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it is important to keep the right of privacy as a human right so every use of a keylogger must strictly/only be voluntary in case of any people not being involved in potentially risky activities. the rule actually is that the more risky the business or activity is one is in, the more transparency must be enforced with a decreasing degree of individual choice about transparency (the cursor seemed to somehow remain here too) the more risky the business or activity is. On the other hand, the less an entity or process is involved in risk, (the cursor remained here at this place, what might it mean? (I first wrote "if I remember it correctly" instead of "what might it mean?" just without thinking this shows that I am tired but what else might it show?)) the less transparency is necessary and the more technical transparency measures like a keylogger can be left to one's own individual choice. 2010-06-21, 13:07: Isn't intransparency or privacy a human right? I always thought about that and I also read it on the Internet, maybe it is even in the declaration of human rights, I haven't looked it up, but - yes, maybe I should also write about this topic - if somebody does not want something or does not agree with it and is against it (for example taking the information from the entity but also other things), respect it. Isn't this a core principle of individualism? To respect every individual as it is and not taking his/her information? So what I wrote in terms of copying entities into a more "integrated" entity (for example without the knowledge of such an entity) might not be a good idea indeed, I have to admit, as long as it is not hundred percent clear that the entity agrees. But what for example about an entity in the natural environment that is not able to talk or express that it wants its information to be kept because it simply cannot express itself but would have wanted its information to be kept? So, might the task be to empower all entities in terms of communication so that they can express if they do not want or want to have their information preserved? (OK, this page here seems to be growing past the topic "Lukas Girtanner's keylogger", so I will have to open a new page for the new topics.

I need a break now because I have hardly eaten and drunken anything yet, I will adjust this page here afterwards.