and insignificant foretaste (German: „Vorgeschmack“) of what will/might follow (is to come) in the afterlife.

I am talking about democracies. In countries/regions under authoritarian or totalitarian rule, the situation is more complicated and it might be justified to overthrow a dictator also by use of force.

So, there is really no need to be violent in the free and democratic countries of the West.

(I am not talking about leftist/anticapitalist/antifascist activism here in the West because I support all leftist activism and protesting as long as it doesn’t harm people or animals. Despite (or actually because of) advocating for torture, I consider myself as part of the local and global (far-)left.) (This section here was slightly edited on 2018-04-28 at 04:21h CEST: The word "seriously" was removed in front of the word "harm". And there was again an amendment between 04:26h and 04:38h CEST when this explanatory sentence here that I initially forgot was written/added.)

there are two vicious cycles at dating: if you only want the most attractive one’s (those that are promoted also by the media and fashion industry) and you have difficulties at dating them, you will be frustrated because those you want don’t want you and those who you could have are those you don’t really want... And the second vicious cycle is if you are not ready to be rejected from time to time (or in most cases) by the women you desire because like that, you will stop asking more of the women that you really like and therefore never find one. Because had you asked enough women (even if you only ask very attractive women like tall, slim and athletic women with good-looking faces), you would have certainly found one woman after an extended amount of time, because also some very attractive women have a good heart and would give you a chance. You just have to keep trying until you have your perfect woman (by flirting with her and presenting yourself authentically from the beginning), even it means that you will first be unsuccessful 50 times.

I also found my girlfriend after having talked with some women. And my girlfriend is not unattractive (although also not very attractive as I have to concede; she is just tall, but otherwise not really attractive). And I am sure if I would try often enough, I would find a very (even much more attractive girlfriend), but this is just not one of my priorities now since I really don’t like to go out (leave the house where I live) at the moment.

If you don’t believe in an afterlife and hell, chances are likely that you will begin believe in it as soon as you have arrived there! I have to admit that I am not sure that hell exists, I can’t prove it scientifically, but there is a relatively high chance that it exists because how else would people who have committed atrocities be punished if not in an afterlife / in hell?

But one thing is clear: If you are young, short, fat and shy and you desire tall, thin, athletic girls, it will become difficult. You have to overcome your shyness and interact with the women in an authentic way from the beginning and you will have some chance even with women that you encounter in the street and don’t know at all yet. Because women like/appreciate authenticity. My trick will be to behave like a baby and to tell her that she is amazingly looking and that I actually don’t have a chance to get a date with such a beautiful woman and that she should give me a chance because this would be just just. Maybe I will also extend my arm towards her and tell her that I am a little mouse and if she could touch and maybe even fondle that mouse! I hope that by being and presenting myself as a little mouse or a mouse baby (baby mouse), I will have a chance at dating even extremely attractive women (6’ 0“ tall (183 cm), very athletic, magnificent face). And I am only 5’ 9“ (175cm) tall and massively overweight (96 kilograms at the moment).

I will very slowly and gradually reduce my medication and also inform my doctor. My goal is a daily dose of 5 milligrams of Olanzapine. The main reason why I hope to be able to reduce my Olanzapine dose is to reduce my body weight. I am simply too fat/overweight/obese at the moment and this is really, really unhealthy. Olanzapine is also known to cause diabetes, so I should reduce it as quickly as possible which means still slowly and gradually and in cooperation with my psychiatrist. I have a phone appointment with her in around 2 weeks.

It is clear that torture is much better than killing/executing people. I really don’t like the idea of executing people (and also the drone war that the U.S. government is doing, which are very unjust). But capturing violent people and torturing them is justified, at least when the population (and not the government or courts) has the chance to decide about it. Torture is a very serious issue so that only the people/population themselves/itself should decide about it, the decision if and how somebody has to be tortured shouldn’t be left to the government or to courts. The torture would have to be filmed and published/streamed live so that everybody could see what is going on. And it would also be up to the population to decide when the torture would be reduced or stopped altogether. It is also possible that early releases might become possible because the imprisoned perpetrators would realize what they have done or were about to do and pose no danger anymore. And I am sure that the population would decide for the torture of people only in really justified cases, for example when a man kills an innocent woman or innocent people or when someone deliberately drives into a crowd. (This section was extended between around 04:10h and 04:22h.)

