Individually adapted learning environment

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Every baby, toddler and child should have the chance to individually select what it is motivated to learn in a flexible and adaptable way. Other people, animals and robots can also help to achieve that goal because every toddler and child can choose with which person, animal or robot it wants to develop its abilities, knowledge and consciousness. The more there are different people, animals and robots with different size, movement behaviour and configurations (in case of robots), the more autonomous every toddler and child is in its choice how to learn. In case of babies that are not able to move yet autonomously over the ground and make their choice fully autonomously, the interpretation of the babies' reaction might indicate its preference for a particular learning opportunity and especially the babies' mother with all her sensitivity can help to find out which interactions the baby may prefer at any particular moment.

At a later stage, the children with their varying abilities and preferences can choose the robots and robot types that they prefer or their general percentage of learning with robots.