Human genetic engineering

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wild vs. non-wild (domesticated) (safety issue)

I-HGE, E-HGE, B-HGE, T-HGE, P-HGE, A-HGE (I: intelligence; E: emotions; B: beauty, body, (on the rest of the page means B beauty); T: talents; P: physical; A: abilities, attractiveness), possibly L-HGE (longing or l...), N-HGE (neoteny), B-HGE (babiness), M-HGE (motherliness)

autonomy of the engineered creature (the major problem): the most important is the amount of motherly (fatherly, parental) l... that the creatures receives.

HGE and mathematization, HGE is only an intermediate step towards a much more complex step in engineering the offspring

HGE (E-HGE) and longing and l...

love in the act of natural creation vs.

poverty and HGE (nowadays, one already sees the gap in educational opportunities)

which share of (wo)mankind when

pressure on those not engineered

B-HGE: HGE and attractiveness

babiness, motherliness and HGE (preservation/intensifying/improving of neoteny and 'babiness' respectively motherliness)

attractiveness in the eschatology

combination of topics, for example babiness, motherliness and HGE and attractiveness

the promise but also the dangers of E-HGE (also in terms of longing and l...)

sept/oct2011: that I heard that I should not use the expression HGE, but instead something with l... in it (I have forgotten the exact wording in Swiss German)

preservation of the non-engineered (preservation of the genetic status quo); not the same like living, continually living (because it affects 'everything') going backwards (ensuring that backwards 'creation' (simulated?) is possible) (also in the very far future where everything that can be imagined might become possible (only the good, of course, hopefully)?)

HGE and biological integration ('density') (the weight/size vs. number of people/humans issue)

HGE as a 'necessary/unavoidable ill' or maybe better 'unavoidable process' in order to preserve genetic diversity on Earth preserve the maximum of the status quo in the long term (but see the attractiveness and overambition problem)

HGE as a motivation for designing/developing better learning environments for children (especially for the parents that are not motivated enough with mathematics alone)

avoiding pain, suffering and 'illness' in the genetic engineering (safety issue)

avoiding accidents or too fast genetic engineering (safety issue)

could HGE (or genetic engineering generally) be implemented/done too fast? (even when it is safe?)

HGE, aging (and 'illness') and cryonic suspension

the attractiveness and overambition problem, excessive lust/desire/zeal problem and the problem of the eschatology based (too much) on attractiveness

HGE / improved HGE vs. improved didactics

is HGE necessary at all? could it be avoided altogether?

will non-genetically engineering humans live (in reality) for a very long time, in a kind of reserve on Earth (or in other locations)?

HGE and implants (biology/biochemistry vs. conventional electrical engineering)

parental ambitions and the real talents and abilities of their child (and coming to terms with it)

concerns of sept/oct respectively the days immediately before October 7: genetic engineering is not likeable or problematic (or at least some approaches to genetic engineering), does not comply with the l... of G-d that is implied in the moment of natural conception; the soul cannot take place, be implanted when there is (wrong) genetic engineering; no genetic engineering after conception or be very careful in order to make the implantation of the soul still possible or safe or in harmony with l...

statements about HGE too early, focus on better didactics (of mathematics and electrical engineering and computer science), but include genetics (advanced biology) in order to make better statements (thanks to greater insight) about/of genetic engineering and begin to resolve the issues above

the ideas on this page are slightly inconsistent, also as a result of the complexity of issues and the fact that natural conception is a very profound act, one should take nature (and what G-d makes possible in these terms) seriously (and also what I "got" in September/October 2011)