Torture can be done in various ways: Giving a substance that causes psychosis (which is probably the best way), sleep deprivation (probably the second best way, but it can become very cruel if inflicted excessively), exposure to noise, heat, or cold, stress positions, or physical torture. I am not a specialist for torture, so torture methods should be continually assessed internationally by experts in a transparent way and the torture itself should also be done transparently (like everything the government (as long as the government is not be replaced by the population in its entirety, see the Main Page) and the population does).

One should not forget that not only unattractive men, but also unattractive women suffer from their unattractiveness. And lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people too if they are short, overweight/obese/fat and not witty/funny enough. So, the political goal must be that people who are disadvantaged by their looks, shyness or lack of humor should also be empowered or have the chance to date really attractive people! One part is to give unattractive people ideas how to approach people who are really attractive (for example by displaying one’s own babyishness and beg the attractive woman for being touched or kissed with a childish and grizzling/grouching and imploring/pleading voice (German: „mit quengelnder und flehender Stimme“)). And one part will be to introduce laws that make the whole dating and sex life automatically and radically transparent, so that it is finally known how is attractive and who is not (and why), and also a law that allows/permits unattractive people to have at least a few dates with really, really attractive people at least a few times in their lifetime (what I call „sexual socialism“).

It is also interesting that the Wikipedia article „Involuntary celibacy“ has been created only now (after the attack in Toronto). So, Wikipedia probably waited too long for covering this issue on an own page because this seems to be already the third attack in the name of involuntary celibacy (according to that Wikipedia article). I hope that Wikipedia will not be so reluctant in covering new political issues in the future, although I am pessimistic about that. Wikipedia has become very conservative because its editors are mainly (relatively) conservative individuals. I will see it once I will try to introduce my ideology there (with the Hpluspedia as an intermediate step).

Vehicle ramming accidents could an of course should be prevented by all technological means: - a public, free and open source (and of course radically/automatically transparent) guiding systems for all vehicles - compulsory participation of all vehicles in this guiding system - possibility to stop any motor-powered vehicle immediately if at least two people in the vicinity of the vehicle press the stop button (while such a stop button has to be available/present on all newly produced smartphones and wearables like smartwatches and VR or AR glasses) - cameras monitoring all roads and constantly automatically comparing what they see to what is visible/present in the vehicle guiding system.

The people who commit atrocities like excessive violence (use of firearms or vehicles) have to be/become aware and feel what it means to be violent, how it feels for the victim. Because like that, they will finally realize what they are doing. Torturing them also has this goal. And by realizing it, they will no longer want to hurt anybody. Like that, it might also become possible to release people earlier from prison thanks to the fact that they have been tortured compared to a situation without torture. So, it might become possible to even reduce the length of prison sentences.

Causing violence is a deeply archaic and unacceptable behavior, especially in the age of social media that guarantees and facilitates free speech. Serious violence cannot be tolerated and has to be punished very severely, with torture.

While on the other side, the death penalty should be abolished except maybe for very serious crimes. If the death penalty is carried out, the population, like in the case of torture, has to decide it (and not the government or a court).

By the way, Israel, which is a democratic and highly progressive country, also tortures people which is in my opinion a sign that torture makes sense in many cases indeed (although, as already previously told, every case of torture should preferably by done in the open (transparently) and by democratic decision-making by the whole population (e-democracy in the future)). (With an amendment on 2018-04-28 between 05:12h and 05:19h CEST.)

And one should not forget that torture was abolished more than a century ago in the European countries because it made no sense to torture petty criminals anymore for crimes like stealing (which I also think makes no sense at all). Nobody thought that in more than a hundred years, there would still be totally unjustified and horrible violent crimes against weak/defenseless and innocent people like the ones we unfortunately have in the case of Islamist, right-wing or incel-motivated violence and also all ways of non-political serious violence (by private individuals). Another case is violence committed by police officers and military soldiers. As long as society hasn't achieved abolishing such security forces (because their existence is hardly necessary anymore thanks to constant transparency enforcement by the population itself and an almost complete cessation of all violence within/among the population), there will still be unjustified violence also by them. And there should be no impunity for anybody in such cases, nobody should be exempt of being held accountable for unjustified violence. So, torture should be reintroduced for all cases of serious and unjustified violence by allowing the population to decide if and how somebody has to be tortured. The decision-making by the population about whom to torture in what ways could and should be done by an e-democracy software system that should be introduced as quickly as possible anyway, for all purposes of democracy (see the corresponding section on the Main Page).

Disclaimer/Self-declaration: The substance that I received in 2010 at least twice was also some kind of torture. And it was good, necessary and justified, as I have to acknowledge retrospectively: I am a better person now. And I didn’t have to spend even one day in prison. But OK, it required really a lot of effort by the Swiss people and the security services to organize the administration of this substance, so such an effort cannot be done for every potentially or really violent perpetrator (my case was that of a potential perpetrator). What is feasible for the future instead is a more ordinary and less effortful process of torture, and the process of torture should also be done transparently, so that everyone knows and acknowledges what is going on. Transparency was not possible in my case, but at least I knew/realized roughly what was going on, because I really, really felt the substance first inside my body and a little bit later in my head/brain; I just didn’t and still don’t know the name of the substance that was used. I am really grateful for everything because thanks to this intervention of many people, I have become a peaceful person now, while still having the chance and opportunity to write online and try to peacefully spread my ideology/ideas. And I hope that such an intervention won’t be necessary in the future anymore for progressive people because subsequent generations of progressive people will hopefully peacefully connect and unite over the Internet (social media, websites, blogs, forums, ...) from the beginning of their activity.

Now, it's 03:14h CEST.

By the way, as far as beauty contests are concerned (that increase society’s / the population’s preference for tall, slim and athletic people even more as they already are), my opinion is as follows: Beauty contests should be encouraged and promoted everywhere, in as many countries/states/cities or companies/organizations as possible (and for both males and females (and of course intersex too)), in order to make visible that a certain kind of external appearance that attractive people have is much more in demand than less attractive people (and this would also be the case in case these beauty contests wouldn’t exist): BUT, there is a big BUT: At the same time, it is absolutely necessary that those same beauty and modeling contests critically reflect on what they are doing and what kind of beauty ideals exist in society and what this means for less attractive people! So, these (hopefully!) pervasive beauty contests would be a forum for honest and open exchange between beautiful and unattractive people and the not-so-good-looking people would get a chance to tell everybody about their plight. How would this be achieved/realized/implemented? By providing a free and open source software platform where everyone could leave their comments or links at any place, so it would become a big and free discussion between as many people, beautiful and not-so-beautiful, as possible. Preferably, this could be done with a wiki software, for example MediaWiki. And there should also be a mechanism where the winner and runner-ups of such beauty contests would date at least some of the not-so-beautiful people, in order to signal that solidarity exists between good-looking and not-so-good-looking people. Furthermore, all the private dating life should be transparent as part of a general automatic/radical transparency-enforcement in society, so the people/public would know who is dating whom and how these interactions look on video and by personal accounts (mutual interaction/emotion assessment in terms of joy, frustration or disappointment) of the involved people. And this system of solidarity between (very) attractive and less attractive people should not only be deployed for participants of beauty contests, but for all attractive and very attractive people, also those who don’t participate in beauty contests.

05:01h-05:07h: As far as beauty contests are concerned: It is better if as many beauty contests (and also overall attractiveness contests, taking into account all abilities / overall attractiveness) as possible take place and like that, it becomes again and again obvious what is considered as attractive and how much attractive people are in demand than in contrary suppress and prohibit attractiveness competitions between people so that what is considered attractive remains a secret and unattractive people have to suffer, are disadvantaged/discriminated secretly and have to come to terms with their lack of attractiveness alone, without an open discussion in society about it.

05:10h-05:16h CEST: No, my goal is not to be one of the selected few to date these super-/ultra-attractive people, just in case you meant that... My goal is a just society where the not-so-attractive people who are most in need have their one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to date an extremely attractive person...! And I am probably not even most in need because if I have influence with my texts and ideas and therefore more self-confidence, I don’t need this help because I will find considerably attractive women who at least agree to have a friendship/companionship with me and this should be enough for me. OK, maybe one day, I also would like to kiss a really, really, really attractive woman, at least kiss her, this would also be a dream of me, should this dream not be fulfilled at least once simply after having tried to approach as many (very) attractive women as possible that I encounter...

03:31h / 03:40h; 05:01h CEST

And of course genetic engineering should also be employed as quickly as possible so that all people (both attractive and unattractive people) have a guarantee to have attractive, talented/resourceful/gifted/capable/skilled/competent, athletic, (mathematically) intelligent, witty and altruistic/empathic offspring. And in order to archive that, a STEM-oriented learning environment should be provided from as early as birth, teaching, babies, toddlers and children the foundations of computer science, programming, software development, electrical engineering, mathematics and genetics (including computational biology / bioinformatics) from the earliest possible age. Social progress (what I call „sexual socialism“) should be followed/accompanied by technological progress and vice versa.

