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Conventional activities like sports or physical activity can be replaced by sports with the presence of robots. The very important (and too limited) time that the children spend moving around in today's conventional school learning environments can be extended and at the same time accompanied constantly by robotics and therefore mathematics indirectly too. The time that the children do both sports, physical activities and computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics can be extended simultaneously by the same activity. The attention of the more intelligent children partially shifts from the physical activity to robotics and mathematics while the less intelligent children still have the opportunity to focus mainly on the physical activity itself but they also have an advantage because the time for physical activities is extended compared to conventional school systems with its strict division between sitting-in-chairs and sports-only.

The species homo sapiens has nomadic roots and is adapted for a mobile and nomadic lifestyle by its genotype/genes and not for a lifestyle standing still and sitting too often. Babies and toddlers should have the chance to develop within a mobility-oriented learning environment in order to never grow up into the standing and sitting lifestyle of conventional school learning environments which reinforce and educate into the standing and sitting lifestyle of the conventional society of nowadays.

  • if a desk still has to be used (for example for conventional computer use), use a desk with varying height since early childhood and alternate the desk's use with changing heights
  • robots of varying height
  • more activities on the floor
  • mobile technology: phones, mobile computers, robots that are configurable and alterable in a similar way like big desktop computers nowadays
  • varying physical activity options in every minute during the whole childhood beginning in infancy

more in the future:

  • eye displays, implanted technology

And most important: Begin in early childhood with this constantly mobile lifestyle, don't wait for kindergarten or later.