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Babies of the species homo sapiens need a learning environment where the members of their own species homo sapiens develop the consciousness for the own species in the most open, transparent, flexible, emotionally competent and "advanced" way. Existing traditions that might still be necessary as a starting point might be used too in an increasingly optimized and advanced form. However, are some traditions more than a starting point? And if yes, which tradition(s)? And why?

Since the species homo sapiens has the most complex neural network, isn't it also the species that is discovering mathematics? Furthermore, doesn't the phylogenetic development that might imply the ontogenetic genotype need a learning environment with a sufficient (and if possible optimized?) homo sapiens specific stimulus in order to not only reach, but also continuously exceed the full and ever evolving potential of the very dynamic, flexible and (among all animals species) extraordinarily intelligent (especially in the "conscious" and formal area) species homo sapiens? (This is a long sentence, now it is a question, but it is still a very long question.)

  • age might matter in several contexts (but at least as far as discovering or understanding mathematics is concerned, does it actually really (or "ultimately) matter?)
  • does gender matter? (in mathematics, it doesn't. or does it?)
  • individually tailored to each baby, especially it emerging intelligence (IQ adapted tuition) (this point would actually belong to another page)

why animals and (non-transhumanist) robots are not able provide the those learning environment needs of the species homo sapiens that are exclusively specific to homo sapiens:

  • sensitivity?
  • acknowledging its limits?
  • being honest? or being the best liar(s)?
  • knowing everything? or the bliss of ignorance?
  • or struggling and ultimately achieving (something like) "perfection"?

Is the species homo sapiens:

  • the supreme of all species? the "crown of creation"?
  • the most intelligent species? and if yes, what is "intelligence"?
  • to which degree able or unable to criticize (and maybe even challenge?) itself?
  • ignorant of what is important?
  • on the way to persist for a long time, maybe even forever? or dying out sometime? how likely is each option? how to estimate or calculate the likelihood? and how to increase/decrease the change for either the one or the other option? What would it mean if the species homo sapiens one day doesn't or wouldn't exist anymore? Or is "species survival" not even that important, is it?

What about transhumanist robots or transhumanist people? To which degree is it important to first know what is human(ist) in order to get or become transhuman(ist)?

This page here is somehow - orphaned? forgotten? Very strange, this page here. Not one single link except the link from the main page links here so far. Shouldn't there be also links from other pages to this page here? I almost forgot this page here for some time. I often clicked on it, but relatively quickly moved away again. But actually, this page here might be quite important since I am a human too actually and there are a lot other humans, many/some being much more intelligent than me. So, what shall I actually say about the species homo sapiens? Is its challenge really to acknowledge its limits and/or one's own (respectively actually my own) limits? But am I competent enough to write such a page here?