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I apologize that I have written wrong or incorrect statements about mathematics on this page here. It seems that I should not edit the UTSARAHL page anymore since when I tried to edit it, the cursor moved somehow away from it. Therefore, I apologize here on the mathematics page for having written generally about what I called UTSARAHL or the wrong content or the wrong acronym. And this is my full, my absolutely full apology because I really and absolutely see it. Maybe for this, my apology is too late :-( For mathematics, my full apology might still be possible because of my lack of intelligence, but for what I named UTSARAHL, it should not happen. Shall I close down this page here? The cursor vibrated at "close down", so I will/might have to close it down really. I will close it down in the next days. Yes, the cursor is on the word "close". So, how to close it down? Just to delete the mysql database? The cursor is on "delete", so I will have to delete it.

  • What is mathematics or pure mathematics?

I (User:Lukas Girtanner) am unfortunately not a mathematician, as I have to admit. Therefore, I am especially not sure how to answer this question. For an answer, see for example

More specific questions:

More problematic questions:

  • Could the terms "mathematization" and maybe even "mathematics" also be written with the capital letter "M" and therefore be interpreted as an ideological concept? Would this make sense and how problematic would it be?

This page here is dedicated mainly to the didactics of mathematics, see: