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In search for a name for my ideology, I have found a term that might be appropriate: "mathematicism" or more shortly "mathematism". I am still not sure which term is better: mathematicism or mathematism? In the latter case, the title of this page here would have to be changed from "mathematicism" to "mathematism". Why did I decide initially / so far for the longer version? Because I usually decide for the more complicated (the same like "complex"?) version/option when having the choice between a complicated (complex?) and a simple option. Is that a good strategy or option? Maybe not, see also simplicity in complexity (but on this page here, it is just about terminology and not about the profound formal implications mentioned on the other page).

An ideology of mathematics? Yet another ...ism?

Mathematics as the solution for all problems in the real world? (see also mathematization)

Merge this page with mathematization?

See also Ideology, vision or scientific theory?

The proponents of that ideology (for example myself) would either be "mathematicists" (long version) or "mathematists" (short version).

When I am thinking (loud) about the term, "mathematism" is easier to pronounce and maybe I will have to choose the shorter term. It is also more convenient/easy to say for me that I am a mathematist than a mathematicist. But I can pronounce both, "mathematicist" sounds a little bit more "sophisticated", but does it matter or make sense if a term sounds more sophisticated when the term is at the same time more complicated?

A mathemati(ci)st would simply be a proponent of mathematization.

The reason why I need this terminology now is that I need some kind of ideological identity for myself when I write about desire and attractiveness because desire and attractiveness without mathematics leads even more into nowhere than desire and attractiveness with mathematics might lead too (see also the last point at the bottom of the page). But still, the relationship between desire and mathematics is not totally unproblematic, see mathematics and desire.

Mathemati(ci)sm might also be a suitable term because it also implies the didactics of mathematics. In this sense, it would actually be mathemati-mathemati(ci)sm, see also the etymology of mathematics.

Still, I have not forgotten the question of UTSARA(HL) compliance. Isn't just being an ideologist a little bit risky?