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10th of October 2016

04:20h - 04:32h and 04:35h - 04:43h

I thought about the s in the page's title: Should it be “bits of thoughts" or "bits of though"? After a Google search, I decided for the version with the s in the end. And maybe, I could also add the word "log" at the end of it.

I will write not only a blog from now on, but also all bits of thoughts (as many as I can gather and write down). And I will be much more outspoken in the future and write about everything that goes through my mind.

Very important is also that I write my biography. Because some people know parts of my biography, but most people not. So, everybody should have the same state of knowledge (German: "Kenntnisstand").

I also have very positive news because I discovered that some of my pages (not only the Main Page) are read indeed, the "visits" count is considerably high, more than 1000 in one page. I don't think these are accidental hits. The main page maybe, but not the other pages. So I have to be really, really grateful and humble and have hope that what I am writing is not in vain and, although I have very little direct reactions (e-mails, Facebook messages or friendship requests, among others), I can still influence the world in a (hopefully, I don't want to go to hell) positive way.

Very important now is to edit ("clean") the Main Page and write the information in a more clear, concise and dense way. I also want to write my most important political demands/ideas there. The 4 most important one are:

  • Radical e-democracy (the population directly decides everything and replaces the parliament and even the government);
  • Radical, unconditional, ubiquitous transparency
  • Radical educational reform, including ultra-early learning, with mathematics, STEM-fields and the latest learning technology (from infancy and possibly pregnancy) in mind;
  • And last but not least, struggle for mathematical knowledge as the new state religion/ideology, a new religion for our rather nihilistic society.

But, the most important demand is the first demand: As much democracy as possible, because the implementation of the three other demands (and further ideas/demands) depend entirely on truly democratic decision-making: If the population doesn't (won't) want what I demand/advocate, it has to be accepted, I (will) have to accept it. The people (the majority of e-democracy participants/voters) are always right. I really needed long to realize the importance of direct democracy (and in the future hopefully an Internet-based software platform for radical e-democracy) despite living in the probably most democratic country of the world.

04:32h - 04:34h

I have already written a "bits of thoughts log" yesterday Sunday evening (9th of October 2016), I will upload it as soon as possible. It doesn't contain very very important topics, but it is still interesting to see what I am thinking and how/where I am getting my information about the world.

04:43h - 04:47h

It is really not good/optimal that it is not possible for the people reading this website here to write their own thoughts/ideas/content/comments/pictures. Because like that, it is just me who is writing and I don't receive feedback. If you want to participate and write your own thoughts, go to my (at the moment) 2 Facebook pages/groups (I will add the 2 links later, I have to go to bed now, it is high time), you need to be logged in to Facebook to write your text or upload pictures or videos.

04:48h - 04:50h

I will add 2 relatively short additional messages tomorrow that I wrote today. I now have to go to bed, it is very very late, actually, it is already almost 5 o'clock in the morning. And I will also have to publish all the other messages (without revealing who my interlocutor is if they prefer it like that) that I wrote in the past months.

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