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  • Merge and/or reorganize the main UTSARA page and this page here.

Organizational ideas

This section "organizational ideas" is still relatively (too) chaotic which might not be UTSARA compliant yet. Therefore, this whole page here, at least at the moment (2010-06-10), might not at all be UTSARA compliant since it is not ordered enough.

UTSARA implication numbers?

the wannabe-mathematician also belongs to here. list under 0? or assign 1 and move all further numbers down?

as it is now, a very inconvenient system because for every inserted number above, everything that follows has to be moved. this whole system is questionable anyway because UTSARA evolves like a brain and a brain is more than numbers, it is complex.

Furthermore, UTSARA might have to be reorganized anyway in areas with sub-numbering and not in such very specific numbers from the beginning.

For other ways of organizing UTSARA, see the next section(s).

without numbers

the "first section" and the "second section" might be (partially) merged with each other.

first section

Maybe just collect the ideas and give them provisional date-time specific-numbering?

  • only start something if you know what the result(s) might be
  • first think-then-act
  • protect everybody else, especially a younger child (baby, toddler, young child), all other people and animals from injury
  • robotics should be environmentally sustainable: optimize the use of robots in a way that as little natural resources and energy is used or negatively affected by robots or robotics generally (mining, production, transport, energy consumption during operation, impact of operation on environment, possibly recycling)
  • try to maximize the distinction between levels of abstraction
  • the closer other people are to you, the more they should care for UTSARA too. If that is not the case, disconnect from them

writing "compliant with UTSARA", "UTSARA compliant" or simply "UTSARA" in an abbreviated way without always mentioning "compliant/compliance"?

What about order and chaos and UTSARA? How chaotic and emergent is UTSARA? How much order has to be in it or always being kept? What is the role of mathematics in terms of order and chaos? Mathematics as the only method capable of implying and bridging both order and (creative) chaos?

second section

  • mathematical / non-mathematical
  • simply a date-timestamp
  • "remain in and ensure power and control everything": is UTSARA simply a "remain in and ensure power and control everything" issue?
  • keeping (or trying to keep) everything constantly under/in order and/or control both generally and into the smallest detail? (see also the numbering considerations above)
  • being cautious, analysis/discussion, prevention
  • along T SS RRR M
  • emerging and adapting/adaptable, constantly being adapted, but not "self-organizing" (see below)
  • generalized-specific
  • ideological - special emphasis on mathematical - "action"-oriented/physical (accident prevention, motivational psychology, physics) - "substance"-oriented (life sciences: biology, chemistry, on a lower level physics too) oriented
  • systemic and ... (mathematical?) almost everything is systems-oriented except maybe mathematics
  • mathematics <-> physics (and the other sciences on top of physics with own subsections)
  • "value"-oriented or value-oriented with some kind of hierarchy (top/low or m: math/n: non-math): transparency, safety, security, sustainability, responsibility, reliability, restrictiveness, attention, cautiousness, wariness, (pre)caution, prudence, ensurance, guidance, prevention or preventiveness, moderation, rigorousness, objectivity, validity, abstraction, formalization, efficiency (for example energy), dynamics, intelligence, diversity, complexity, flexibility, density, adaptability, fitness, slenderness, leanness, perfection, interconnectedness
    • out of these, probably the following would have strict UTSARA priority: reliability, rigorousness, objectivity, validity, abstraction, formalization, therefore will UTSARA increasingly evolve just into a mathematical rigorousness project? the other terms "transparency", "safety", "security", "sustainability", "responsibility", "reliability", "caution" and "restrictiveness" would probably already be too unclearly defined let alone the remaining terms that are probably those terms that have to remain under "control" by UTSARA.
  • 2 very important values that I forgot so far: patience (extremely important as far as UTSARA is concerned) and peacefulness (and in this context also sensitivity, altruism, tolerance, efficiency, density, flexibility, mobility and evasiveness)
  • "self-organizing" or chaotic/spontaneous ((almost) certainly not UTSARA compliant at all, this would not be UTSARA, probably quite the opposite)
  • hierarchical? egalitarian?
  • individualistic? collective?
  • quantity, structure, space, measure, change
  • (emerging) subdivisions of mathematics
  • (degree of) control, guidance, rules, ...
  • Doesn't it make sense to avoid words like "constant" when writing about UTSARA? Does a word like "constant" always guarantee that "constant" remains indeed constant? Wouldn't it be better to use the word "strictly" instead of "constant" because "strictly" could be definied more precisely in terms of what has to be restricted?
  • Isn't it a bad sign that I always have to mind UTSARA somehow "separately"? Shouldn't UTSARA be more intertwinedly or immanently be present in every thought, in every sentence and not just as some separate "precautionary" sentences? I could call this "dialectic UTSARA writing". But isn't such "dialectic" UTSARA writing problematic? On the other hand, isn't it better to write in such a "dialectic" way instead of not writing about UTSARA in a specific context at all although it would be necessary? And isn't it often the case in reality that one has to move forward/ahead a little bit without constant being on the "brake" but at the same time having a "brake" readily available should it become necessary?
  • When writing generally and even more when writing about UTSARA, avoid using colloquial or unprecise expressions like "pingpong game", use "dialectic process" or even better try to describe a process as exactly as possible in terms of what it really is
  • The whole concept or idea of using a separate acronym for safety or transparency might also be problematic because doesn't it create a sense of additional, inappropriate or disproportionate "UTSARA" authority instead of just naming the real, concrete, specific issue like "physical safety", "transparency"? But on the other hand, don't concepts like "physical safety" and "safety", transparency and responsibility, as separate as they might be on their own specific level, mutually depend on each other so that a common concept that might have a name like "UTSARA" might still be justified?
  • Shouldn't all UTSARA points be asked as questions instead of just statements?