Now, it's 03:46h CEST.

I will have to put this text also to the Main Page (as a summary) and to a new, separate page in its full length.

Now, it's 03:47h CEST.

What is necessary too is respect for the child’s autonomy and freedom to choose or refuse any activity, including robotic activities, and furthermore appreciation and love. Without love, children are unhappy. Technology cannot replace love. What is necessary to increase the likelihood that parents appreciate and give love to their children, is to grant children the right to sue their parents once they grow into adulthood. Like that, parents would know always that they have to always treat their children correctly and love them as much as possible, and this is important for both (socially and/or technologically) progressive and conservative parents. As far as activities with robots are concerned: Children should always have the right to refuse or reduce activities with robots. It is up to the babies, toddlers and children to decide how much robotic activities they want/prefer. But robotic activities and the presence of robots should at least always be offered. Furthermore, beginning at birth, children should play around with and explore devices with touchscreens and also already wear augmented reality (and possibly also virtual reality) glasses as often and long as possible, provided the babies/kids are comfortable with them and also want to wear them.

Now, it's 04:00h CEST.

04:33h; 04:45-04:48h CEST: What is also necessary is to ensure that all elderly people are treated correctly and with appreciation, that they can live as long as possible with their relatives and that external people (nurses) can assist the relatives in the care-taking of the old people and that the government/society (financially/legally) supports independent living of elderly people. It is also very important to constantly monitor the people who care for elderly people (regardless of whether the elderly are cared for at their own home by their relatives or in a nursing home) by constant video-streaming from the homes of the elderly, but also by visits at and by interviews with the elderly.

04:43h-04:45h/04:48h CEST: I also shouldn’t forget that very very important is that animals should no longer be exploited or even killed. Only the meat of naturally deceased animals (and humans if they agree) should be eaten, no animals should be killed anymore by humans! All animals that are kept as pets should roam freely in the houses of their caretakers. They should eat together with the humans from the same tables and have the opportunity to sleep with them in the same beds. They should have the opportunity to climb freely on climbing-friendly constructions in the houses. If possible, they should have the opportunity to roam also outside of the houses/buildings. Animal testing has to be severely restricted and if still done, be totally/automatically transparent. All laboratories for animal testing should be closed and the animals be transferred to private homes, continuing to live in the houses of the people as normal pets like the other (regular) pets of people. No animals with whom humans are conducting tests should die, become sick or lose abilities because of the testing!

The whole text was written between around 00:30h (beginning at the top) and 05:23h CEST.

(End of the long text)

(approximately) 05:30h-05:37h; 05:39h-05:41h CEST:

So, all in all, what I really want to say is that I wouldn't like to be a victim of such an attack. Being driven over by a car/van... This is really horrible. And I am sure that virtually everybody (who is not really a masochist) would agree with me. And I am quite sure that also the attacker himself wouldn't like it if he really realized what it means, to be physically injured in such a horrible way. And in order to show him and make him truly understand what he did, he should be tortured, in my opinion. But the people (in his case the population of Toronto, Canada or the whole world) would have to decide if and how he should be tortured (not me).

And what I also want to say: I will create this Transhumanist Party of Switzerland and advocate for all these new ideas that I have. I have a lot of new ideas which should become clear if you read the Main Page and this blog here. So, if you are an incel (involuntary celibate) and you agree with my ideas (especially sexual socialism and radical (dating) transparency) and are also strongly against violence, you can contact me and maybe we can try to further our goals politically by trying to convert them into concrete/tangible political action. Maybe you can even join one of the various Transhumanist Parties already existing worldwide/globally if you are also technologically (and not just socially, which is at least equally important) progressive... :-)

05:38h CEST: Unfortunately, I didn't always log the time, sometimes, I forgot it, especially in the beginning of the writing process. This was due to the fact that I was in a hurry. I simply wanted to write and write and write.

05:42h-05:48h CEST: So, now, I am finally uploading the whole text.

05:53h-06:08h CEST: I slightly amended the text above (see the corresponding version in the history of this page here).

06:41h-06:43h CEST: I again slightly amended the text by adding a little bit of text at two different places: "Disclaimer/Self-declaration" and the text about political action. (see this page's history).

Saturday, 28th of April 2018

My (small) edits of today and what I will (mainly) write about in the coming days

04:43h-04:57h CEST:

In the past 40 minutes, I just slightly amended the section above at 2 places, see in this page's history.

