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Update of Sunday, 30th of January 2022

18:42h + 18:43h + 19:27h-19:38h CET:

Feel free to contact me. There are different options how to contact me:

  • WhatsApp message to +41763456969 (probably the most reliable way to contact me)
  • A Facebook message to my Facebook account at
  • Friendship request on Facebook (but please only genuine, personal ones because I won't accept the others)
  • SMS to +41763456969 (no phone calls please)
  • E-mail to lukasgirtanner -at-, but I am not sure how reliable e-mail is because if your e-mail is automatically considered as spam by Gmail, it will automatically/directly go to the spam folder for 30 days and then automatically be deleted by the system unfortunately. :-( I try to regularly check all the e-mails in my spam folder every 20-30 days, but sometimes, I am too late. So please try it repeatedly by e-mail or on another channel (see above) if you don't receive an answer by e-mail.

Sometimes I don't answer quickly because I need time for an answer. This can take months or even years (unfortunately, I know it's very rude πŸ™„). Sometimes it is difficult to give a kind and at the same time (personally for me) truthful/honest and complete/comprehensive answer quickly. πŸ˜” I also got an e-mail a couple of months ago with an invitation for doing a promotional video for a YouTube channel for upcoming or future influencers which I haven't been able to answer so far, but I hopefully will do so in the future, I just didn't have the time so far. I apologize for my delay and my slowness. πŸŒπŸ™„

19:05h-19:10h + 19:12h CET:

This page here has a somewhat (sort of) weird title ("You can contact me"). The title should be "How to contact me". I will move this page to the new title as soon as I find time.

19:17h-19:19h CET:

I just moved this page here respectively its title from "You can contact me" to its new destination "How to contact me".

The page as it was since August 2013

You can just contact me (by e-mail, moc.liamg -ta- rennatrigsakul, or Facebook, see ). If you don't want that I publish your e-mail, I won't publish it. It is you who decide. If you don't say anything regarding publishing or not in your first e-mail, I will first ask you if you want to publish it respectively I will not publish it unless I have been given your permission. You can also host my content yourself and make your own comments, so we might not even have to have en e-mail conversation because my content is already on your website. (2013-08-04, approx. 23:47h - 23:53h: At the moment, there is again a conventional copyright in place. Maybe (probably...) this is wrong, but I would like to wait first for reactions to my website and advice on the best possible copyright license type before I release the content with one of the creative common licenses, see copyright situation. End of the amendment of 2013-08-04, 23:53h.)

You can also contact me anonymously (without giving your name or with an IP address whose origin is unclear), this would also be not a problem. Important is that I personally remain transparent.

I will try to remain as transparent as possible from my part, as far as I am concerned. If a general topic that really has to do with this website here is discussed, I will try to write a general text about it, so that the e-mail conversion itself remains private should you prefer it like that.

It is also very likely that nobody wants her/his e-mails published so that I will remain quite alone in being transparent or at least as trasnparent as possible. But I accept it. The world is at it is. But e-mail or Facebook conversations would still be nice just to know what is wrong or right on the website and/or what can be improved. And that the texts that I am writing are read indeed and that I get a reaction to them.

(The "-"s were replaced by "I"s on 2010-10-27.)

Added on 2012-10-27: The previous content of this page here (with its old title "Why not contacting Lukas Girtanner anonymously?") can be accessed at . Maybe, I will have to change the text of this website again because it still seems somehow that I would publish a conversation without the consent of the communication partner which I absolutely won't. But on the other hand, one has to be aware that e-mails can become public by interference from third parties for which I might not be responsible. But generally, I hope that society gets as quickly as possible as open as possible because more and more individuals decide that an increasing portion of their conversation (in an ideal case, all conversation) can be public/published without fearing negative consequences. (As far as this page's title is concerned: One could change the title of this page so that the words "just" or "please" are also part of the title.)

Added on August 1st, 2013, approx. 05:20h - 05:41h: For the future, I also hope that e-mail and social media software allows a fully transparent configuration, which means that there would be a "full transparency" option to choose in every software that consists of a client-server architecture so that everything meaningful (messages, media files, configurations, logs) going on within such software can be openly accessed on the Internet. But it is also clear that a lot of people would still fear negative consequences from such total openness, also depending on how open and tolerant a society is where one lives in. Important is that the individual still has the choice with how much transparency/privacy it lives. But I will have to write more about that at another place, because it also has political implications.

August 4th, 2013, 23:53h - 23:58 (uploaded on 5th of August, 2013 at 00:01h): On the page e-mails, similar content to this page's content can be found (and the two pages could actually be merged).