Very specific rules

  • T=transparency: announce everything (activities, changes) previously as much as possible
  • T=transparency: document everything (activities, changes) as much as possible
  • T=transparency: publish everything as long as the privacy of other entities is not infringed and/or as long the other entities agree
  • T=transparency: speak your mind as much and as constantly as possible
  • Try to identify or foresee all possible cause-effect-chains including all branching as far as possible (like in chess) (difficult in case of complex robots) - and what about effects where cause-effect-chains don't apply?
  • Arrange things in a safe way. Check the location of objects for possible accidents (also and especially valid for robotics, but there, "arranging things" is much more complex because robots move)
  • Don't do just a quick thing "in between". Every unusual and "just short" activity must equally be planned and secured like any longer activity.
  • Be careful when it is hot outside or when the temperature has just risen after a long period of cold. Your brain might have a lowered sense for UTSARA because it is too hot or because your brain is not used to the increased temperature yet.
  • Some traditions, habits or rules might be very important and they are relevant even for the most modern UTSARA.
  • Other traditions, habits or rules increase the risk for accidents. Regularly check all habits or states as they are and always have been if they are or have become non-UTSARA compliant.
  • Open your senses and keep them open (eyes, hearing, smell). Watch in all directions, especially below, above and behind.
  • Learn from all past mistakes (in both the most specific and generalized way) and report them immediately and transparently.
  • If you are unable to change a state that is not compliant with UTSARA because of adverse conditions, keep that in mind, don't come to terms with it and try to change this non-optimal state as soon as possible.
  • Don't suppress (natural or general) symptoms or signs but find the underlying (or most generalized) cause and try to improve the problematic situation there.
  • robotic design/development should strive for a maximization of design/configuration transparency, (automatic) detectability, visibility, trackability and energy efficiency and the lowest possible speed, weight and noise-level. And mind mathematics.
  • Protect yourself and all other entities against accidents, substances, noise and too bright light by wearing appropriate shoes, clothing and protective equipment. Inform you about all possible risks before any activity. Ensure your visibility during every activity.
  • Babies are individuals. In every situation, use the appropriate word "the", "a" and "every" and only in specially declared cases just the word "babies". Avoid thinking in a "collective of babies".

As technology advances more, distinctions might increasingly be blurred, for example between "action"-oriented and "substance"-oriented (with physics being the link)

Rename this page here to "Ideas for organizing UTSARA"

Is UTSARA like a (restrictive) brain within the brain, a brain that provides structure and "enforces" "guidance". Or just "common sense"? A brain that prevents the other parts to exaggerate and continuously ensures to be moderate, not become extreme, keeping the balance, remain in the middle? Feeling your intuition what is risky and what is not? Listening to as many other cautious and at the same time intelligent people as possible?

Are there (too?) many words here now? But at this stage, isn't the only step that one can do at the moment to collect in words what might be UTSARA relevant?

What UTSARA might really be: The most densely interconnected part of any interconnected system: The brain within the brain. The most intelligent part of intelligence. Or simply intelligence itself. As far as I understand it now, UTSARA is actually just I: Intelligence. In the sense that you are either intelligent complex/enough or capable enough in terms of intelligence or you are not. It cannot just be a book of rules with numbers and well-arranged systematics. Rules can just be written somewhere and be neglected or forgotten. In entities of the real world, UTSARA is simply genuine intelligence, entity-based genuine intelligence in all its complexity. A good systematics and numbers might be helpful but UTSARA is what has to be immanently present. Therefore, it is some kind of (inter)connected/networked intelligent cautiousness, both within an entity itself and with other entities. It is not sufficient to do UTSARA alone on an intermediate level and it means that one is constantly cautious in an intelligent way.