Furthermore, in the coming days, I will do more amendments, especially in the area (at the issue) of pick-up advice (possibly by creating and linking to a new page where I will describe the topic of pick-up artist advice in more depth). And you can be sure that my pick-up tips work for everybody with at least some success rate, so there is hope for everyone, even if you have been rejected thoroughly (all the times) in the past! :-)

(I also did a small error when I wrote "yesterday" in the edit summary of the edit of 04:26h CEST, because it was the day before yesterday, 2 days ago (and not just yesterday), on which I wrote most of the text above.)

Monday, 28th of May 2018

My tablet computer was not ready last week unfortunately

00:13h-00:32h; 00:47h-00:58h; 14:20h-14:34h CEST:

Last week, I probably made a mistake. A new student came into a trial lesson and I was not prepared enough. For example, I didn't have a tablet computer at hand which would have been very important to look up information in the Internet for tuition because we covered/did the subjects English, French and Latin (with some topics in French and Latin not being very familiar to me anymore). So, the student had to use his own smartphone instead which he probably didn't like and which might have contributed to this decision to not attend/continue the lessons anymore. :-( I also failed to apologize for or explain/mention the fact to the student during the lesson that my tablet computer was not ready. :-( I only fully realized this mistake when I received the notification of the student's decision to not attend any further lesson(s).

Another mistake of mine was that my room was (and always is) not tidied up enough, so I didn't want that the student sees my room when the student asked for going near my room last week. And I have to admit that my refusal was not transparent, it would have been better and necessary if/that I had shown my room to the student. I should always comply with my own transparency requirements/rules!

Tomorrow Tuesday afternoon, I will probably give a new trial lesson for 2 new students and I am really happy about it and looking forward for it. :-) I expect that I will have my tablet computer ready then in order to not repeat the same mistake again. I haven't it ready yet, but I think it will be ready by then, I probably need 1-2 hours to prepare it.

I will also have to update the Main Page and do a lot of other stuff (that I partially described in the blog entries above), I am just too slow to do it all at the moment. But I will do it as soon as I am really ready. :-)

Looking forward to tomorrow

17:01h-17:59h; 18:00h-18:06h; 23:58h-00:14h; 00:16h-00:19h CEST (00:14h and 00:16h-00:19h already on 2018-05-29):

Additionally 2018-05-30 02:42h-02:51h and 03:53h-03:57h CEST:

I am so happy and looking forward to that I will probably have 2 new students soon (possibly tomorrow Tuesday)! :-) :-)

Unfortunately, my mother accidentally killed a beautiful and lively spider this afternoon! :-( I expected the accident and tried to warn my mother, but in vain / to no avail! :-( It was so sad to see the spider no longer living anymore because of the lack of consideration/prudence/compassion of my mother! :-( :-( :-(

I also ate chicken meat this afternoon which is also wrong since the chicken didn't have the chance to die naturally and in peace. :-( :-( :-(

My 5 major plans for the future are:

  • opening / trying to establish an IT consultany business
  • finally creating the website for the Transhumanist Party of Switzerland
  • extending/expanding/improving the text on the Main Page.
  • finally filming and uploading example videos with pickup advice
  • creating a page where I summarize all principles of UEOAMLOE (ultra-early onset advanced multimodal learning opportunities/environments; formerly "UECHE" ("ultra-early childhood education"))
  • finally publish my messages that I exchanged with a good friend because they show/reveal how I really think politically and what I think in terms of women, attractiveness, dating chances inequality/injustice, m_st_rb_t__n and ego-kick... Unfortunately I will have to redact/anonymize the messages. :-(

By the way, I am writing with my smartphone at the moment which means that I am slower than with a computer and a physical keyboard, but I can do it conveniently wherever I am (in bed at the moment).

Wednesday, 30th of May 2018

3 new YouTube videos uploaded! :-)

02:52h-03:03h; 03:05h; 03:26h-03:29h; 03:36h-03:41h; 03:42h-03:46h CEST:

I just (finally!) recorded and uploaded 3 new YouTube videos where I give dating/pickup advice for unattractive and disadvantaged men:

The students didn't come yesterday

03:59h-04:03h; 04:09h-04:13h; 04:14h-04:16h CEST:

By the way, the two students didn't come yesterday (Tuesday, 29th of May). Maybe they will come next week...

(And my tablet computer is almost ready now. ;-) )

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