Multimodal musical instrument learning

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Alternative titles

  • "multimodal early childhood musical instrument learning"
  • "multimodal early onset musical instrument learning"
  • "multimodal early enough onset musical instrument learning"?
  • "multimodal musical instrument learning"?
  • "musical instrument learning"?

maybe it is too obvious but it is maybe the most important point: begin early. avoid that the child one day says "why didn't you offer me to learn (this) musical instrument(s) more early?" And there are certain instruments like the violin where it is especially important to begin early and there are also violins of especially small sizes that are adapted to the young child's (arm) length. but again, learning a musical instrument from very early age should also not be connected to too many expectations because many children might play one or several musical instruments for some time with limited motivation and then stop it. the main goal should simply be to not miss any opportunity for a talented and even more important interested and motivated child. and also in case a child plays the musical instrument only a few years and then stops, it might have had at least a slightly positive influence on the overall development intelligence and maybe even mathematics knowledge.

technology and innovation matters (and convenience too? and to which degree?) also in terms of musical instrument learning, especially when there is a certain competition in terms of time and attention resources by other activities like robotics

mathematics matters

try to link and combine purely mathematical theory, applied mathematical theory and electrical engineering, music and musical instrument learning as early as possible as closely as possible with each other

in terms of music, the interface between pure mathematics, applied mathematics and electrical engineering is particularly interesting

musical instrument playing as an astonishing synthesis of motor ability, hearing ability, musicality, intelligence, electrical (and software) engineering, applied mathematical and ultimately purely mathematical insight

transhumanist robots, biologically hybrid entities playing musical instruments?

transfer music<->mathematics

multimodal: hearing music while playing with slowing down option ("individually and intrinsically adjustable music playing speed software" or a similar term)

if you want to become a good musical instrumental player in any musical instrument, it needs exercise. just exercise. and therefore a real challenge. even the best and most advanced learning method still needs exercise at least when it is really still conventional musical instrument playing. if you don't exercise enough, you will only reach an intermediate level even if you are considerably talented.

assistance by robots when learning

composing / mathematical composing

the limited "mathematical complexity" of music

respect and accept the child's wish when it does not want to continue the playing a particular musical instrument or musical instruments generally, not all children have the same talent and/or motivation. the likelihood that a child does not want to continue learning to play musical instruments generally or a particular musical instrument might be higher than for example several languages or do (interact with) robot(ic)s since playing a musical instrument is a relatively strenuous activity especially in the modern world with so many other options, including robotics and parallel language learning. but if a child has motivation and likes it (talent is actually not even that decisive) encourage it as much as you with all conventional and modern technology and mathematical help that is available or developable. if the child is not interested in playing just a particular musical instrument, try changing to another musical instrument as long as the child is interested.

try to introduce the child to as many different (types of) musical instruments as possible at the most early age as possible and constantly give the child the opportunity to try out other/different musical instruments during the whole learning process of a particular music instrument

constantly offer different types like various string instruments, various wood, piano/organ and various brass instruments and try different types especially in the beginning and also still some time after the beginning

learn all clefs (treble clef (violin), alto clef (viola), tenor clef (cello) and bass clef (for example the left hand on the piano), there are more clefs, see ) from as early as possible and don't wait too long for a particular key (learning to play the piano already covers the two most important clefs with the right hand covering the treble clef and the left hand covering the bass clef)

in case of loud musical instruments (for example brass) ensure that the hearing is not impaired (see also the next point)

in case a child plays in an orchestra or a band or in a setting where loudspeakers are used, ensure that no other players of loud musical instruments or loudspeakers are nearby or that they are not playing or emitting sound too loud, not even a temporary let alone permanent/irreversible tinnitus, hyperacusis or hearing impairment should happen

try to combine music, musical instrument playing and especially high-pitched sound/music and ultrasound (but what about the limited and still non-existing hearing ability of very high pitched audible sound and ultrasound in case of humans? how to resolve it?)

animals (for example birds or (primarily) ultrasound animals like bats, mice and rats) and music and musical instrument playing) (I have seen an artistic installation somewhere with birds on triggering sounds on strings - accidentally or deliberately? it looked deliberately since the birds used their beaks to pluck the strings)

how do birds and particular/specific bird species or individuals react to music? and other animals (for example a dog, cat, mouse or rat)? test it. I had the impression that some bird individuals or species began to react to my playing a violin concert in e minor from my computer's loudspeakers by twittering repeatedly for maybe twelve (0xC; doz_10) minutes in one of those rare moments when both the music was playing, the window was open and there was no loud (low pitched) noise outside

unfortunately hardly possible to combine sports-like movements (that would be useful for overall bodily health) and musical instrument playing. but is that necessary? and possible?

important effect of musical instrument playing for happiness and therefore general motivation and intelligence