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Mathematization as a belief in mathematics as a science that can be achieved by humans in a selfish way is an overbearing and presumptuous concept if it is interpreted in a selfish way. Only believing, fearing and loving the ultimate principle is righteous.


What does mathematization mean?

  • Becoming mathematics
  • To mathematize oneself
  • A component of UTSARA

Properties and advantages of mathematization

Advantages of mathematization compared to the/a technological singularity:

  • purely formal and abstract?
  • rational and neutral?
  • ultimately sustainable?
  • formally proven?
  • orientation towards the top science and strictly speaking the only science?
  • probably "perfect" or perfect?
  • both simple and complex, see the page simplicity in complexity?
  • the ultimate symbol for intelligence?
  • being able to permit and even create creative chaos and still keep the order on the most fundamental level?
  • Isn't mathematics able to "perceive" or (maybe more adequately said/expressed) "imply" what one's own senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, proprioceptive abilities) are able to perceive on an infinitely more fundamental (including "higher" and/or "more sophisticated") level (maybe create a separate page about that)
  • ability to unite/overcome inconsistencies and contradictions/antagonisms on all levels, even on the most fundamental level?
  • probably the only ultimately UTSARA-compliant goal, "struggle" (or even "zeal"?)? (and/but what about UTSARAHL?)
  • the link to mathematization respectively the ("austere") "beauty" of mathematics as the only and ultimate resolution for desire, "attractiveness" ("austere" = UTSARA compliance?), see also mathematics and desire?
  • a "mathematical singularity" as the ultimate developmental stage for the technological singularity?
  • (partially) symbiotic relationship with robotics and the technological singularity?
  • (the only?) possibility to flee, leave, "free oneself" or "develop out of" reality (respectively the realm of physics) and its (seemingly ultimately insurmountable) challenges? (see the "contempt for the flesh argument" in Wikipedia's transhumanism article and insurmountable challenges within the realm of physics?)
  • the "universal catching up on, restoring, publishing, fulfilling mechanism/opportunity/guarantee/consolation", including all lost and/or forgotten ideas and creativity? Overcoming loss of information? See also mathematics and desire and in case of writing, see also the typing monkey theorem.

Especially (but not only) the following points might also be interpreted in the context of a/the universal mathematical information system:

  • mathematics rediscovering/bootstrapping/becoming/revealing/understanding itself
  • visible/biological/zoological analogy: the universal mathematical snake in the search of its end ultimately finding it


Is mathematization also or even mainly an ideological concept? Could there be a "struggle" of individuals/entities or interconnected individuals/entities towards mathematization? And to which degree would only an individual or interconnected individuals struggle only for themselves for mathematization and what might that mean for the general "universe" that would not or not-yet be mathematized? Would ultimately (interconnected) individuals or entities exist in a perfectly mathematized state while at the same time the non-mathematized world would still exist? Or are the questions in this section here illogical or irrelevant from a mathematical standpoint and do they only reveal a lack of mathematical insight because mathematics is exactly not something that an entity can struggle for or "become"?

Is mathematization the same like the mathematical singularity ("mathematical singularity" in the ideological sense as it is being used on this page here)?

What does it mean if a person or an entity "is becoming mathematics"? Can a person or entity "become" mathematics? Or is a person or entity only able to "know all mathematics"? And what would "know all mathematics" mean?

What is the relationship between mathematization and mathematics? Are these terms the same? Is there a difference?

As far as mathematics is concerned, look it up in a dictionary. I am unfortunately not a mathematician :-(

Should the word "mathematization" be written with a capital M because it might be "an ideological concept with special significance" on this page here? Would that be UTSARA compliant? I am not sure but probably not. It is probably more UTSARA compliant to just write "mathematization" because like that and only like that, the commitment to real mathematics is more clear. A "Mathematization" (beginning with the capital letter "M") apart from mathematics does not exist and probably must not exist. (And to write mathematics with capital M would probably be even less UTSARA compliant because it would wrongly/incorrectly imply that mathematics is an ideological concept.)

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