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Note from 2010-06-10 at 13:51h: Note that the content on this page here was on the Main Page until 2010-06-10 at approx. 13:40h when I moved the content to this page here. Check the history of the Main Page and this page here in order to see how the content was moved to here.


This text here is mainly from the Main Page and was moved to here on 2010-06-10 at approx. 13:40h and updated.

The software versions here are really outdated, from the year 2007, see Special:Version. Both PHP and MediaWiki have made advances in the meantime. It is clear that if I continue to use MediaWiki, I will have to reinstall the newest versions of PHP, MySQL and MediaWiki. However, I am even considering switching to ordinary HTML pages. I am not sure yet. The advantage of MediaWiki is that all past edits are accessible in a well-arranged manner but the disadvantage of MediaWiki is that one has to be able to install, reinstall, uninstall, upgrade and backup/export and import everything (even between different computers/servers and possibly even different operating systems) and it should still work afterwards, even with changed software versions...

With HTML pages, you don't have that problem and it is also possible to store all versions of the past of all HTML pages, but it requires discipline to do that in a well-arranged manner in case of HTML so that all versions of all HTML pages of the past can be easily found and analysed.

Therefore, if I manage to get a good understanding and practice of the whole upgrading/backup and re-import process of the MediaWiki software and the underlying software, I will probably stay with MediaWiki.

At the end of March 2010, the wiki located in the folder "wiki" at was deleted. The reason that was given was a technical database issue. The database was really large because it had been extensively filled with spam in the year 2006. That might indeed have been one reason why there was a database issue. Another issue might have been some problematic sentences that I wrote in the year 2006. At the beginning of April 2010, I made a short announcement at respectively in the index.html file of the public_html directory where I announced that the new wiki will be located here on A complete backup of the old wiki (including all spam) that I began at the end of the year 2005 and that I mainly wrote in the year 2006 on can be found under the URL , its size is 425 megabytes which means quite a large MySQL database. The majority of the content is spam. The remains of what once was the wiki can be found here: . Actually, nothing is left of the old wiki of the year 2006 at (but at least, all content can be found in the aforementioned backup). I also started a new wiki at and I will continue writing there in in the coming days or at least I will try. I might also have to delete some files and folders in my public_html directory of since there are interruptions on and I suppose that they might be due to files or folders that are located in the public_html directory that should be deleted, probably because of privacy issues of other people or institutions.

And in terms of content, my new wiki here on will be written respectively is being written in a more intelligent and responsible way than the wiki of the year 2006 at philosowiki, at least I hope it ;-)

Best regards (and keep checking both wikis, the wiki here on and the wiki in the wiki2 folder on,

Lukas Girtanner

To do (April 2010)

The text/content/list in this section here was just copied from the Main Page and was written there in April 2010, it has not yet been reviewed/updated yet (as of June 2010).

  • Dedicated Safety and Responsibility section on every page: UTSARA (Universal Transparency, Safety and Responsibility Awareness): Safety and Responsibility (and Transparency anyway) is always the top priority. The S stands also for Sustainability. Always ask the question: "What does UTSARA mean for this particular context? How can UTSARA be ensured and improved?"
  • Create a separate To do page
  • Create a personal diary (with information what I am doing now and if there is a delay, justification why there is a delay)
  • Create a roadmap page
  • Upload an image with my "new old" e-mail address (as soon as I am able to check it regularly, probably in one week I am ready)
  • Make two parts: Technical (MediaWiki, SQL, PHP, Ubuntu) and ideological (content)
  • reorganize this Main Page here
  • more technical hints how to reinstall the sql database on a local computer in order to be able to easily access and analyse it
  • another probably important topic are also MediaWiki-to-HTML exporters, see (several programs, I have not begun testing these exporters yet)
  • And every day, there will be an edit here, no long pauses anymore... and the content will start still in April, no long delays anymore
  • Before I forget it: I will probably have to move the sql backup in a new, separate directory and password protect that directory in order to prevent search engines from automatically entering the 425 megabytes sql database full of spam and then automatically classifying this domain here as a spamming domain. Furthermore, there are also other not really intelligent entries by myself in that database where it is better when a search engine does not automatically display just one of these few problematic sentences written by myself as the main search result. I will create such a folder for the sql database and password protect the sql database within a week. And I will provide the username and passwords of this folders here so that the folder can be manually entered and the database still be retrieved by anybody (except search engines).
  • I will also make small changes on the index.html page of, for example "2005 - 2010" instead of just "2010". I might also use as a website with content directed for people older than 18 or 21 years in order to be able to write all content here for all ages. but I will not repeat the mistakes of the old website and I will only write such possible new content if people request it and in order to increase transparency.
  • In order to become more transparent, I will also have to publish the browser history on the computers that I use. This browser history might be really interesting ;-) but it is necessary in order to remain a transparent person. I will also partially change my browsing behaviour simply because I do not want to generate a too negative impression. But is that transparent if you adapt your behaviour and try to be another person simply because you know that you are under constant transparency? ;-) Maybe yes
  • another interesting ongoing event that has already happened several times (and also at the moment) is the fact that the website sometimes becomes temporarily inaccessible. For me, at the moment, it is not clear why. It is not a big issue for me, I just guess the three things based on what I see: First: "Something might be going on." ;-) Secondly: The future of my website might indeed lie here on and no longer on Thirdly: I must not repeat the mistakes of again here on

To do (June 2010)

  • delete all unused redirects, see Special:Listredirects (actually, there should be an internal special page Special:Allpages without the redirects and I would prefer to put such an internal link as the first link on the Main Page instead of the internal link that is now the first link)
  • pages for mirror websites

Further topics (2012 / doz_11b8; base-30_172; base-36_1JW)

Search terms in search engines

Furthermore, I would really appreciate if a software (text editor) would be developed where the individual keystroke with an exact timestamp (with the accuracy of a fraction of a second) would be developed.

For more new ideas since June 2010 concerning learning environments, see also the page additional ideas.