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The problem is that the adult and the other videos are not separated in the beginning (because it was probably also impossible to have several lists in an account; only after that became possible could - make separate listst). But a few weeks ago, - began to make separate lists.

- will try to make a ranking of the videos, and music videos will be the first (not (primarily) because of the video/audiovisual content, but because of the music): At the moment, - would rank the videos in the following way:

The ranking is somehow very relative because depending on the mood, one song would preferred over another: And there are other videos in the long list of about 210 videos that - would include here too (- haven't seen it through; and there are many songs that are not even in this list of 210 videos that - would actually immediately include here if - had them identified/found), so this list here is just a beginning; maybe (if - have time for it, which - hope) - can also describe why - like a particular song. The ranking above is somehow just a listing of songs that - was zufälligerweise (by chance, coincidentally) lucky enought to make the acquaintance. Other songs that - might like even much more and that should be listed among the first ones are missing in the list.

Maybe, - should first search for "best of ..."-collections of music videos before making a ranking:

The following videos are videos that I have uploaded under the account "jk234hkl" on YouTube (I will have to open an account under my name, for example LukasGirtanner and upload the videos again there, I am preparing it at the moment (as of 2012-02-16), but it will take several days until I have changed the account):

Videos that I like and that show a journey through the universe (actually, this does not belong to this page here):

My issues with the YouTube "LukasGirtanner" account: Actually, I wanted to transfer all videos from my jk234hkl account to the "LukasGirtanner" account (in order to be more transparent respectively clear who it is, who owns the account), but the situation is complicated because the YouTube accounts are unfortunately very tightly connected to the Google account. And since I (-) have an e-mail address at Google that I have to check regularly and this e-mail address is tightened to my jk234hkl account, I would have to log out and log in into my "LukasGirtanner" account very often. It is unclear how I solve this problem. Maybe, I will upload all videos to my LukasGirtanner (but this means that my videos are twice on YouTube, I don't know if the YouTube guys respectively their server likes that), but there with a standardized message because writing individual texts if I upload all videos at the same time would be too time-consuming. I also thought about trying out if it is possible to delete a YouTube account. Then, I could delete my old jk234hkl account and replace it with the LukasGirtanner account. The problem is that I have already created a LukasGirtanner account and it is connected to my new (unused) Google account, so I would have to disconnect from there which is not possible except when deleting this account (LukasGirtanner). But before deleting this account (LukasGirtanner), I will/would have to check if it is possible to recreate an account that has previously deleted (in my case, it would be under a different Google account). Complicated. Everything just because these accounts (YouTube and Google) are connected tightly. Maybe, I will just upload all videos two two different accounts, so that I have all videos under the "LukasGirtanner" account too, but there only with standardized explanatory texts (maybe I will write at least the title individually). Another idea would be to write the title already onto the harddisk files because the title of the filie on the harddisk is automatically taken by YouTube. If I had chosen the "LukasGirtanner" name for my first YouTube account after the YouTube and Google accounts became connected, I wouldn't have all these problems/complications now.

Amendment a few minutes later: I might just have lost my LukasGirtanner account on YouTube because I accidentally lost the name of my second Google account, because I have only the password there: So, I will have to create an account like LukasGirtanner1 or something like that. That's a pity. I will also not be able to delete this account... Amendment because in the middle of writing, I looked through other browser windows if I accidentally have the e-mail address still there: And indeed, I just in this moment realized that I accidentally had a browser window open where the name of this second (unused) Google e-mail address still in it ( So, everything is still open. Amendment, a few minutes later: And I also realized that my account is also connected to my primary Google address, so there is another reason why I have to remain logged in my primary Google e-mail address (moc.liamg -ta- rennatrigsakul) and cannot swith forth and back.

Maybe, I will have to move this to a new, separate page. I am writing too many administrative things at the moment.

Another reason (The main reason) why I wanted to keep the jk234hkl account was that my Favourites are visible there and because of transparency reasons, I did not want to delete this information. And I am unsure if I have the time and discipline (merely time) to restore all favourites (possibly even in the original order) in the new account. And anyway, I would have to check if deleting and recreating the account (for the reason, see above) would be possible. The best would have been to delete this account and then with a lot of discipline recreate all Favourites in the new LukasGirtanner account. But now, it might be too late, I will have to check that (testing if deleting and recreating is possible).

Update of June 2012: - will probably stay at the jk234hkl account because it is too complicated to change it, because - am automatically in the account when - have the gmail-account open which almost always the case. (but - own the LukasGirtanner account too, maybe for later use.)